Investigation Report: RRW Celeris

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SUBJECT: Opportunity Investigation, RRW Celeris
ATTCH: CelerisLogs.fdf; CelerisEngRes.fhdf; CelerisScans.fsdf; CelerisMatterScn.fsdf; MattStrngCompare.fdf; Case-1998362.fdf


Pursuant to our standing orders to investigate whatever turned up at DS13, we happened upon what at first appeared to be a case of theft and illegal refit.

Subcommander Davin T'varros at one point commanded the RRW Celeris, a Dhelan class warbird, under the New Romulan Republic. After suffering heavy combat damage the vessel was scheduled to be decommissioned and the Subcommander moved on to a new vessel. On Stardate [########] He was dispatched to a distress call from a vessel near the Briar Patch which identified itself as "Celeris". No crew were found and all shuttles and escape pods had disembarked. The vessel was heavily damaged and required extensive field repair just to get it back to spacedock. The vessel was refitted and fully inspected before being placed in service.

I happened to overhear a conversation regarding the mysterious appearance of the vessel and offered the expertise and resources of the USS Raven and crew in solving the mystery.

Inspection of the Decommissioning Yard revealed a vessel matching the description of the original Celeris. Scans and systems analysis gave a 98% probability it was the original Celeris. Therefore the vessel now operating as "Celeris" was certainly not the original.

Scans were take of most of the new vessel and it's original computer systems fully analyzed by our Isometric Forensics Lab. The full report is attached, however one conclusion was reached and confirmed later, the vessel originated in the parallel dimension known as the Mirror Universe, with a 98.889% probability, given by quantum-superstring analysis.

Of particular note was the reference to the ship's captain, Commander Davin T'varros of the Tal Shiar. This news appeared to disturb the Subcommander a great deal. Obviously I offered to discuss it with him obliquely, but he has yet to take me up on it. Should this occur I will report with only the relevant details, per Starfleet Security Policy.

Of course some concerns are raised by this information. We do not know when the escape pods and shuttles were launched, or how the vessel came to be so damaged as the damage was not consistant with known weapons fire. It is possible it was damaged during transition and the crew abandoned ship afterward. It seems less likely the vessel was able to make the transition with any degree of significant damage by some unknown weapon type. It is also possible the vessel made the transition intact, with crew, and was scuttled afterwards.

There now exists the possibility of an unknown number of Mirror Universe persons, likely to be agents of that universe's Tal Shiar, operating in this quadrant. There is no guarantee they are all Romulan either. All stations should be alerted to this and key personnel should be comparison scanned regularly.

We will continue to seek matters needing investigation until such time as Captain Relx returns or we receive new orders.

CDR Penni Black
USS Raven [Acting Captain]