ITV Yukon - Flight Manifest

(( I'm going to try something different. I have, below the same information as the previous post, but it picture format which will allow me to post the type of data in the format I want. It will also allow me to keep a better digital copy for my records. the Enjin forums seems to be limiting my image posting size so please CLICK on the image to see a better scaled picture of it. Thanks for reading. ))
Darius Flight Plan 2412.350

((I will be at the starbase later tonight (25-DEC, around midnight EST) looking for someone to "approve" the manifest. Onboard inspections are ok, if you so want. If no one is available, I'll have my trusty NPC - Ensign Van Bergal sign it, again.))

(( 26DEC - Updated some info on this. Thanks))
((Dangit Darius, stop being EST! I'd have loved to have Chassy get her hands dirty where she has no business being and do that inspection!))
((Another time, Skyler. I plan on doing this every weekend and I'll try to vary my times as best I can to allow everyone who wants to the chance. ))