Joint Statement on Starfleet-Dominion Relations

To: 38th/All, Dom/All
From: RADM Quint, E.; AMB Aravia
Subj: Joint Statement on Starfleet-Dominion Relations

In an effort to preserve and enhance peace and tranquility in the galaxy, the 38th and Dominion have arrived at new procedures to rectify ongoing tension. The Alliance is strengthened by cooperation and by the desire to work side-by-side with allies.

With a return to 38th-Dominion cooperation in the region, the following are instituted effective immediately:

  1. On missions and operations that involve both 38th and Dominion personnel, all after-action reports, intelligence reports, and all other pertinent documents shall be automatically shared between the 38th Fleet and Dominion regional operatives in an effort to maintain proper communication and collaboration.
    Exceptions to this rule involve documents pertaining to the internal matters of one of the parties, such as personnel reviews, criminal prosecutions, and other internal matters. Whilst reports not involving joint collaboration will not be automatically shared, requests may be made to 38th Command or the Dominion Consulate on a case-by-case basis.

  2. In an effort to simplify cooperation and reduce unexpected surprises, the 38th Fleet and regional Dominion forces will share ship patrol routes. It should no longer be unexpected to find fellow alliance vessels in the course of operations.

  3. In an effort to enhance 38th-Dominion cooperation, 38th Command and the Dominion Consulate shall be working to sponsor inter-state collaborative projects on Deep Space Thirteen to acclimate officers in working with their fellow alliance forces.

  4. Substantive operational conflict between the 38th and Dominion that has failed to be reconciled by the officers at the scene shall be escalated to discussion and arbitration by the Commander of the 38th Fleet and Dominion Ambassador. The decision is binding and final.

It is the goal of all parties involved that cooperation between the great powers of the galaxy shall cement a long-lasting peace and tranquility and that the conflicts of old shall be consigned to history.

Rear Admiral Emery Quint
Commanding Officer,
38’th Fleet ‘Argo’

Dominion Ambassador