Just a headache


She caught a glimpse of the Terran Captain beaming away just behind the unfamiliar Alien jumping in-front of the phaser bolt - the armored body appearing to take some considerable energy from the shot itself before it struck her, forcing her quickly and violently to the ground; the Andorians head hitting the initially soft layer of snow until smacking down onto the next layer of ice with a considerably heavy thump. Athini's eye's were unable to inhale any further light waves, the deep dark blue began to overcome her vision, before eventually dragging her out of consciousness.

As the blinding light mixed with a blurry red vision, Athini’s eyelids were slowly heaved and locked open. Attempting to lift her head proved futile as all the effort was met with was severe dizziness and an incredibly sharp dual pain in both her temples. So following her four attempts to do so, she simply opted to leave her head quite stationary in whatever the rather fluffy substance she found her head resting in. She assumed it was ice, but the back of her skull had gone quite numb and as such couldn't quite feel anything for the moment. Though the fact the substance probably caused the numbness to begin with, she went ahead and assumed correctly it was a mix of ice and frothy snow. It'd been a while since she'd found herself unconscious on the frozen ground of Andoria, which in some aspects was further salt on the metal wounds as it were.

Though in these aspects, whenever she had found herself here previously it was usually after receiving a lucky uppercut from one of her country folk, not from a stun-setting wide beam blast. A few odd shapes began to circle around her, her fuzzy vision coming through as her head bobbed from side to side - now working through the rather intense pain flowing through her cranium. The shape of a large armored Alien began to stagger away from her, with the shape soon being replaced with four grey uniform silhouettes to which she could just about make out a yellow stripe towards the shoulder area of the nearest blurred figure. The impact on the snow was probably enough to give her a light concussion, though the Commander still chose to force herself into a sitting upright position - with some phased out sounds entering her ear canals. Groaning "Urgh, wha'.... ah'm not sure if ah'.... where..." planting the left side of her face into the palm of her corresponding hand.

"Comm---regon, Sir? Ca---ar me alright? Wha---ppened?"

Fluttering her eyes didn't appear to help much, if anything it made things worse. The visual perspective she had available had now began to phase out the uniform silhouettes for a white plain, which was quite unhelpful to her situation. A large Oak tree esque plant surrounded by nothing but the same empty white began to grow at quite a pace before her - which considering the snowy ice, wasn't actually too far off what she would really be looking at. Though more worryingly for her, the muffled voices she had only just begun to hear had vanished, the Oak tree looking thing sucking her full attention to it, leaving nothing but an eerie silent void, feeling her eyelids grow so much heavier the more she gaped at the plant until eventually they became too much of a strain to keep locked open.

Within what seemed like a mere few seconds, Athini mustered back up the energy to release the locks clasping her eyelids shut, and then revealing the bright blue ceiling of the Secondary sickbay aboard the U.S.S. October, at least that's what it looked like to her, but considering the whole Oak tree thing, she did't really feel she had a firm grasp at all on what was going on. Doctor Emozoe Lagota's churned inside Athini's brain, the Commander being able to pick out simple phrases at random "- she's quite stable --- would appear that a large --- which caused the initial short term co-" With her own words now spewing from her mouth, at an attempt to arrange them in a somewhat understandable combination, but failing to the point the kind CMO decided to re-sedate her.

"You haven't been listening, have you?" The male Bajoran took a step closer, dressed in some form of charcoal ceremonial robe draping down to his shoe-less feet. His voice was neither stern nor soft, a pleasant neutral balance just in between to convey the slightest amount of both to set in some form of emotional response in it's recipient. The man's face was quite indistinguishable, the more the Andorian looked at him the more and more it became harder to tell he was even a Bajoran. His voice picking up again, only now leaning further towards the stern end of the waves than the other "Now, I've told you previously. This is getting to quite an unacceptable stage and if your attitude doesn't improve all that much in the remainder of this session and next, I'm going to have no choice but to place you on hold for more cooperative and sensible beings." his words beginning to bend almost as he spins around, the tail of his long robe smacking into his shins as the momentum of the movement catches up with him.

For a moment, a slight ringing began to flow through the Andorians ears. Tilting her head just enough so that her cheek was resting firmly on a rather rough and unfamiliar tunic; with it's two shades of grey, separated only by a strip of chrome-like wire containing a red stripe. Squinting tightly as if attempting to focus on something in the distance, only to loosen up completely as the ringing ceases. Slowly dragging her head back up straight, sending a glance down to the full length, soft silver robe she was wearing. "So what ye' sayin' Teach~ is if ah'm t' pass through this damn thing, ah' need t' what, exactly? Ah' already sit and listen t' all ya' crap, why do ah'... ... ... ah' need... ... ..." She blinked, staring forward to the newly dressed figure. It was still the Bajoran - at least, that's what she thought - but his robe had wrapped itself inside out. Morphing into some uniform, green in overall colour with black trimmed area's.

"Oh wait, doc', she's coming to.... I think?" spoke the voice, though sounded as if it was being spoken through a mouth with a Tribble stuffed through into it.

"Cap'n, what have ah' told ye' about tha' damn dark uni-" Stopping suddenly once again, the ringing echoing through her mind as he cradled the sides of her skull with both hands until it faded away once more.

The Bajoran re-tightened his long robes cloth belt. "Pardon? Cap - en?" Turning around in obvious exaggeration looking for someone, letting out a heavy sigh as he turns to face her "That's enough for today. Don't bother returning until you feel you can provide the correct and appropriate mind-set to this." Stepping into nothingness.
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