Kid Icarus and the Sun

"Now the Antelope she was a sickening sight.
How I wish I was in Sherbrooke nooooow!”

Murphy pauses her verse. “Choose?” she asks Loxton.

Loxton looks at Murphy. "Oh. Sorry, none of my business.” He sips his hot toddy.

Murphy squints slyly at Loxton. “I was talking about work, Lieutenant.” She resumes singing:

"She had a list to the port and her sail in rags,
with the cook and the scuppers and the shakes and the jags.”

“I was referring to our last conversation.” He interjects with a smile.

"God damn them all. I was told
We’d sail the sea for American gold.
We’d fire no gun. Shed no teeeeear.”

Murphy pauses again. “Oh!” She blushes slightly. "There was only one choice to make.”

Loxton looks at Valore, raising his cup. "Commander.”

Valore approaches the bar. “Water with lemon, please.” she orderes, nodding to the two. "Commander. Ensign.”

Murphy pretends not to notice Valore as she addresses Loxton. “-the heck with Valore, I’m the man! Oh, hey Commander I didn’t see you standing there.” she adds turning to Valore blatantly teasing.

Valore raises an eyebrow at Murphy. "So noted.”


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Valore approached the bar. “Good evening. A strawberry lemonade please.”

Drake Tungsten: “Hello, Commander. I see you aren’t taking your own advice.” he smiled.

Valore: "My own advice?”

Drake Tungsten: "Telling me to lose the sunglasses the other night.”

Murphy: "Good evening, Commander.”

Valore: "Yes, I came to the conclusion that they did not match you quite well.”

Valore nodded to Murphy.

Drake Tungsten: “They matched my hangover well enough.” he smiled again.

Valore: "Duly noted.”

Drake Tungsten: "While you’re taking notes, for the record, I was very much off-duty.”

Valore: "As opposed to being at a lounge whilst on-duty?”

Drake Tungsten: "I’m not on-duty now, either. Just didn’t bother changing out of the uniform. It’s pretty comfortable.

Valore: "Indeed.”

Drake Tungsten: "I figured you at least agree with me on that. So how are you tonight, anyway?”

Valore: "I am nominal. Yourself?”

Drake Tungsten: "Pretty much the same. Nothing of note, which isn’t all bad.”

Valore nodded. "So it is.”

Murphy returned to wrapping her arm around Thyzee’s waist as she receives her fresh cup of coffee.

Thyzee sips her water.

Murphy: “It’s always nice to see you, commander.” Addie smiles politely. "Love the sweater. Very becoming on you.”

Valore: "Sweater?”

Murphy: "The vest.”

Valore: "Ah. Yes. It was a logical course of action to include more than mere neutral colors to elicit a positive reaction.”

Thyzee: "Well, the reaction has been elicited.”

Valore: “Good.” she nodded to Veneela. "Ensign.”

Veneela: “Evening everybody." Ven greeted as she approached the bar. On Swifty’s approach she ordered a Romulan tea and bowed her head to Valore. "Commander.”

Murphy turned to give Thyzee a look. Where were you stopping me on that one. She laughed self-consciously.

Thyzee smiled.

Drake Tungsten: “Hey Ven.” he smiled. "How are you doing tonight?

Murphy: "Hey Ven!”

Veneela grabbed the tea and approached Drake cheerfully nudging him with her hip. “Im well, Captain” she replied grinning. Smiling at Murphy she set the tea cup on the plate long enough to wiggle her fingers at Addie. "We need to do a checkup tonight, correct?”

Drake: "Your project?”

Thyzee: "Checkup? Does this have to do with that mysterious experiment?”

Valore glanced to her right, shifting to her left. (Affording Veneela and Drake some room.)

Murphy: “That’s right we do!” Addie exclaimed after being reminded. “Not so mysterious,” she began to explain. "Ensign Veneela is assisting me to break an adolescent habit of mine.”

Veneela chuckled and nods her head. “Yes my project. How was your day?” she replied before looking to Valore with a lofted eyebrow. “Was the commander wearing…sunglasses?”

Valore sipped idly from her glass, watching the others.

Murphy: "The commander just returned from drag-racing runabouts with the rest of the faculty lounge.”

Veneela looked to Valore. "Did you have fun commander?

Murphy failed to stifle her laughter.

Valore raised an eyebrow. "If you must know, they were Commander Mandra’s idea.

Drake grinned. "Well, you look great, it’s just unexpected. Alina does have a pretty solid sense of style, after all.”

Valore: "Quite.”

Murphy: “I’m sorry commander. The devil makes me do it.” Addie bowed her head. "I was being sincere about complimenting your attire earlier.”

Valore: "I shall keep your concerns of possession in mind next time the awards and promotions committee meets.”

Murphy failed another attempt to stifle another wave of laughing.