Name: Krann Graes'emaehenen
Species: Reman
Gender: Male
Age: 63
Place of Birth: Louliehv, Remus
Height: 6' 4"
Eye Colour: Pale Green
Hair Colour: <REDACTED>
Specialty: Singularity Physics, Geology, Deep Space Engineering, <REDACTED>
Current Rank: Subcommander
Current Role: Engineer, DS13
Notable Features: Large Burn on bottom left quarter of cheek.

Known Relatives:
Daughter (Adoptive): Veran (Currently enrolled in Starfleet Academy)

Criminal Record
Theft of Sentient Property (Charge Withdrawn)

87191: Commissioned as R.R. Officer.
87215: Assigned to R.R.W Temer Δ as Chief Engineer under Commander <REDACTED>.
91887: R.R.W Temer Δ's crew reassigned to <New Romulus> Ranger Corps.
91992: Receives commendation for preventing rally among Reman population from becoming violent.
92114: Attache during diplomatic mission to Earth.
92155: Secured minor trade agreement between Ferengi mining company and Federation.
92199: Returned to <New Romulus> transfered to engineering possition in the Embassy District.
92233: Helped to negotiate release of Reman slaves captured by Orion syndicate.
92300: Secured an important deal with the Klingon Empire for a shipping route to isolated colonies.
92341: Promoted to Subcommander and Transferred to Romulan-Federation Joint Task force.
92761: Assigned to DS13 under Vice Admiral Rilem Celes.

<Footnote> It should be noted that Krann has a keen interest and aptitude for diplomatic assignments. Since returning from his mission <REDACTED> he has gone above and beyond in this field therefore I am recommending him for the joint task force. It's my hope that working with the many species of the federation will prompt him to join the senate as an envoy for the Reman people.
~Subadmiral S'tara
Romulan Republic Medical Correspondance

<At the request of [ Subcommander Krann ] this officer's most recent medical report has been made available to Starfleet>
SubjectKrann, Subcommander
AttendantVeral, Centurion
FindingsFit for Transfer

Health is normal, there are indications of dermal regeneration on the left thigh, other than that no new reports on the subjects health. Mental state appears unchanged from previous scans. His current list of physical defects are as follows: Burn mark, face lower left half, Missing Telepathy gene, believed to be a hereditary trait,
Subject is healthy for a man of his age, and is cleared for the requested transfer to the joint task force.

<Patient bioscan results attached>
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