Lease Agreement: Akbar's Grill and Crabshack

The following is the short citation from the recent Lease agreement of the three parties involved in the transfer of 'Akbar's Grill & Crabshack'

This Lease Agreement, is made and entered into this star date 90643, by and between Deep Space Board of Civilian Interaction, acting by and through Federation Deep Space Thirteen (hereinafter the Lessor) and Dawsons McCarthy (hereinafter the Lessee) as well as Regklan Poul (hereinafter the previous titleholder).

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

Premises: Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee rents and takes from Lessor the following described premises (“the Premises”) known as ‘Akbar’s Grill & Crabshack’, which are further described in Attachment A (which shall include a floor plan of the Premises), which is appended to, and, by this reference, incorporated into this Lease.

Term: The term of this Lease shall be from star date 90643 until star date 110643. At the expiration of the base term of this Lease, the term may be extended at the option of the Lessee in a writing signed by both parties, on the same terms and conditions of this Lease, at the discression of the Lessor.

Payment: The Lessee will pay due amount of 200 Bars Gold Pressed Latinum to the previous titleholder for transfer of all Lease properties in payment installments of 5 Bars Gold Pressed Latinum, upon a monthly basis, until payment is matched in full.

Use of Premises: Lessee shall use and occupy the Premises for the following purpose only: To run and operate a business that works within all legal context of Federation law as of current date of Federation law at all times. Lessee shall not use the Premises for any other purpose without the prior written consent of the Lessor.

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