Letter of Reprimand: Christopher Lennox

Stardate 93327.0

TO CMDR Lennox
CC <38th\Command>; <38th\JAG>;

SUBJ Notice of Reprimand

Commander Lennox,

You are accused of abandoning your post and undertaking an unsanctioned and hazardous expedition without consent from your superiors, during which you acted against the principles of Starfleet and the Federation that you have been trained to uphold, as well as placing yourself in violation of Starfleet General Order 15. After the review of the relevant report and information, it is the determination of this command that your recent actions constitute one count each of Insubordination and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer of the Federation.

The following disciplinary actions will be taken:

1. Effective Stardate 93319.8 (27 May, 2416), you are suspended from active duty for a period of two weeks.

2. You are forbidden from entering the Turkana system for the duration of this suspension and are not permitted shore leave of any kind until the suspension has expired.

3. You are required to attend a series of Protocol and Responsibilities of Command refreshers to be organized by Captain Lauren Varley, Commanding Gemini Squadron, 38th Fleet. Failure to complete these refreshers within the duration of two weeks from Stardate 93319.8 will result in an extension of your suspension from active duty of a severity to be determined at that time. You are also required to review Starfleet leave-of-absence regulations.

4. This notice will be permanently attached to your Starfleet personnel file and made available for review by any future promotions boards, awards committees, or superior officers to whom an understanding of your service record is relevant.

Your actions have jeopardized your standing and reputation within the Federation and potentially the standing and reputation of the Federation within the galactic community. You are strongly advised to consider the implications of your actions, and to understand that further violations may endanger your career in Starfleet.

You have 48 hours to acknowledge receipt and understanding, or to dispute the claims by filing a request for court martial. If you request court martial, limits on the severity of punishment are waived, and if found guilty, you may be subject to disciplinary actions up to demotion, discharge from Starfleet service, or incarceration.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Sagan; Gemini Squadron
Receipt and understanding acknowledged.

Requesting recommendations for counseling from Deep Space 13 staff.

Awaiting response to report sent to Admiral Moore re: recall of U.S.S. Windrunner to Olympus Fleet Yards.