Letters Home - Jhitel sh'Zarath

>>compiled letters: Lieutenant Jhitel sh'Zarath<<
>>transmitted stardate 91640.8

My dearest Schmin and Lisana,

The U.S.S. Axiom is a spacious ship, and I know I haven't properly written you since arriving, but our first mission out turned out to be very special.

I have assisted in discovering a new kind of life form. I can't go into specifics here, as I've yet to make my full report to Starfleet Medical on these findings, but this is a discovery of very large proportions. A new form of consciousness, you might say. Once the report is released I will have to speak to you both directly. The sheer amount of possibilities this life form opens up to us, from a medical perspective and a neurological one, is potentially staggering.

Of course there is the likelihood it may turn out to be useless, but I think that chance is minimal.

Are the girls well? I've missed them too much already and it's only been a week since we last spoke.

As for the two of you? My bond aches. Sometimes I can feel you at the very edge of my awareness, but you're often too far. Most always, in fact. I think that the idea that I can feel you may just be my imagination. It is comforting to think I'm capable of feeling you so far away, though, so I will continue on in this way.

The station here seems friendly to civilians, but after Kirinsh, I don't think I could consider putting either of you or the girls at any sort of risk for military action. We're safe for now. I want it to remain that way as long as it can for them.

Be well with one another for now,

Yours always,