Liam Dantes


Dantes, Liam

Rank -- Commander
Post -- Executive Officer, U.S.S. William Ockham
Identification -- 733-243-LD-532


Species -- Human
Gender -- Male
Height -- 6' 1”
Weight -- 63kg
Eye colour -- Green
Hair Colour -- Black


DOB -- 30/07/2386
POB -- Earth, England
Marital Status -- Single
Family -- Harry Dantes (Father, deceased) Ambassador Jessica Dantes (Mother)


  • Attended Starfleet academy was in the top 4% of marks for graduation.
  • Assigned to USS. Yorktown C.
  • Spent time aboard Andorian Imperial guard cruiser in an officer exchange program.
  • Fast track promoted to Lieutenant Commander for action during the Chodak assault on Deep Space 3.
  • Reassigned to the station to take over operations chief.
  • Paper written on effect of starbase life to fresh cadets.
  • Assisted Ambassador Jessica Dantes on first contact diplomacy mission.
  • Returns to Deep Space 3 as operations chief.
  • Transfered to Deep Space 13 as Operations Chief.
  • Reassigned as Administrative Coordinator.
  • Performed Diplomatic Attache duties
  • Assigned as Executive Officer to U.S.S. William Ockham

Medical History

Physical Health

Up to Date -- Y

Status -- Okay for active duty