Lord of the Fleet: The Two Fleets

An Unofficial account of pre-2409 fleet history....

We last left Sector Command in a struggle for its very life versus an honorable but unforgiving enemy, the Klingon Empire; who which would produce the mortal enemy of Sector Command....Strike Force Kargas.

Starfleet had been pushed to near breaking point with conflicts all around it's borders of the then known Alpha quadrant. The Borg to the south west who were miraculously held at bay by a joint Federation-Klingon task force, weakened forces the Imperial Romulan Empire to the north east and the occasional True Way skirmishes to the west and lastly, the Klingons to the south, south east. It was during this tumultuous time of constant conflict and the appearance of mysterious locked boxes across the quadrant, was when Sector Command would face it's most difficult challenge to it's existence yet.

The Federation-Klingon war had been raging for months (years depending on the galactic calendar being used). Out of this war, arose Strike Force Kargas. SFK was commanded by General Wrot'ka, a stern and battle hardened Klingon who stood stall amongst his peers and would even command respect amongst his enemies. His second in command, a Lethean of unknown origins, was a man of few words but ruthless in battle and the General's right hand in matters of running the fleet and in battle. SFK could be considered an oddity within the Empire's fleets due to it's diversity in membership, comprised mostly of non-Klingons, SFK was a fleet to be reckoned with whenever it could muster in full strength. Of particular note is one of it's first Gorn captains. Captain Riles was an imposing figure, standing taller than most in the fleet, Riles was a cunning tactician, always brooding in a corner in a time before it became trendy to do so. Riles would eventually form a long and complicated history with SFK which is a tale best served for another time. Another strong and brave capatin was an Orion female, of origins lost to time, a possible former slave girl, now in command of her own ship, she was highly intelligent and commanded respect from her peers as one of the few female captains in the fleet. In early SFK history there even was a Romulan captain, the only one in SFK who would only serve briefly before being killed by his XO, a Deferi named N'niol who, after sacrificing himself to save the fleet from Rile's nefarious plans, would "return from the dead" to exact his vengeance upon SFK long after the best days of the fleet had gone.

Sector Command and SFK would have numerous battles over the course of the conflict. Along with conflict, intrigue was not far behind as instances prisoners would be produced on both sides, often resulting on rescue operations to rescue said personnel. It was a bitter conflict in which neither side held back and which would ultimately see the rise and fall of SFK due to internal conflicts and the continued checkmates by Sector Command.

Towards to the close of the war, several high level meetings were held to negotiate a peace between Sector Command and SFK. Animosity ran high during these negotiations but eventually peace had been achieved. To it's credit, SFK provided the foil that Sector Command needed to grow as a fleet and lead it grow and expand. SFK may have retreated into obscurity after the peace but shall always be ready to head the call of the warrior and muster it's fleets once again when the Empire beckons it's call.

The Federation-Klingon war had changed the politics of the quadrant but along with change, came growth. Sector Command would come out of this conflict with a new purpose and would now adopt the moniker, Task Force Argo.