Lorin Khellian

Lorin Khellian

Known facts

  • Romulan Male.
  • Pale flesh.
  • Very thin face.
  • Eye-patch covering right eye.
  • Thin scar running over right eye and right side of forehead.
  • Has access to Federation mobile holo'emitters.
  • Knew Rellir's full name.


  • May be connected to "Lieutenant Palmer's" disappearance following the attempted murder of Captain Tamara Sant on Bajor.
  • May be known to Petty Officer Foster.
  • May be Tal'shiar.
  • May be Starfleet Intelligence.

"Simple question. Are you, or is anyone you know, from an alternate time line?"
"Cross-time-line interference is a threat to the stability of our universe."
"We will succeed."
[Statement from PO Foster - Stardate 90993.6]

Lorin Khellian. Alias "the ship's spook" on the USS Watchman.

Tall and skinny, particularly for a Romulan. Nasy scar on one side of his face... I don't recall where he got that, before my time, I think.
He doesn't like to get his hands dirty. That's literal, not just a figure of speech. He's a neat freak if ever there was one.

Couple of things he was known for on the ship you should know about. One, he preferred to remote in to locations.Mobile holo' emitters if he could. Communicator screens or intercom if it wasn't.

Two, he liked to booby-trap his equipment. Anyone not familiar with his methods could get a nasty burn as it self-destructed. I really don't know why, perhaps he was just paranoid.

He was rumored to be a defector from the Tal'shiar. I know he was a certified intelligence officer. Usually subtle, first class mind and an excellent grasp of target weaknesses.

Beyond that, I don't know much. We rarely spoke. His duties and mine were quite far apart. He was on the bridge, and I was in the forward torpedo room.

After the Watchman hit that spatial rift... smoke, fire and chaos. No idea what became of him.

[End report]
Stardate 91221.9 - Prisoner Lorin Khellian deceased. His last words were reportedly "Thirty-four".