Medical Report on Stardate 490109.2 Incident

TO: Jarok, Doctor S'Hauen, Chief Medical Officer, Deep Space Thirteen
CC: Perrim, Captain Neema, Commanding Officer, Deep Space Thirteen
FROM: Djaniss, Doctor Sirena, Deep Space Thirteen Medical Staff
RE: Report on Medical Incident on night of Stardate 490109.2


On the evening of the listed date, a call was made for medical assistance to the Starlight Cantina on the station Promanade by security officer Arkwright. Responded promptly to find two subjects- one Junior Lieutnant James Kermit, and another one Ensign Angieska Kaczmarek being confronted by security for acting irrationally, and with exceptional paranoia. Sood by until the situation was that where it was safe to perform medical treatment on the two victims. The Ensign had to be subdued by phaser fire, due to actions that treated the safety of the station and it's occupants. Due to the ensign standing on the bar counter when she was hit, she fell to the floor and suffered a moderate concussion. Officer Akrwight attempted to administer first aid, but I quickly relieved him and began to conduct triage of the ensign. Tricorder scans confirmed she had indeed suffered from a concussion, as well as effects from a hallucinogenic drug the tricorder couldn't immediately identify.

I gave the ensign 20 CCs of a Cortical Analeptic to help stabilize her condition. She faded in and out of consciousness, and was not wholly lucid, as she continued to babble about Romulans trying to take over the station. I placated her by playing along and trying to alleviate her fears even as I set up a transporter tag. I then have her beamed to sickbay for more extensive treatment. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kermit had been successfully placated by Captain Quint and Officer Arkwright, both of whom escorted him to sickbay.

With the lieutenant placated for the moment, I quickly set to work, using a neural regenerator to repair most of the damage to the ensign. During her treatment, the ensign thought she saw a Gorn, but I managed to activate the restrictor field to keep her from jumping up from her biobed. She promptly fell into unconsciousness. The treatment continued without incident and I suspect she will make a fully recovery.

In order to insure both the safety of the patients and others I administered a high, but safe dosage of sedative to both patients to ensure they would sleep through the night. After this, I assisted Captain Quint and Petty Officer Arkwright in their investigation of the chemical that was affecting the two patients.The details are attached to this report, but findings indicated that the hallucinogen is powerful, but short lived. Within an hour of the beginning of the incident the chemical had already broken down to mostly ineffective levels and I suspect it will be harmlessly passed from both patients' bodies. Neither I nor the computer suspect there will be any long lasting affects from the chemical.

Security requested that all the scans, findings, and computer analyses be copied and turned over as evidence in a pending criminal case, to which I complied. However, information related specifically to the two patients has been withheld for the sake of doctor-patient confidentially and will not be released unless the patients sign release papers, or the proper warrants are served. General computer-generated models and extrapolations were provided instead. Security promised such warrants would be requested, but as of the writing of this report, they still haven't been received by the medical staff. The files transferred are also noted in the Sickbay duty log, as well as attached to this report.