Spoiler: ((Note on Vahkur's speech))Show
((Vahkur speaks very fast, he doesn't trip on his words but regularly slurs.))

"Vahkur, Sublieutenant, stardate 89407.5."
"Personal message to be returned to New Romulus, per permission by D'Tan. Meant for Rh'Teidr ir'Chaltok."

*A few seconds pause follows.*
"Today was not as I expected, Federation temperament odd, welcoming but in a cold way. Nothing as expected, possibly even exact opposite. Other then that I look forward to being envoy for hopefully a turn in opinion of our people, but will take much time. I am not sure what to think of Commander No'Nara, she was assigned here, where as I volunteered, I hope that doesn't drive a wall between us."
"My implants acted up on the way here, luckily I don't think the officers saw me nearly drop that box when they gave out. I know it isn't illegal and it would be best to tell them now but the Federation's stance on it is more of a taboo then something welcomed, perhaps after they see I am not here to sabotage their reactor and make off with their tactical secrets to the Tal Shiar, then maybe I can tell them. Not like my situation has any other fix other then cybernetics."
"I have to get back to looking around the station and getting acquainted with it's layout, Jolan Tru."
*A few moments pass, the sound of a console beeping and several metallic objects tinking can be heard in the background.*
"C-computer? Begin audio recording."
"Audio recording has already begun."
"Oh, so it is. Hello... again Rh'Teidr. I'm recording this message a bit late, though when you get this it won't seem any different."
*A long sigh can be heard*
"Oh where to start.... Well other then the various busy work I do in my posting, I have been spending time out in the lounge area. I tried a glass of Bajoran fermented alcohol, and I have to say, it is quite good, not too strong, and its light blue color is visually pleasing. Other then drinking alien alcohol, I have also tried making friends among these Star Fleet uniforms. One of them, a woman by the name of Susan... Susan something, has met me with openness and friendliness. I am glad at least some people in the Federation can see I am not here to conduct in hostilities."

"I haven't met many other Rihannsu among this station, but I think that may be for the best, for obvious reasons. Today when I was at the lounge I was approached by S'Lara... Or was it S'Lira? She seemed friendly enough, though certain things made me get a bit mad at her, I hope future encounters with her go better then that one. I also saw the officer in charge of Rihannsu affairs. So far, our two encounters included me misunderstanding him both times. Today I felt like he was telling me to stop trying to make friends among this station, though I think and hope that is wrong. I have to end this message here, I hope this message gets to you in a good time. Jolan Tru"
((Unlike previous messages, this message seems to be recorded in a public place. His voice is also a lot quieter then normal.))
"I feel like an idiot. I don't know what it is but for the first time In a while I tripped up on my words when talking to someone. I wish I had someone to talk to about this but... his presence just made me want to try to impress him. I tried to speak Rihannsu to him but I think I misused the words... I shouldn't have done that...."
A long pause ensues, his light breathing can be heard due to the lowness of his voice.
"It isn't good to dwell on that... I need to talk about other stuff. I had a sit down with Captain Traise. This time we avoided any verbal misunderstandings. I can't say much as it all was an off the record meeting at my request, but he did get me transfered into the shuttle bay. Today I actually enjoyed work, which sounds odd I bet. I just love working on shuttles. The shift chief called the shuttle I helped with a "Chaffee" though it's designation is a Type Ten Shuttlepod. I am not sure what ship that one went to, but I did the best I could for it, so I hope it goes to good hands."
Someone elses voice can be heard for a few minutes.
"I will end this letter here, Jolan Tru."