MISSION REPORT: Encounter with Cardassian Separatists in Beta Ursae

<<< Mission Report >>>

FROM: Commander Dae, USS Atlas
TO: Command, Task Force Argo; Captain Greywarden, Mercury Squadron Commmander
SUBJECT: Encounter with Cardassian Separatists in Beta Ursae


During the shakedown mission for the USS Atlas in the Beta Ursae sector, we unexpectedly encountered a small group of Cardassian separatist. We suspect that the ships were staging for an attack on supply lanes leading from Deep Space 9 to the Sirius sector.

We hailed them and requested they stand-down operations. Rather than comply, they fired on us and I was forced to act to defend the ship. During the battle two of the Galors were destroyed, despite attempts to get them to surrender. We were able to disable the last ship, but when I was en route to brief a security detail I was sending over to assist them, the main hull breached and almost all of the ship was vented into space. Despite our best attempts, it appears that all hands were lost.

the Atlas has arrived at Bajor, where I will be informing local Bajoran leadership about the increasing Cardassian separatist threats in the area.

The Atlas will be returning to Task Force Argo in 2 days time.

Commander Dae
USS Atlas
Mercury Squadron
Task Force Argo