Mockingbird - Jarus vrexx, Captain's Log entry

Captain’s log, Stardate 90416.2

Currently the Saga remains in deep space. The chevron has been separated and all non-essential personnel transferred to the the stardrive section. The chevron is serving as an impromptu quarantine and laboratory of the insidiously infections drone Lieutenant Tanner has become.

Tanner has been secured behind redundant security force fields as well as a modified level 3 containment field, normally used to contain matter-antimatter leaks. Lieutenant T’Praang assures me such measures should result in a 0.9613% chance of nanoprobe outbreak. Nevertheless the stardrive section of the Saga and the Ranger are under orders to destroy the chevron should an un-contained outbreak occur. Additionally several recovered borg myo-neural cortical arrays and neural transceivers are being used as a pseudo-collective under the control of the Saga’s computer system. So far we have been able to trick the captive drone into believing it is still connected to the collective and even relay simple commands. There is still some hope Tanner can be liberated.

There has been some analysis of the new type of nanoprobes, it has been confirmed they are transmitted via aerosol. They have also proven to be incredibly difficult to detect. Lieutenant Peatire believes the nanoprobes adapt quickly to active scanning, initially showing up as an anomalous reading then not showing up at all in subsequent scans. The lieutenant is working on developing a passive scanning technique. Peatire also believes that despite their aggressive ability to hide they can not effectively adapt to containment measures, relying on their host to transport them.

It still remains unclear what triggers the nanoprobes to begin transformation of the hosts to borg drones, all that is suspect thus far is the transformation is initiated in all hosts simultaneously. The science and medical team working on the problem have dubbed the nanoprobe infection the Mockingbird Syndrome, after a Terran avian that mimics the calls of other avian species.

I have returned to DS13 by shuttle where I am to deliver a full report and advise on members of a team of specialists to return to the Saga and aid Lieutenant Peatire on assessment and counter-measures. Starfleet has dispatched the U.S.S. Undaunted and the U.S.S. Event Horizon to assist. The Undaunted is heading straight to the Saga’s location, while the Event Horizon will rendezvous at DS13 to transport the science and medical team as well as new crew transfers to the Saga.

It is currently unknown how pervasive these Mockingbird nanprobes are among the borg. Currently all incidences of recent borg activity where personnel may have some in contact with drones are under review.

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