Morale Meetings: Round A, Session 1

As notated in I'shari S'rrel's personal work files.

Hela-uth Alim Top'thelim

Five seems to be the perfect number for maximizing interaction without unintended ostracization.

Attendee Notes:
  • Kurt is prone to idle commentary that can be accidentally hurtful, mostly revolving around his phaser. A playful 'good ol' boy' who's not entirely aware of how his actions can affect others. Is 63 (????) years old.

  • Varo'then is quiet but quite intuitive, though unlikely to volunteer. Not at all afraid of expression his opinion-- especially when asked. Enjoys teasing people who exhibit caution about his racial background. Good response mechanism to latent racism! Fought a gorn who accidentally choked and died on latinum.

  • Meashka is sociable if she needs to be, but seems to prefer remaining peripheral. When she does speak on a topic of interest though, it seems she presents well thought-out responses. Is not very good at cooking.

  • Coby is quiet naturally and not inclined to start a socialization, but he does not shy from participation when he has something to contribute; holds his own when engaged in banter. (I.E. Kurt) Generally composed, sometimes prone to bouts of odd behavior. Was a freighter engineer.

  • Hela-uth Alim Top'thelim participated with an almost mechanical enthusiasm, doing everything asked without positive or negative reaction. Did enjoy 'winning' the 2L1T game. Excused himself early as his '32 minute Morale allotment' was up. He has seven children: Hassu, Goleb, Fassa, Folin, Samatha, Porlin, and Bob.
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