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Here's one that just won't leave me alone.
Had to seriously resist the urge to link to Coby's pink unicorns.

I guess that's what happens when there aren't any constraints on what you post. >_>

Here, have some ... whatever this is. (disclaimer: i'm not very discerning when it comes to music. i like all sorts.)

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(haha mine's on youtube i get to embed!)
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Heh heh.


Listen to this when I write sometimes

Been playing a lot of ACIII this past weekend, I like killing people, I listen to these, makes me feel cool.
When I'm feeling a little rebellious...

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These were all excellent listens-- though the voice acting for the Doctor Who one threw me for a loop.

Kat, if you're nondiscerning, then I'm just as much so! I liked your pick. :d

I'mma have to add Woodkid to my work playlist!

This is my song of the day!
Doctor Steel - Back and Forth
This is a strange little gem stone that I've found, the music video to this is... interesting to say the least.

One for the Freddie Mercury cosplayers.

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Doctor Steel's Back and Forth took a little getting used to, but Iiked the actual vocals~ :d

Clock Opera is another band I'll have to check. I was tappin' mah feet along!

Here's an artist who's voice I'm in love with; it's a rare low husk. Warning: Some swearing!

Vienna teng! PS: Her dress is TOTES AWESOME in this video, well, the whole ensemble to be honest.
Oh, wow, that is an absolutely fantastic outfit.

This one could be construed as being really quite macabre, actually, but I'm still hooked. The shifts in styles halfway through the song- while I typically disapprove, works for the better in this case.
Honestly, Back and Forth kinda' freaked me out slightly. Those last two were lovely. Well. Shiny toy guns was interesting at the beginning.

Here's another strange music video.

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Not bad! It's got a catchy beat. The video is entertainingly...disconcerting. Silly walk, Monty Python anyone?

This following one has been haunting the back of my mind for a few days-- I finally looked it up. I know nothin' 'bout the video, just the song.
Lookin' around for good songs for the Argo theme...this one isn't quite what I want, but it's too gorgeous not to share.
He does a really good Dual of the Fates.

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2:08 So worth it.
I like the introduction to this, quite a bit. It took me a couple of listens to fully go "Hmm, I think I like this" But none the less, worthy of a quick listen. :cool:
EDIT: I say "quick listen" But, I've just noticed it's 9 minutes - and the fact it's kinda multiple songs :anxious:

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..yeah it took me 48 seconds to decide I love it. >_>

I <3 All of Rob Thomas's stuff, really.
Not much of an arc in this one, but... still feel kind of compelled to throw it on the pile.

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Sharing music? Yay!.....Wait, are we sharing only music videos or music itself?

Oh well.

A lot of the music I listen to is provocative in favor of helping the poor and whatnot. It's mostly anti-government, but not in an extremist way. More like in a "Why aren't we doing more" type way.

Flobots(The "I can ride my bike with no handlebars" guys), I like the messages they give. especially when it comes to helping the poor.

Isn't it a Pity, by George Harrison, the quiet Beatle. concert for George: Eric Clapton, Billy preston(R.I.P), Tom Petty, etc.