Na'Toth, daughter of T'Paath

<Current Portrait of Na'Toth Salene Llywarch>

Personal Information
Name: Na'Toth Salene Llywarch
Race: Klingon
Gender: Female
Age: 73
Birth Date: Earth Date: August 7th, 2342
House Name: Salene
Parents: Kabyn <Adoptive Father>, T'Paath <Adoptive Mother> <Status of real parents are unknown, presumed dead.>
Siblings: Sister <Name and Status unknown>
Children: Na'Reen <Currently serving in the 52nd Legion within the Klingon Empire>
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Rhys Llywarch

Brief Starfleet Service Record
Year Joined: 2360 <Enlisted>
Year Commissioned: 2410
Total Years of Service: 55
Current Rank: Captain

Background Information
Born on a Klingon Agricultural world at the edge of Klingon Imperial space to a small, yet old house. Na'Toth spent her early years as a child learning from her father, along with her sister, on how to be a true Klingon to the empire. To be something more than just another blood thirsty brunt who only sees "honour" in senseless violence and needless bloodshed. At the age of six, raiders attacked the world, raiding the food stores, burning lands, and kidnapping colonists for their fighting pits back at their home base. Na'Toth was taken along with her sister, but on the way back tot he raider's base of operations, a Starfleet Anti-Piracy task force attacked and crippled the raider ships, rescuing the captives. During the confusion, Na'Toth was separated from her sister and never heard from her again.

Shortly after being rescued, a vulcan couple took it upon themselves to take Na'Toth as their own after hearing the fate of her own home. From that point on, Na'Toth learned the necessity to keep her emotions in check, which seemed to be a thing most klingons lacked these days who would prefer to run almost rabid, driven purely by instinct and emotion. Along with her lessons of emotional control, she also learned the importance of patience. All the while, the vulcan couple assisted Na'Toth in learning about her own culture.

When she was old enough, Na'Toth decided pay back a debt of honour she felt she owed to the Federation by joining starfleet. At the time, she had to enlist since it was impossible for someone like her to get into Starfleet Academy, Worf being the one exception. She spent the first decade as a technician and engineering specialist, having a passion in building and fixing machines. Unfortunately, conflict broke out with the Klingons when the Empire withdrew from the Khitomer Accords. Due to her technical expertise and knowledge of Klingon Culture and language, she was transferred into an Infantry unit to fight against the Klingons. A couple years later, The Dominion War began. She fought with the same infantry unit from star to finish, having suffered great losses and committing great acts of sacrifice that she will never forget while the larger world would never even know what had happened. During that time, she formed a bond with an Exocomp unit whom modified itself to help fight in the war, it's name was shiner.

After the war, she transferred to a become the head of security to a Vulcan Diplomat named Shuvahl. For the following years, she formed a close friendship with Shuvahl. Unfortunately, unrest began to spread throughout the Beta and Alpha quadrants and she felt the call of duty and heard the call of the warrior. She took place in the next war with the Klingon Empire, which proved to be just as horrible as the Dominion War. From there on, she volunteered for each assignment that would present itself with a need of skilled and experienced personnel. One such assignment was with the Omega Task Force, operating along side Omega Operatives to fight the growing threat of the Borg. This lasted only seven months. A few years later, she transferred over to the 26th Fleet to assist them with their conflicts with not only the Undine and later the Iconians, but also the local threats of the dwarf galaxy they found themselves in. This was where she had decided she would do more good as an officer and sent a request to join an Officer Training Program. She was accepted and later earned her commission.

Feeling old, and tired of fighting. Na'Toth put in a transfer to Starfleet Academy. It was approved and she began to teach the history of the federation while leading optional classes in ancient history and klingon culture. For a few years, she was content on offering her wisdom and experience to the newer generations, trying to instill into them the original spirit of the Federation, the same spirit she felt when she first joined Starfleet. Having done her part, then put in one last transfer to the 38th Fleet in a hope that she may use her experience to provide assistance and to rekindle the dying flame that was the original spirit of Starfleet and the Federation. But along the way, she will face her inner demons once more and hope to master them.

((Additional, more detailed information will be revealed upon role playing interaction.))