New Beginnings - Personal Log: Zhenaen

As the door slid shut behind him, Zhenaen visibly relaxed. The light had been like needles in his eyes since the moment he walked off the transporter pad and into the white false light generated inside the Starbase. Zhen muttered under his breath "...ah thank you REX..." as the reduced lighting in his quarters washed its soft glow over his irridescent armor.

Zhenaen allowed himself to collapse onto the bed platform lazily. He closed his eyes and remembered that he would need to make a record of his actions in case questions were raised in the future.

"Personal Log, Stardate: 89535.7...

I've arrived at Outpost Argo with little incident. The Cerberus held together long enough to get us here... only to present after inspection with far too much damage for my crew to repair in the short time before my first ship inspection by the Federation Administrator. Damned D'deridex... I knew she'd have issues with structural integrity after that last engagement. She's old... well past her prime... and not getting any younger. After I contacted my superiors on New Romulus, I was advised that I would be reassigned a more advanced ship in the interim until they could, as they put it, "...figure out what exactly to do" with me. The R.R.W. Harbinger will arrive at some point later in the day."

"Computer: Pause." The chirp from the console indicated his order was processed. He stood from the bed, and walked over to the small replicator on the wall of his quarters. "Yridian Tea... 40 degrees celsius."
He wearily reached for the tea as it whirred itself into being. He walked behind the desk and sat in the operators chair, taking a sip of the tea with a light smile playing across his features.

"Computer: Resume Personal Log Entry."

"Upon my arrival here I was initially met by their resident Counselor, whom, against my better judgment, I came to like immediately. I've never met a Betazoid before, but after much research, she was much as was expected. Carefully poised during conversation. Very careful not to unduly influence responses to her queries. Yet... there is an honesty in her demeanor and expressions she seems unable to avoid that appealed to me immediately. I feel bad about lying to her regarding my own psychic abilities. I suppose I did so to gauge whether or not she could ferret out either the lie, or my ability directly. If she did, she made no indication of it. I feel that this will only serve to protect me at a future time. The bias I was warned about presented itself immediately; though more subtle than I expected. At least the Counselor was graceful enough at first to bypass her own outward bias. The others I met, not quite as subtle. Though Warrant Officer Nethali proved to be singularly welcoming."

"As expected, the command codes and shield frequencies I was requested to share with the Federation were not required immediately. I do regret the subterfuge, but command is still leery of allowing unfettered access to all of our systems. I can see their point. The fact that the "shell" codes will pass for genuine are not what concerns me. If I AM to be making a concerted effort to really make a difference here... it just seems underhanded that I must do so under a veil of misdirection... I have never been much for lies and deceit. Perhaps the orders from Command will loosen up a bit as things progress. I can only hope.

End Personal Log Entry."

The console chirped its compliance, and Zhenaen moved himself back to the bed platform. 'Now we wait and see how closely they are watching.' he thought. He drifted into sleep almost immediately.
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