Nov 4: Staff meeting

Regular staff meeting of task force officers and allies. Recent events will be discussed and new plans will be formed to deal with the outstanding issues.


When: Saturday, Nov 4, Beta +2

Where: Fleet starbase

What: Staff meeting RP

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
Anticipating some timezone shenanigans with this weekend's daylight savings discrepancy. OP here says Beta+1, calendar shows Beta+2. Please confirm, this event is meant to start at 22:00 GMT, correct?
You're correct, it's Beta +2, aka 22:00 GMT. Changed the original post.
Spoiler: Transcript of meetingShow
[Local] Sadia: *is focused on the reports on her table* Oh, good day Alyss.

Egzo enters with a mug in his hand, sliding into his usual chair.

[Local] Sadia: Sadia: *nods to Egzo, while sorting out her padds* How's it going, big guy?

Egzo ehhs, shrugs, and pulls out his own PADD. "Got some answers for ya... not much, though."

[Local] Sadia: Anything we can get is good, considering the situation.

Mysti nods to those present, "Howdy folks" and slinks into a seat

Egzo shrugs again and lets the PADD drop to the conference table, taking a drink from his mug.

Alyss grins at Mysti

[Local] Alyss: Hi.

[Local] Sadia: Mysti. How's business?

[Local] Alyss: Scrap complex is officially open for business.

B'Atar salutes Sadia before slumping into her seat.

[Local] Alyss: Fortune is helping power the tractor and mag nets to catch incoming.

[Local] Mysti: "All things considered... we're looking good"

[Local] Alyss: Marauder wouldn't be worth fixing if it were not top end hardware.

Kodon pounds his chest in a salute as he enters.

Egzo looks up. "Hey, old man."

[Local] Sadia: *grins as Kodon enters* Oh this is a face I haven't see in a while.

[Local] Alyss: Speaking of which... That Maruader will take some serious work to get flying, let alone combat ready.

[Local] Egzo: "Still kickin' and drinkin'?"

[Local] Kodon: "I am! ...but only the drinks that kick back! HAW!"

[Local] Sadia: *nods to Alyss* We'll get to that soon.

B'Atar laughs, "Those are the best drinks!"

B'Atar looks to Alyss, "This marauder about the fun I missed last week?"

[Local] Sadia: *looks around* Good to see you all present for the meeting. Kodon, did you catch up with the latest reports?

[Local] Alyss: we almost got something bigger, but disable and not kill... not everyone's strong suit

Egzo chuckles.

Kodon gives a nod, "To my knowledge, Captain! I doubt one has escaped my notice."

[Local] Sadia: Good. Let's get this meeting started, then.

Mysti leans slightly to Alyss, "Given their penchant for the old ways and Vyun-pashan you are lucky you got any ships intact!"

[Local] Sadia: First matter on the table for tonight is new player in Orion space that decided to tangle with us, orion pirate leader known as The Branded Lady.

[Local] Sadia: She attacked one of KDF convoys that was bringing supplies and personnel to wejpuH tul.

[Local] Sadia: We managed to stop them with help of local Starfleet and Republic ships.

Alyss nods

[Local] Sadia: We secured one of the offending vessel, a Marauder battleship. *nods to Alyss* What did you get outta it?

[Local] Alyss: Well ... I can tell you whoever is outfitting them is not doing it half way

[Local] Alyss: we are talking a mix of cardassian, suliban, and nausican parts over an orion architecture

[Local] Alyss: The choice of parts seems more suited for military optimization than cheaping out by mix and match

[Local] Alyss: the logs referenced the branded lady.

[Local] Alyss: computers were wiped. Data storage smashed. Someone less skilled would likely have not even gotten what little I did

[Local] Alyss: The ship ... is excellent design. If we put the resources into it, it would be a heck of a ship... but it will take a lot of time to get it there

[Local] Alyss: and high end parts, not some random salvage crap

[Local] Alyss: I doubt we'll see her combat ready in time for the current crisis

[Local] Sadia: *nods* We can mothball it within the inner system until we've got time and resources to fix it up.

[Local] Sadia: We've also got two prisoners, cloned orion twins. *turns to Egzo* Did you manage to get them to talk?

[Local] Egzo: "Talk, yeah, but they don't know nothin'. They're grunts... hells, not even that. Meat drones. Two green beans from the same pod."

[Local] Alyss: What I COULD do with it if you wish is get the power systems and weapons going

[Local] Egzo: "They don't think, don't ask questions, just follow orders."

[Local] Alyss: and basically use it as a planet based defense platform to help play skeet shooting with any breen that show up at chu'thul

[Local] Alyss: Just because it will take a long time to get her flying doesn't mean I can't get her shooting

Egzo waits for Alyss to finish talking.

[Local] Alyss: Sorry... all yours... gestures to egzo

Egzo mutters and turns back to Sadia.

Mysti smirks quietly to herself at the look on Egzo's face

[Local] Sadia: *to Alyss* I'd not give more targets for breen to dump onto the colony at this point. We need working ships.

[Local] Egzo: "They're totally loyal to their 'mother' - who they ain't never met, by the way, outside a' images during their training."

[Local] Egzo: "But loyal just the same."

[Local] Sadia: *to Egzo* So they are practically almost like the Jam'hadar.

[Local] Egzo: "They didn't know why this convoy, where their bases are, any of that."

[Local] Egzo: "Yeah, pretty much."

Kodon grunts, "Were you able to get a discription of the image of their "mother"?"

[Local] Egzo: "Oh, it's the Branded Lady all right. No mistakin' that one."

Kodon considers, "What do we know of her thus far?"

[Local] Sadia: *nods to Mysti*

[Local] Mysti: "Well this ain't the first time we've crossed paths with her"

Mysti looks around the table, "Remember when I took command of the Thana?" she nods, "That was the Branded bitch who went after Narris II shipyards"

Egzo nods.

[Local] B'Atar: "Oh, that...I remember that."

[Local] Mysti: "And... well, I've been on her trail for some time now. She..." clears her throat, "She sent assassins after my daughter last year..."

[Local] Egzo: "Sounds like ya got her attention."

Mysti shakes her head, "She got mine more like"

[Local] Mysti: "Unconfirmed becuase Starfleet Intel is a ballache to infiltrate, but my girl was deciphering logs from a long lost Fed ship when they went after her"

[Local] Mysti: "I suspect that the ship stumbled on something it shouldn't have..."

[Local] Egzo: "What ship was that?"

[Local] Sadia: Long lost?

[Local] Mysti: "The USS Cairo"

[Local] Mysti: "It's the ship pulled my Lennie from the Syndicate cell and caused it's collapse"

[Local] Mysti: "It had been missing for a few years, since she was in the Academy"

[Local] Mysti: "But the point is... that's about all we do know about this lot... virtually nothing for certain"

[Local] Alyss: If we have any choice in the matter, I would rather steal their ships than fight against them.

[Local] Alyss: They are very much worth having

[Local] Mysti: "Lots of conjecture about her being a former sister, but nothing solid"

Egzo nods to Mysti.

[Local] Mysti: "Does seem that she got at least a co-operative alliance with the Blood Queen though..."

[Local] Alyss: That said, the mix of tech does create vulnerabilities, both physical and electronic. I will send a list of potential weak points and distribute it to the fleet.

[Local] Sadia: Hm. What IS known about Branded Lady's outfit, though?

[Local] Egzo: "Well, one of the few bits we DID get is that our boys got their orders from ladies."

[Local] Mysti: "We know she's got the capability to make long range assaults, and focuses heavily on medical and tech supplies"

[Local] Egzo: "Seems she's traditional that way."

[Local] Sadia: *nods* That spells trouble. And medical supplies must be connected to her cloning operations.

[Local] Mysti: "Well.. even she should have at least one redeeming feature!" grins to Egzo

Egzo smirks at Mysti.

B'Atar chuckles.

Egzo speaks to Sadia again. "After my cutters had a go at 'em, I let your Lethean doc rip one of 'em open. Since we had a spare."

[Local] Egzo: "He didn't get much more, though."

[Local] Sadia: Oh? No info on the cloning process, then?

Mysti turns to Sadia, "Her focus is clearly on the Syndicate and OSN - with a passion - her conflicts with the KDF and Feds seem... incidental, depending what supplies her pirates are gunning for"

Egzo shrugs. "I didn't look at the medical side. He just said he didn't get any more outta their heads."

[Local] Sadia: *to Mysti* Yes, but such attacks draw the unwanted attention...if we had forces to spare, we'd already by on full warpath against her. I can bet she knows that.

Mysti nods in agreement

Egzo waves vaguely at Sadia's terminal. "You should have his report."

Kodon chuckles, "Medical supplies would be needed in abundance if you are cloning crews for your ships."

[Local] Sadia: *nods to Egzo* It's hard to get more from cloned goons. Good work.

[Local] Mysti: "DId we get any prisoners other than the green beans?"

[Local] Sadia: I wonder what kind of control or indoctrination does she use on those clones.

Egzo shakes his head to Mysti. "Not this time."

[Local] Egzo: "The Feddies might have."

[Local] Sadia: *to Mysti* Maybe our Starfleet friends got some from that corvette they captured.

[Local] Sadia: I will have to pay them a visit soon.

[Local] Mysti: "Do you want me to contact Lennie and find out?"

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Most likely faster that way.

[Local] Alyss: Tell them if they're just going to scrap them that I'll gladly take it off their hands for fair scrap metal value.

[Local] Mysti: "As for their indoctrination..."

Mysti looks to Egzo, "You said something images right?"

[Local] Egzo: "Yeah. Holos of the Lady, and of their enemies."

[Local] Egzo: "Love her, kill everyone else."

[Local] Sadia: *to alyss* Ah, good luck with that. Feds are so...stringent with their rules and procedures. You should get into touch with quartermaster or two on their side.

[Local] Mysti: "could be subliminal messages embedded into the final stages of the clone development cycle then"

[Local] Egzo: "Prob'ly."

[Local] Egzo: "Oh, we still got the one that /ain't/ a droolin' veggie in a cell, if you do find a use for him."

[Local] Sadia: Wonder if that's as effective as drug reliance...probably less costly and less prone to sabotage though.

[Local] Egzo: "Yeah... doesn't require a constant supply, either. All the work up front."

[Local] Mysti: "With such a technique mastered, manipulating her people will prove... troublesome"

Kodon leans forward, "We should get someone to cross-reference those holo-images through the Empire's records. Hnh... probably even Starfleet's. We may be able to find the true name of the "Branded Lady"

[Local] B'Atar: "Couldn't someone convince them they're working for the wrong side?"

[Local] Mysti: "However... if your science folks could unwravel their programming, we might find a way to reprogram them!"

[Local] B'Atar: "Might be hard...but brainwashing isn't as absolute as drug reliance."

Kodon grimaces, "Pah, the Jem'Hadar were brainwashed as well, with their worship of their 'gods'!"

[Local] Sadia: Do we know how Branded Lady looks?

Mysti shakes her head, "Nothing beyond rumours of her being a former lodubyal like myself"

Kodon squints his one good eye, "I thought Egzo said we had captured holo-images of her."

[Local] Egzo: "Nah. Just descriptions, from the interrogations."

[Local] Egzo: "All the work's done at the 'training facility', and no, we don't know where that is either."

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Enough to get us a decent sketch, I'll see about getting someone to do it.

Kodon nods.

[Local] Sadia: It could be fake, of course, but that's a start.

[Local] Egzo: "Probably have better luck with one of her lady lieutenants. Or anyone but the muscle."

[Local] Sadia: It should be practically impossible for such a fighting force to stay completely off the radar.

[Local] Mysti: "I will check in with the OSN too, see if they've had any more deailings yet since they seem high on her attention list"

[Local] Sadia: I will see what Bara can get from the Syndicate.

[Local] B'Atar: "Maybe they just built up their fighting force. Been hearing quite a bit about them of late and never before."

[Local] Sadia: If Branded Lady is working against them, they must have at least some dirt on her.

[Local] Sadia: *to Alyss* Also, if that Marauder was using many different parts, there is possibility those acquisitions could be tracked.

Mysti grumbles incoherently something about "...gisjachet... syndicate... dirt..."

[Local] Sadia: We know Maral has connections with some bigwigs in cardassian business elite.

Egzo reminds the boss, "If the Syndicate knows anythin' worth knowin', it won't come free."

[Local] Sadia: And there's still lots of nausicaan clans who are not working for the empire, willing to sell their equipment. Suliban too.

Egzo nods on that.

[Local] Alyss: I'm not so good at the tracing, but I'll get part numbers for everything if someone wants to try.

[Local] Sadia: *to Egzo* We both want Branded Lady out of the picture. And they are officially an Imperial tributary. They should be reminded of that.

Egzo chuckles.

[Local] Mysti: "The Thana Vaneri stands ready to do some reminding"

Mysti grins hopefully

[Local] Sadia: Let's see what Bara can dig up first. At this point, we still have not enough information to act in any direct manner. So we'll do it like this.

[Local] Alyss: Fortune is basically out of commission while it is helping set up the scrap yard.

[Local] Alyss: But if I can hitch a ride with someone, most of my magic doesn't really need the ship.

[Local] Sadia: Alyss - check with your contacts about large purchases of cardassian, suliban and nausicaan starship equipment.

[Local] Mysti: "Alyss, there is always a station for you on my bridge if needed" she smiles

[Local] Alyss: How about.... I try to put in an order.

[Local] Alyss: Explain that I have some salvaged ships to fix, and get estimates.

[Local] Alyss: see who is selling.

[Local] Sadia: Egzo - if you have useful contacts among nausicaan clans and mercs, see what you can find.

Mysti blinks, realising where Alyss is going with this, "Better yet... pose as a seller and see who's buying!"

[Local] Egzo: "You got it."

[Local] Alyss: Good idea.

[Local] Alyss: I can pull some of the more shiny new looking parts off the ship to show I 'have the goods'

[Local] Sadia: What, "Selling Marauder, almost new, used once. Minor structural damage."? *grins*

Alyss chuckles

Kodon grins at Sadia, "Once we have a better idea of what they are seeking, we'll know how to properly bait a trap."

[Local] Alyss: something like that, but more selling marauder parts, gently disassembled.

Mysti shrugs, "They bought that old junk once... no reason they wouldn't take it again"

[Local] Alyss: I have the loose parts

[Local] Sadia: All right, do as you see fit. Contact my quartermaster, Lyo Gettz, if you need something specific.

[Local] Alyss: Will do

[Local] Sadia: Anyone has anything else to add to this point?

[Local] Alyss: ONce I pull what I need from it, marauder can get mothballed in the fleet repair yard. you can fix it up whenever you decide it is worth it

Mysti shakes her head, "I'll report back my findings"

Kodon shakes his head in response to Sadia's question.

[Local] Sadia: Okay, moving to next point, our Breen buddies of new Fenrisal expansion force their boss, Thot Kreel.

Egzo finishes making some notes on his PADD, probably contacts to start chasing down after the meeting.

[Local] Sadia: As you are aware, they caught us with our pants down, sent Kor and Gorkon squadrons to scrapyard and are currently invading Ventraxians to galactic East.

[Local] Sadia: *she pokes her computer and holomap appears, showing the Ventraxian space*

[Local] Sadia:

[Local] Alyss: I might be able to get some of what was slagged running in time to be of SOME good, but no promises.

Mysti looks up at the holo-pretties

[Local] Alyss: again, getting guns shooting from the ground is an easier task than getting the whole ship warping around and killing things.

[Local] Sadia: At this point, breen have conquered northern Ventraxian colonies. yoD support squadron, Alarian forces led by Marshall Berylia and main Ventraxian fleet led by General Xvisj are stationed at Nectar-

[Local] Sadia: - system. General has pulled most of his combat capable vessels there, and he believes that if they lose that system, Ventraxian state is done for.

Egzo looks sour. Not for the Ventraxians per se, but the prospect of the Breen taking that space for themselves.

[Local] Sadia: Nectar is main breadbasket world, and without it, food supplies would dwindle in less than a year,

Kodon studies the map with a grim look, "I can tell you what I would do in Thot Kreel's place."

[Local] Sadia: *nods to Kodon*

Egzo looks to Kodon.

Kodon continues, "General Xvisj has pulled the majority of his forces to Nectar, but this is a mistake. Though it is the most tempting target, it leaves the surrounding systems weak."

[Local] Sadia: Xvisj has already given up on defending Softsoil, and is evacuating this relatively new colony. Hyrex is still not directly under his control.

[Local] Kodon: "Were I the Breen, I would next attack Softsoil, and after Hyrex, and so on... moving to isolate Nectar and leave the forces massed there cut off."

[Local] Alyss: Perhaps we should mine the living frack out of the surrounding systems and bloody their noses when they wander in to attack.

Egzo nods. "Threaten the Goal, then sweep up the other pieces."

[Local] Sadia: Lord of Hyrex is still refusing to cooperate and supports the dethroned and imprisoned Monarch.

B'Atar nods to Egzo, "Aye."

[Local] Alyss: we do not have the depth of fleet that we once did, but its pointy end is just as pointy.

[Local] Mysti: "I still say we abuse his loyalty to the throne itself nad put our own monarch in place"

[Local] Mysti: "I happen to look lovely with a crown by the way" *cough*

[Local] Sadia: Xvisj predicts Hyrex will hold out for a month, maybe a week more.

B'Atar smirks at Mysti and eyes her crown.

[Local] Sadia: Breen attack on our own space has slowed the Kreel's invasion, but they will move soon again.

[Local] Egzo: "Ain't never just one fight. And I'll bet ten bars that the Breen were just /waitin'/ for us to get pulled into somethin' else -

[Local] Egzo: like this thing with the Tzenkethi - to make their move."

[Local] Sadia: Indeed. Thing is, Kreel has limited numbers, his fleet is smaller than Thel's but is better equipped and more organized.

[Local] Sadia: Plus, he uses his mobile starbase and doesn't have any stationary targets we can hit.

[Local] Alyss: Well we can wait and be overwhelmed, we can strike out hard and hope we make our punches land...

Kodon grumbles, "Another question to consider is how will the NCR act?"

[Local] Alyss: ... or we can go looking for a shipyard to steal us some reinforcements from

[Local] Sadia: NCR is falling apart. Gul Urnal is allegedly dead and two of his clones are now fighting Urnal's duaghter Latima over the main systems.

[Local] Sadia: Datel, Urnal's main military base, is now a ruin and main fight has moved to Sarayn and Tiani systems.

[Local] Kodon: "So likely too distracted to join the fight, but even wounded Targs may charge."

Egzo palms, then rubs at his face.

Egzo asks Sadia, "Is there /any/ chance of pryin' more ships and bekks out of the Empire? My boys'll do what we can, but they're mercs..."

[Local] Egzo: "Their ships aren't top-line, and if things get bad, they'll cut and run. We could end up pushed all the way back to Cardie space."

[Local] Egzo: "... and they don't like my face on DS9."

[Local] Sadia: In Sarayn system, two NCR fleet are playing cat and mouse around the mining and industrial installations. On Tiani prime, a civil war wages between Latima's supporters and rebels who support Gul Domal

[Local] Sadia: - and Gul Lamar, the clones.

Kodon nods at Egzo, "Some fresh warriors to replace those we've lost would be most useful."

[Local] Sadia: *to Egzo* We got some fresh meat with this latest convoy.

[Local] Sadia: Anyhow, I've pulled some of our ships back from Tzenkethi front, to fill the gaps.

Egzo nods.

[Local] Sadia: Our forward base is finally complete, and will be used as staging ground for our attacks on the breen.

[Local] Sadia: Kodon, Egzo, B'atar. I want you to figure out how to slow down Thot Kreel and buy us some time.

Egzo nods grimly.

[Local] Sadia: His supply routes change constantly and from what our scouts tell us, their convoys are large, but heavily guarded. Kreel is willing to slow down or even stop his progress while good chuck of his -

[Local] Sadia: - forces help with the security.

[Local] Egzo: "Smart guy. I hate fightin' smart guys."

[Local] Sadia: He knows we have week support from the homeland, and he's biding his time.

[Local] Egzo: "Well, in that case... yeah, we can slow him, but we can't stop him."

[Local] Egzo: "Not without a bigger hammer to bring down."

[Local] Sadia: Yes, we need a decisive blow.

[Local] Sadia: I'll let you think about it, but I'll need a plan of action soon.

Kodon slams his fist on the table, "If we are unable to attack the supply lines, why not attack the source."

[Local] Kodon: : grins, "Nar is the most likely base of resupply. Raids in that vicinity could pester him enough to turn some forces back."

[Local] Sadia: *grins, and pokes at the map, which zooms to Nar system* This is the main logisti-

Egzo looks very interested.

[Local] Sadia: *clears throat* You see, that's why it pays to have someone with a century and bit more of experience.

Kodon 's face lights up in a grin, "HAW!"

[Local] Sadia: But I'd go bigger. Not just some raids. THE raid.

Mysti smirks at the comment

Kodon growls with pleasure at Sadia's choice of words.

[Local] Sadia: Kodon. Grab whoever you need and see about scouting that place. Once we know the score, we'll pull as many ships who are not already engaged on Ventraxian front, and hit that place.

[Local] Sadia: *pull out

Egzo tells Kodon, "I can lend ya a few scouts, while I'm workin' on the plan."

Kodon nods at Egzo, "I was thinking the same."

[Local] Egzo: "Got plenty of little ships, raiders. It's the heavies we're runnin' out of."

[Local] Alyss: HOW combat ready do you need them?

[Local] Sadia: And I mean, we will HIT IT HARD. I don't want a screw left standing when we are done with it.

[Local] Alyss: I have big and small that I can get flying with shields, weapons, wires hanging out of the bulkheads...

Egzo looks to Alyss, then to Sadia.

[Local] Alyss: if we just need quantity

[Local] Sadia: I will have heavy squadrons re-formed and ready for this.

Kodon roars, "B'Atar! You've been too quiet! I am choosing the San'leth to be part of the scouting force."

Kodon grins, "Scouts must be stealthy, after all. Why not a quiet scout?"

[Local] Sadia: Squadrons Martok, Azetbur, Koloth and Qib, plus whatever mercs we can get, will be assigned to this.

[Local] Sadia: Plus command squadron.

[Local] Sadia: ** aka PC ships

Mysti starts quietly humming russian national anthem after totally unrelated mention of quiet and stealth

Kodon grins with a feral glee, "It is ALWAYS a good day to kill Breen!"

Egzo raises his (long-empty) mug.

[Local] Sadia: Good. We have a plan.

Alyss passes Egzo a PADD containing what looks like a bunch of TRASHED ships, like looking like the saucer section is a cookie and someone took a big bite out of it*

[Local] Sadia: Last thing. Anti-Tzenkethi operations are still ongoing to galactic north-east.

[Local] Alyss: Those ... can fly, raise shields, and shoot things. As you can see, they are a long way from optimal, but if you need them sooner ...

[Local] Sadia: I was informed that some kind of joint op is in plan within a tenday. We are to be on standby in case our presence is required.

[Local] Sadia: **

Egzo hmms, looking the wrecks over with an engineer's eye.

Kodon considers, "General Xvisj's defensive strategy will work to our advantage. We should make it seem as though we intend to reinforce Nectar, to better leave the Thot unprepared for an attack on Nar."

[Local] Sadia: *nods to Kodon* He doesn't have forces not technological parity to do much else than defend,

Kodon waves a hand, "My apologies, we can speak of strategy later. You wish to speak of the Tzenkethi."

[Local] Sadia: So, I'll need you to be ready to act within this time limit. After that, you are free to fully commit to the actions we just spoke of.

[Local] Alyss: The holes can be patched, but what is behind them will still be gutted.

[Local] Sadia: Tzenkethi are very straight forward enemies.

[Local] Sadia: Their ships have strong defenses and powerful forward facing weaponry.

[Local] Sadia: Their cruisers reinforce bigger ships and should be taken out first.

[Local] Alyss: The mix of technologies introduces weaknesses

[Local] Sadia: They also have access to protomatter weaponry and will use it against planets they deem dangerous for some reason.

[Local] Egzo: "So... flank the cruisers, take 'em out first... and what about the escorts, frigates 'n such?"

[Local] Alyss: you need imprerfect and sometimes low security interfaces because cardassian and fed equipment do not talk the same

Egzo is still looking over the salvage list Alyss gave him.

[Local] Alyss: with some luck, we can focus on that to disable the cruisers

[Local] Sadia: They are on some crazy crusade of theirs, and the Alliance has commited to stopping them. I'll give you more details if we are called to act,

[Local] Sadia: But they are TOUGH.

[Local] B'Atar: "We got any good practice simulations against them?"

Kodon nods to Sadia, "That we must defeat them is detail enough."

[Local] Sadia: And one of the most powerful ground combatants I ever saw. And we all faces Heralds...these guys are tougher.

[Local] Sadia: Yes, I'm preparing some simulations.

[Local] Sadia: They will be available in holodeck by tomorrow.

[Local] B'Atar: "Perfect. These'll be handy. And fun."

Kodon leans in across the table, "The Tzenkethi are enjoyable to fight in close quarters. One once threw me nearly thirty feet!"

[Local] Sadia: This is all from me. Do any of you folks have something to report that wasn't already been discussed?

Egzo shakes his head, having been given plenty to do.

[Local] Alyss: When flanking the cruisers, look for where the different tech types join

[Local] Alyss: all kinds of capacitors and converters that go boom easily where you're interfacing largely incompatible tech

Egzo finally passes Alyss' PADD back to her, mouthing, "Later."

Alyss nods at Egzo

[Local] Sadia: Well, that's it then. Meeting is closed!

[Local] Sadia: *slams the fists on the table*

Kodon stands and salutes!

[Emotes] Kodon: Qapla', Sadia!

Kodon salutes Sadia with respect.

Sadia returns salute

B'Atar stands and salutes as well.

[Emotes] B'Atar: Qapla', Sadia!

B'Atar salutes Sadia with respect.

[Local] Sadia: I'm going to start sorting out available ships.

[Local] Sadia: You have your orders. I wish you success.

Egzo salutes, with respect even.