Nymas tr'Neral

Republic Fleet - Dossier R-E901-033-2382
Nymas i-Elheu tr'Neral

. Commander

. Commanding Officer,
. Alpha Quadrant, 11th Fleet, JSI

Demographic Information








Elheu, Romulus

Request approved

Consul-Admiral Mirrstul Neral

Service Record (abridged)

  • 2409 - Subcommander Nymas accepted into service by Subcommander Nadel, I.R.W. Syrinx and company added to flotilla roster as R.R.W. Syrinx, Subcommander Nymas retained in appointment as CO.

  • 2409 - R.R.W. Syrinx (S/Cdr. Nymas commanding) assigned HOME FLEET 3rd BC/CA Sqn., under Adm. Kererek.

  • 2410 - Transfer out: HOME FLEET, 3rd BC Sqn.

  • 2410 - Transfer in: Republic Fleet Intelligence, Diplomatic Corps - Federation outreach squadron, Tau Dewa.

  • 2410-11 - Suppression of Elachi assault on Azure Sector: Awarded Bronze Laurel.

    "For actions contributing materially to decisive victory in the Azure Sector operational zone, for the prosecution and destruction of the unknown battleship analogue (see: 3rd Battle of Narendra) and in demonstration of cunning and leadership in action against same."

  • 2412 - Transfer out: Republic Fleet Intelligence, Diplomatic Corps - Federation outreach squadron, Tau Dewa.

  • 2412 - Transfer in: Federation 26th Fleet, Joint Task Force Theirr.

  • 2412 - Battle of Starbase 234, Mention in dispatches.

  • 2412 - Promoted Commander, Appointed 2IC (Joint Task Force Theirr), Federation 26th Fleet.

  • 2414 - Transfer out: Federation 26th Fleet, Joint Task Force Theirr.

  • 2414 - Layover (Sector Transfer Error, deployment delay 2 weeks): Risa, All-species Powerboarding Champion 2414.

    FILE NOTE: Commander Nymas' unauthorized fraternization constitutes grounds for official censure. However, subsequent sale of 'Republic Action Figures' and other 'assorted paraphernalia' by Ferengi Alliance DaiMons of Dark Matter Protection Services has been credited in part to this alien-facing action. The proceeds and licencing agreement now partly off-set Alpha Quadrant JSI logistical costs arising from use of Ferengi Alliance shipping. Official censure withdrawn 2415 (by order, Subadmiral Lhaes).

  • 2414 - Transfer in: Alpha Quadrant, Joint Squadron Initaitive, Federation 11th Fleet. Appointed Prefect Liaison.

Biographical Information (abridged)

Family: Neral
Mother: Mirrstul t'Neral (Senator - Consul-Admiral of Tal Shiar aligned Star Navy formation believed to be remnant of 3rd Senate Fleet)
Father: Letant tr'Neral (201, M, Sen - Father, Republic senator)
Siblings: Nalah t’Neral (70, F, W/Cdr. RRF - Eldest sister, relationship believed to be fractious), Ekkhae t'Neral (58, F, Cdr. RSN - Elder sister stated relationship to be hostile from childhood), Væbn tr’Neral (53, M, S/Cdr. RRF - Elder brother, close relationship since childhood), Teelis t’Neral (40, F, S/Cdr. RRF - Twin sister, closest relative).

Subsidiary Branch Nominals (Known extended family associations):
Niysa tr'Neral (138, M, Uncle, Cdr. RSN - Missing since 2388)
Ael t'Neral (129, F, Adm/Sen - Aunt, Republic senator)
N'alæ t’Neral (133, F, Adm. RSN - Aunt, believed to be commanding formation of capital units in Iota Pavonis)
Ndeian tr’Neral (94, M, W/Cdr. RSN - Uncle, convicted of striking a superior officer in 2369, cleared of murder in 2370, believed to be involved with Tal Shiar since 2391)

Reporting Officer: Ctrn. D'nal (For and on behalf of the office of Cdr. Temer)

Subject is a person of interest following his defection from the Star Navy in 2406, he is the youngest son of Fleet-Commander (Admiral) Mirrstul t'Neral by Letant tr'Neral who's provenance is very well known. It is suspected that the union was not arranged (making the subject non political). At the time of this report the information on the full extent and whereabouts of all of the Neral line including all subsidiary family lines, adopted houses and vassals is unknown. The house listed well over five-thousand named citizens living on New Romulus alone in the 2385 census (which is the last reliable datum point we have) but we have tracked the primary branch senate heirs with some reliability.

Subject has historical warcollege record made available from computer information obtained through conquest of Rator III and corroborated elsewhere. Record shows honour sword award in subject of military ethics and failed application for Romulan Imperial Guard owing to physical infirmity (failed extreme weather tolerance). Subject has had no reported liaisons with persons of interest in the past and has on file two arrests by Tal Shiar (2398 - brigged for 22 days aboard I.R.W. Vigilant - charge unknown see field report attached, 2404 - arrest only - insulting an officer of the Tal Shiar - Charge dismissed by Star Navy - Officer removed from brig after 3 days).

The subject describes his whereabouts between 2405 and 2407 as 'piracy in support of Admiral Kererek', this account is separately corroborated by crew interviews and separate officer interviews. Subject is fit, healthy and in possession of adequate drive and determination to support Proconsul D'Tan in formation and defense of a separate Romulan state in Tau Dewa. It is believed he should retain command of the fleet unit I.R.W. Syrinx (to be re-flagged once we have established suitable alternative).
Imperial Navy Intelligence - Sapient Resources File R-E901-033-2382
ATTENTION - SCmdr. Nymas tr'Neral currently absent without leave, order for arrest for questioning active from 2407.

Full Name: Nymas i-Elheu tr'Neral
Registered Birth: 2377, Nn'Verih Province, Elheu District, Romulus
Gender: Male
Species: Romulan
Service Branch: Imperial Navy
Grade: Subommander (Former)
Appointment: CO, I.R.W. Syrinx - REVOKED, Subcommander Nymas currently absent without leave and believed to be in posession of stolen Imperial Navy property in the form of the I.R.W. Syrinx. This vessel may be registered under navigational flag of "The Romulan Republic". (R.R.W. Syrinx incident file see: R-E901-033-2382 appendix C)

Service History (Abridged)

2394 - I.R.W. D'gann
(OIC, Cmdr. Ael t'Kelhan)

Uhlan Nymas served with distinction aboard I.R.W. D'gann, D'deridex Warbird Battle-cruiser, cited for bravery and actions above and beyond leading to defeat of Klingon boarding attempt during operations in the neutral zone.

"... having sustained critical injuries from a bat'leth Uhlan Nymas steadfastly continued to hold the demi-gallery against overwhelming opposition allowing allied forces to improvise a method to remove enemy boarding charges... "

2398 - I.R.W. Aj'rmr (OIC, SCmdr. T'aev tr'Sahen)

Newly promoted Sublieutenant Nymas censured for disloyalty by Colonel Jiinra tr'Kassus (Tal Shiar, Klingon Affairs) during extended operations on Klingon border. Appeal by Subcommander T'aev dismissed without hearing. Brigged for three weeks aboard I.R.W. Vigilant.

2399- I.R.W. Aj'rmr (OIC, SCmdr. T'aev tr'Sahen)

Sublieutenant Nymas commended for service to the empire by SCmdr. T'aev during action against unidentified Vor'cha battlecruiser.

"... understanding the importance of recovering Colonel Jiinra from the enemy, and unwilling to permit failure, the Sublieutenant transported aboard the enemy warship at the height of the battle with a small team and approached the enemy's prisoner holding facility by stealth. Surprising and overwhelming the guards at the detention area the Sublieutenant extracted the Colonel and fought his way to the shuttle bay. Sadly the colonel was killed moments before the team could board the shuttle and make good their escape, by this action however was vital intelligence on Tal Shiar operations inside the Klingon Empire denied to the enemy and the interests of the Romulan Empire secured."

2403 - I.R.W. Aj'rmr (OIC SCmdr. T'aev tr'Sahen)

Vessel lost to enemy action during deep space patrol in Hfihar System, Psi Vellorum Sector. Survivors make planet fall on mining outpost and await rescue. Subsequent investigation determines that I.R.W. Aj'rmr destroyed by sabotage. Protest by SCmdr. T'aev tr'Sahen that hostile vessel destroyed I.R.W. Aj'rmr noted and dismissed, SCmdr. T'aev warned that there are no such things as 'hostile Romulan ships'.

2404 - I.R.W. Syrinx (OIC Cmdr. T'aev tr'Sahen)

Cmdr. T'aev arrested by Colonel Sokar t'Kassus for treason following unauthorized pursuit of Tal Shiar vessel and intervention resulting in damage to Tal Shiar warbird participating in legitimate security sanction against rebel colony. Protest by S/Cdr. Nymas tr'Neral dismissed without hearing, S/Cdr. Nymas reminded of his duty to Romulan Empire. S/Cdr Nymas brigged for four days by Colonel Sokar, arrest annulled by W/Cdr. Nalah t'Neral, reason unknown (order for arrest for questioning active as of this date).

Spoiler: Field report: Interrogation R-E901-SESH1Show
Subcommander Nymas was confined to quarters and interviewed under five percent neuro-persuasion for three hours to establish a baseline for initial work. Control questions were answered but the session overran three times expected duration. The Commander shows no particular resistance to the techniques used, he's just gifted at wasting time. Following the first session the decision was made to leave the device in place operating at seven-point-five percent while Subcommander Nymas was restrained for two hours before proceeding with the first substantive series of questions. The Subcommander showed abnormal discomfort during this period and the device was disengaged after fifty minutes of operation when the team raised concerns about his mental state. Following a further seventy minutes of isolation we entered the room to conduct the questioning. The threat of re-engaging the device made the subject considerably more cooperative.

Subcommander Nymas was initially very adamant that he has done nothing to undermine the operations mandated by Tal Shiar and had in fact undertaken to the best of his abilities to ensure they succeeded. Short periods of fifteen and thirty five percent inducement were used (10 second periods in sets of 2, with a pause of 5 seconds between each) to ascertain the veracity of this stance. The Subcommander admitted that it was possible his level of direct oversight had been too low. We then proceeded to expand on this line of questioning and build an understanding of the Subcommander's leadership style (See attached notes).

By the end of day one we had used no more than thirty-five percent inducement on the device and established a confession consistent with a charge of negligent incompetence in command. The subject had maintained a patriotic stance on his actions but resistance to the technique was low and indicative of low moral fibre.

Day two we removed the device and Centurion Krannak was brought in to perform a series of instructional beatings. We varied our questioning throughout but Centurion Krannak was less-than-totally-competent in his administration of the physical component of the session and Subcommander Nymas jaw was broken in two places curtailing the session. The probe was therefore re-attached and medical assistance sought. Questioning continued after a delay of three hours and although half of the day was wasted we made progress determining Subcommander Nymas' level of loyalty to the Star Empire. The Subcommander initially took a strictly legalistic approach maintaining a stance that Navy officers were loyal first to their own chain of command. Unsatisfied we continued to increase the level of inducement to prevent the Subcommander from answering evasively. Our technician however failed to interpret the device readings beyond the most basic emotive response and following a further round of inducement the Subcommander was no longer capable of continuing the interview to any useful effect. The device was left in place and programmed to administer a random pattern of inducement to intensify if the Subcommander attempted to rest.

This pattern was continued for a further full day. However following an additional (and unauthorised) session of instructional physical manipulation the subject was seriously damaged by Centurion Krannak who shot the Subcommander in the leg with his sidearm after the subject answered a question with a verbal rebuke about the Centurion’s competence and familial lineage. The Subcommander was removed to medical for tests to determine his suitability for further questioning and therefore on subjected to light neuroprobe sleep deprivation for a period of five hours following the negligent discharge.

Following the Subcommander’s recovery he was returned to interrogation four and an intensive period of neuroprobe based censure was used to return him to a pliant state similar to that used for the first three days, this was followed by an hour of visual center stimulation and induced hallucination by Reman telepath. This pattern was used for three hours before subject was questioned about the whereabouts of Senator Mirrstul’s husband. Subject failed to answer the question satisfactorily and was returned to interrogation one where Centurion Krannak administered further instructional beatings until 21:00 ship time (2.5 hours).

Following this failure I was contacted by Wing-Commander Nalah who specified that her mother had special and particular instructions to convey by her, personally. I had not previously been made aware of this visit and believed this arrest to be classified. I did not immediately make Tal Shiar military affairs aware of this communication and chose instead to focus on my work. The Wing-Commander stated that her ship would arrive by tomorrow.

Day four Centurion Krannak, whose conduct throughout had been less-than-satisfactory sabotaged our questioning session by attempting to shoot the prisoner with a disruptor. I intervened and executed Krannak summarily for the attempted murder of a superior officer and interfering in the conduct of an interrogation. Wing-Commander Nalah of the Fleet was present to oversee this and her report is available separately.

It is my recommendation that Subcommander Nymas return to active duty immediately following an assessment of the after-effects of the neuro-probe. It is clear to me that having spoken with Wing-Commander Nalah and analysing the evidence further investigation and questioning would be valueless and counter-productive. I further wish to reverse my initial stance on the legality of this type of procedure and withdraw my professional consent to conduct further work in this field. I would also like you to consider this notice of my formal request for transfer to research division where I feel my skills can be put to better use. Wing-Commander Nalah will second this assessment should independent verification of this view be required.

2406 - I.R.W. Syrinx (OIC SCmdr. Nymas tr'Neral)

Possible sighting of I.R.W. Syrinx in action against Tal Shiar vessels near Azure Nebula , Tau Dewa Sector. Subsequent investigation inconclusive, attempts to contact I.R.W. Syrinx unsucessful, vessel declared missing.

2407 - I.R.W. Syrinx (OIC SCmdr. Nymas tr'Neral - Missing)

Vessel matching hull signature of I.R.W. Syrinx recorded by <REDACTED> in <REDACTED> Sector. Vessel engaged with and destroyed <REDACTED> and accompanying escort vessels as they attempted to deploy ground teams to colony surface. I.R.W. Syrinx declared renegade, order for arrest of SCmdr. Nymas tr'Neral in connection with Tal Shiar ship losses and actions of I.R.W. Syrinx.

Incident Report KR-405-11c (Abridged)

Being the report of Sublieutenant T'aev, Imperial Warbird Battle-cruiser D'gann following completion of operations in Sigma Mivani,


You will recall during the action that you made mention to me of a certain young Uhlan. I have attached his file, such as it is, for your perusal and as requested follow up here with a selection of professional annotations.

I've made a note on in the margin a couple of times, but it bears repetition, will to combat, or 'proper soldierly aggression' as I'm sure my old war college instructors would refer to it, is something I always like to see. Too often many of our younger personnel are just too reckless or too timid, they fail to understand that bouncing your head off the enemy does not constitute an effective attack or they become disheartened and frustrated and simply give up. It is rare enough to see someone who demonstrates the requisite determination allied to a functional brain cell and the drive to use the two with a degree of harmony. With your permission sir I'd like to make mention of that aspect of your citation to him once he is out of medbay. A little recognition for our high achievers will do wonders for the morale of the crew, we lost a lot of people sir and I'm afraid to say there are some grumblings about Tal Shiar attitudes to Navy Personnel. I know they don't actually think we're expendable, it's military expediency, still, in the immediate aftermath it won't hurt to throw some silver about.

I've highlighted a few of his more interesting proficiencies as well, my recommendation sir would be to fast track. Get him into a T'varo in a year or so and see how he does. Psyche profile is not perfect for a light unit commander, possibly a bit too much inappropriate use of initiative but I believe any ship he commands would be an asset to a line squadron. That or the Tal Shiar will shoot him for 'politically insensitive thoughts' or whatever it is they do to people who frown at them too much.

On a personal note sir, I've know the young man for some time now and this will go some way towards improving upon what has been a tumultuous deployment. He's got a flair, I don't quite know for what, but it's there.

SLt. T'aev tr'Sahen
Stardate 93170.6

Recipient Cdr. Nymas tr'Neral
Originating: S/Cdr. N'niol tr'Verinas
Re: Change of posting



As of now you are hereby requested and required to report aboard Deep Space 13, 38th Fleet headquarters, Aldebaran Sector, where you will assume as yet unspecified duties. You will be notified of your post and appointment at a subsequent date.

For and on behalf of Fleet-Commander Lhran
Prefect of Diplomatic Affairs
Republic Fleet Headquarters