Officers' Logs and Reports: William Ockham

((This thread is reserved for the officers of the U.S.S. William Ockham. In general, the commanding officer of the ship during a mission will use it to report what occurred as a sort of continuing history of the ship that all the players can refer to.

However, I'd like to open it up to all of the officers of the William Ockham who would like to add their official logs and records to the continuing story of our ship and crew.

This is not an appropriate thread for personal logs, please only post official logs and records. Any personal logs will be requested to be moved.

As mentioned in the Information Sheet for the William Ockham, if you take the ship on a fleet mission while the Captain is not available, you are required to put a report in this log.

As a new note and edit, I'm adding the relevant AARs to the logs so that we have one place in which to find the AARs linked to the William Ockham.))
Captain's Log: Stardate 94091.7.

It was an ordinary encounter, at first. Just two exploratory ships with scientific goals meeting and greeting one another. We were on our usual patrol. The Kantan briefly chatted, or rather, her Captain did. We spoke, he was cheerful and calm--and then he requested to have us backup some data for him, perhaps even transmit it along for the ship itself. Hardly an onerous task, since out computer capabilities were more than sufficient for it, but an unusual request.

In the end, we agreed, albeit with caution and scanning anything they sent us. They transmitted the data they wanted saved and moved along, and it was encrypted, to boot. At least some of it, was. Odd, again. We went on our way, thinking that was that.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the Kantan's data had an embedded message in it, unencrypted. It seemed directed specifically to us. It was a distress call, and it claimed that there was an imminent disaster. Of course, we hurried back to the ship in question, only to be greeted by the calm, cheerful Captain as if nothing was wrong.

After a few moments of talking, it was clear he knew nothing of the distress message, and we did not reveal to him what exactly brought us back. Shortly thereafter, their alarms started blaring.

The official report can detail what happened with their... experiment. I'd rather not go into it more often than necessary. In the end, we evacuated as many as we could, they used what escape pods still worked, and we tractored them away from the impending implosion.

It was unfortunate. Their foolish experimentation cost hundreds of lives. The survivors are scarred, physically and mentally. I dread the response of the Romulans, if they discover what happened. Regardless, I ferried the injured and traumatized survivors to DS-13 to be sent home to their various origins.

Perhaps my interest in disaster movies is inappropriate. I think it reminds me to be cautious in my own exploration, when sometimes my enthusiasm may overcome my good sense.

"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."

End Log.

Relevant AAR: S.S. Kantan Implosion
Captain's Log: Stardate 94310.8

This was a terrifying reflection of what could be. We encountered a derelict ship, with barely enough power to run life support--that had a vast amount of life signs. They were oddly clustered and there was some difficulty in identifying exactly what these life signs were. They were not humanoid.

I sent an away team to the other ship. It was the correct decision, but I did not prepare them properly. I should have made them wear suits. It seems while they were there, they inhaled a spore from a fungal infection. This infection appeared to have decimated the other ship's crew, leaving nothing but fungal growths behind.

Our temporary CMO, Doctor Via deCapulet, was quick enough to catch on that something was off right away. She ordered the team back to the ship and placed under quarantine. I don't know everything that happened aboard the ship, but I witnessed the efforts taken to cure them of the fungal infection. It was not easy, but any means.

I have since sent a team to retrieve records from the derelict ship. They were overcome by the spores quickly. The medical officer aboard the ship barely had time to note that there seemed to be a spreading illness before he, too, was overcome with hallucinations.

At the moment, we are bombarding the interior of the ship with the UV spectrum found most effective in decimating the spores and fungus. Currently, we have samples aboard the Ockham with the highest security containment protocols for study. Initial records from the ship's cameras on the derelict ship imply that it reacts to humanoids much like a Cordyceps militaris species infects an arthropod, however, this appears to be unrelated to that particular genus. Much more study is required.

Our studies involving parasitic fungus have come in handy. Not only are we developing multiple treatments, including the original, emergency Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). That was a particularly ingenious use of the method by our CMO and the suggestion of our Science Officer that UV might be fatal to the spores in combination ended in success.

We will be continuing to explore less invasive treatments for the fungal infection and trying to trace its origin.

"Everybody's a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We're all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos." --David Cronenberg

End Log.

Relevant AAR: Encounter with Infected Derelict Ship
Captain's Log, Stardate 94405.1

Another day, another scientific mystery. I won't go too into the past incidents, but when New Circini calls and says they have eggs to look at, we immediately jump to. Except this time, it wasn't Ireo eggs.

My last visit to New Circini was a lovely shopping trip and introductory peacemaking visit, as it were. Sort of 'have a Federation visit that isn't politically motivated.' So I went shopping. This time, speaking to the Governor herself, she was snobbish, if I'm frank. And far to ready to foist the whole mess off on us.

Only problem is, it's our mess. A former Federation geneticist has probably altered some Nova Strider eggs. They're living on my ship now. One per cargo bay and they're enormous.. I kind of am hoping that they're unmodified, or at least so little that they can be hatched and freed. I want to see one of these majestic creatures in flight--or two.

In addition, the spores have been almost entirely eliminated from the derelict ship. We have to send a boarding party (equipped with EV suits) to ensure the last of the spores are removed with the UV light method. Engineering has downloaded the majority of the ship's records and is piecing them together. It appears before the Captain went entirely mad, he was a terrible record-keeper to begin with.

Ah, well. We will continue to try.

"Right now people are interested in genetic engineering to help the human race. That's a noble cause, and that's where we should be heading. But once we get past that - once we understand what genetic diseases we can deal with - when we start thinking about the future, there's an opportunity to create some new life-forms." --Jack Horner

End Log.

Relevant AAR: Eggsamination
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Captain's Log: Stardate 94431.4

Love is a many-splendored thing, it has been said. But at the same time, classic and ancient stories lament it's pull on hearts, human and non-human alike. From ancient Earth cultures, there are tales of woe: Cleopatra and Mark Antony, even more ill-fated Heloise and Albelard... I could go on. The number of factual and historical tragic romances is outnumbered only by those written in fiction.

So, I guess it is no surprise that eventually, we would run into a problem involving the hearts of two young loves. We had received a message requesting the assistance of finding the two offspring of two different ships. One was a Rihannsu ship and one was Vulcan. Apparently, each had a child, the two children were interested in each other to the point where they stole a shuttle together and flew off.

We were able to follow the trail of the shuttle the Rihannsu girl's brother used--both shuttles were apparently in bad condition. When we finally caught up with them, they were in the midst of battle. The couple we were able to save, but the brother's shuttle disintegrated.

In the end, we transferred the pair to the U.S.S. Avalon, in order to allow Captain Rosewood's greater diplomatic experience some time to work with the two youths before rendezvousing with the parents. They, last I knew, were deeply dedicated to staying with each other, at the cost of their futures, and their relationships with their parents.

I hope a compromise can be found.

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they are yours, if they don't they never were."― Richard Bach

End Log.

Relevant AAR: In the Original Vulcan
Captain's Log: Stardate 94492

It's that time again. Although, it would be more amusing to make Commander Dantes do this, because I'm supposed to be on light duty, right?

Let us begin. The U.S.S. Wililam Ockham is playing host to two large Nova Strider eggs, mentioned in a previous log. We recently deployed to search out for Nova Strider eggshells or living individuals (of which we found only individuals) and obtain mitochondrial DNA. That, at least was successful.

It is my thought that they do not reuse nesting sites, which could be valuable information in what I believe will become future conservation efforts. Considering that it seems there are a very small number of these creatures, it becomes even more vital that the two we have possession of are returned to an original state and released into the wild.

I will collect reports and submit them to command, in hopes they will permit us to regenerate the original DNA, if at all possible.

"Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan's egg." -- Hans Christian Anderson

End Log.

Relevant AAR: Nova Strider DNA Recovery Efforts
Captain's Log: Stardate 94553.4.

Well, I learned a few things today. For starters, I need to brush up on my Tamarian. What little I learned studying non-human protocols was woefully inadequate when faced with the genuine challenge of dealing with a live Child of Tama. Thankfully, my XO--let me start at the beginning.

We went to an emissions nebula to explore it's odd readings and discovered dozens of malfunctioning probes. They began, one-by-one, firing on us. When we fired back, we disabled them easily, but a furious Tamarian ship came flying out of nowhere with weapons charged.

Thankfully, the Captain at least answered our hails and opened discourse. I was at a loss fairly quickly, but Commander Dantes picked up right away and took over the majority of the conversation. I could tell by his emotional state and thoughts that he was frustrated (the Tamarian) several times, and even angry, but eventually, we worked out something where we departed and he was supposed to fix the probes.

We left, but with an invitation to join us at Deep Space Thirteen. I think it was a successful end, but we should check on the probes at a future point, to be sure.

"Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space." -- Orson Scott Card

End Log.

Relevant AAR: Encounter with Tarmarian Probes
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First Officer's Log: Stardate 94553.4.

I will still admit my hesitance on taking a ship board assignment, I'm still not used to the quiet. Compared to a starbase this is like shore leave. Ironic.

Our assignment took us to investigate a nebula which was giving sensors many an odd reading. What we found was apart from an interesting light show, were several malfunctioning probes, likely caused by the nebula emissions. Several attacked us, we defended ourselves. Then show up a species I had thought not to see.The Children of Tama, or as we call them The Tamarians.

The Tamarians speak entirely by allegory, with stories of mythological and historical people and events from their culture. It's certainly not the first skill I thought I would be using, nor the last come to think of it. What as a child I took as a lengthy torturous exercise certainly came through. My mother was certainly right in one aspect of starfleet service, it's surprising what comes in handy out on the frontier.

Though still admittedly difficult it was an enlightening exercise in diplomacy to speak to their Captain. I'm sure Captain Ailes appreciated my stepping up, she seemed very unsure of how to proceed.
It was clear I didn't grasp his full meaning however, there were instances of obvious frustration. Our two peoples will need to cross such bridges when it comes to it.
Eventually I managed to glean his intent, for us to back away and allow him to repair the probes.
The Captain had the coordinates to Deep Space 13 sent to the Tamarian ship, so we could continue the dialogue in the future.

I'm hopeful they accept the invitation it would liven up the station from the current conflict to host a diplomatic envoy I feel.

End Log.
Captain's Log: Stardate 94744.6.

If someone has cursed me or my ship, I beg them to revoke it. It is not usual to have normal explorations interrupted quite so frequently as they have been of late. First thing to address, the Nova Strider eggs. It seems Commander Thue has a plan for them, and all we need to do is initiate it. That, we can do quickly, I hope. I want to see those little ones born.

The next big thing was the Imperial Warbird that was attacking Federation assets, such as probes, in the Ba'aja sector. It had been stolen out of a junkyard, in essence, having been decommissioned and not yet parted up. The mixed crew was discovered after we received a call asking us to look into it. We did, we found them, the two sides took exception and the warbird was destroyed.

To add onto that, we interrogated the leader of that crew and managed to obtain some information regarding his intent--and more importantly, his orders.

To wrap it all up, we were orbiting a small planet of a binary system today, helping a group of scientists examine the surface of the planet. While they were down on their away team, a few members of the senior staff gathered to get to know one another better. It was interrupted when we started getting hit with coronal ejections and debris from the asteroid belt. The situation was wrapped up, for now, and we're studying it more in depth.

"May you live in interesting times." -- Chinese Proverb

End Log.

Relevant AARs:

AAR - Capture of Saboteurs
AAR - Discovery of Solar Phenomenon
First Officer's Log: Stardate 95068.3

It has been many a painful week of hard work, frustration and burning of midnight oils. But finally I can say. The turbo lifts to the bridge are finally working again. As much as I enjoy a long walk, climbing through jefferies tubes on a daily basis did become- frustrating. But it was not a primary concern at the time.

Currently the bridge is being refit, most of the consoles had been damaged, some irreparably. So the best course was a full rebuild.
My hope is to have the ship running some flight tests within the next few days. But we'll see how it goes.

I will also endevour to speak to Captain Ailes soon as well, despite her time away I do hope she has missed the center chair.

End Log.