[Open] The Argoverse

The Future Begins.

A cataclysm in the 25th century alters the course of history.

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OOC: This idea started as a funny suggestion on Discord which I decided to take and run with it. This is an open thread for anyone who wishes to write ARGO related stories which don't fit into established fleet canon.

The Argoverse # represents the universe #. So if you wish to keep a story within the same universe, keep the #. Or if you have two stories in two separate universes, change the #'s so that others know that they're stories set in different universes.
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Coby couldn't help but fiddle with his rank pips, he'd somehow managed to pin them on incorrectly and for the entire duration of his journey from the transporter pad he'd been unable to satisfy his sudden growth of OCD. Following the war and the disbanding of the 38th fleet, he'd taken the opportunity to reflect on his career. With Captain Svenson taking her appointment as director of Starfleet Military Ops as serious as her desire to transverse back to a simpler time, and Federation President Perim's recent reinstatement, Coby had received little in terms of reasoning to reject reassignment to Sol.

The destruction of the USS Endeavour, and Captain Samuel Bishop's death, had hit Coby quite hard, however the Endeavour's Captain had a habbit of getting himself taken - no one was predicting it to have been his last stint in captivity. But worst of all, was probably witnessing the reinstatement and significant promotion of now Admiral-Altais. For the first time in a lifetime, this man was Coby's direct superior.


The bridge of the October hummed and murmured with the bustle of the crew.

As he stepped out of the turbolift, the Caitain Ensign rose from her seat at her environmental console nearest the turbolift. With her ears straight, she quickly purred out “Captain on the bridge!” openly. Coby smiled and dipped his head toward her as he past by.

The Orion Commander pushed herself out of the command chair, while the Captain was still some considerable distance from the subtly raised platform she quickly sidestepped to her more natural spot to the right. “Been keeping it warm for you sir. She’s almost set for departure, clearance codes confirmed with helm standing by for your word sir.”

Coby finally approached, offering another grateful smile towards his XO. “Excellent. Good work Commander, thanks for minding the shop while I’ve been gone.” He swapped the PADD over to his other hand, making way towards his chair.

“The… shop, sir?” Commander Saer questioned, raising an intrigued but not surprised eyebrow at the phrase.

The Captain stopped short of taking to his seat, twisting a glance over his shoulder back towards the Orion with a grown faint smirk. “I’ll explain later, Commander. But first, we’ve received orders to rendezvous with the USS Coronet at Starbase 283 immediately. The ‘Coronet is carrying a Professor Henry Laxton, he’s been working on an experimental new plasma injection system aboard the Yorktown and lucky enough for us, ‘October’s his next target.”

The Orion nodded once, “Under order, sir?”

“Aye, apparently the good professor has been a little impatient and following several communiques, Starfleet Command would rather check this off of their to-do list sooner rather than later. Admiral Altais hasn’t exactly got the largest amount of patience.”

“Understood.” she paused, “The gold pips suit you.” she replied simply.

The Captain’s smirk grew back into a softer smile as he span back around to take his seat. In a smooth motion he took to the chair and flicked his left leg over his lap. The PADD coming down to rest on the armrest, and likewise his now empty palms. “Miss Talerico, relay to the dock-master; October is green and ready to depart.”

The young human officer tapped on her console, replying with confirmation, “Dock-master is go, sir. Retracting all moorings, shipyard powering down and releasing control in… 3… 2… 1… October coming online, sir.”

Starting from the aft, section by section the hull of the Odyssey class whale disappeared into the pitch-black volume of space. The dry-dock’s spot lights flickering off horizontally until the October had completely vanished. After a moment, the orange flowing glow of the vessels buzzard collectors burned into the blackness.

On the bridge, numerous crewmen began to bustle and get themselves situated at their stations. From his left, an engineering officer began to call out to the Captain. “Port drivers confirmed.”

“Starboard drivers, confirmed sir.” replied an identically uniformed officer on his right side.

Coby’s smile grew, his attention now straight ahead to the viewscreen displaying the barely visible vessel registry. “Very good~ … Mister th’Allegro, shed a little light on the situation for me.”

The Andorian Captain of Engineering chimed out of the sound systems throughout the bridge, “Aye, flipping the switch.”

After a moment, the port and starboard sides of the October’s secondary hull popped into visibility once again until the distinct starfleet delta and pinstriping was boasted along the side of the ship. The darkened space dock frame was further shadowed as the vessel’s cruising lights continued to illuminate more and more of the ship, until finally, the October’s registry number was proudly displayed on the viewscreen.

"Ahead thrusters, helm. Take out us out carefully, wouldn't want to hit the wreckage of the 'Sagan on our departure."

As a few moments past, the space whale was clear of the arched branches of the dry dock berth. "Cleared dry-dock, Captain. Setting course for Starbase 2-"

Communications officer Jaae'val piped up from her station behind the main command module, "Captain. Incoming distress call across multiple emergency channels - it's choppy, trying to clear it up."

The mood on the bridge suddenly changed, Coby stood - turning towards the Communications officer while keeping his body mostly facing the viewscreen.

"... sir, it seems automated, but I'm distinguishing an accompanied recording... ... sir, it's Captain Thiessen... "

"Thiessen? But he's..." Coby started, only to be cut off as Jaae'val continued.

"Sir - it's ... Deep Space Thirteen?"

Thankyou S'Hauen for such a fun little prompt, I just want to stress that my post is completely unrelated and no one should at all feel obligated to go by my silly little story! I thought it'd be a little more fun to do another multiverse compared to the proposed Argoverse, but that was just me! Thank you for reading :)
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The crunch of another apple falling to Morton’s relentless carnage drew Eli’s eyes back to the human. “Did she tell you why she really resigned?”

The human took another bite out of the poor apple shaking his head. “You know she hasn’t spoken to me in months.”

Eli hummed glancing back over the medical grounds. It was a fairly pleasant day, having been used to the artificial atmospheres of ships and stations, the fresh breeze and recently cut grass gave the area a relaxing aura.
“Y’know if she has resigned you should ask her out again.” He smirked as the feeling of daggers coming from Coby’s eyes bounced off his head.

“Eli…” sighed the human.

He turned himself back to face the human. “Look the loss of the station took everyone hard...she lost Kat..Razor, isolating herself away over all this.” He raised a finger pointing to the apple eating male. “Maybe she just needs someone to hold her hand and tell her it’ll all be alright.” His hand dropped. “Even if you don’t believe it yourself.”

“Excuse me sirs.” A young red trimmed Lieutenant had snuck up on them. “If you’ll follow me?” The Lieutenant waited a moment as Coby hopped off the rock he was perched on before turning into the building. “You’ll be transporting to station orbit.”

Eli gave Coby a look. “Sure the message had no other details?” The human just shook his head, hands slipping into his pockets as they both followed the Lieutenant through corridors to a small transporter room. With another look shared, the climbed upon the pad turning to face the lieutenant, who was closer than expected with an arm stretched out toward Coby.

“I’ll need your badge sir...apologies those are my orders.” For his credit, the young lieutenant didn’t look comfortable asking, but he still went for it, Eli smiled as he peered over to the human hesitating a moment before pulling off his Starfleet Delta and handing it to the Lieutenant, who stepped back, as the glow of the pad increased slightly and the familiar sensation of dematerialisation took hold.

The room if it was a room he thought as they rematerialized, was dark, only themselves and two small boxes on a table several feet ahead of them lit, Eli took a step off the pad triggering another set of lights further off to slowly begin turning on, revealing a large stardrive..Nacelles and a more angular saucer section. He moved around the table toward the window eyeing up the vessel.
“Recognise this design Morton? Doesn’t look like any Federation ship i’ve seen...Morton?” He turned to find the human inspecting one of the now open boxes. “What is it?”
The only reply was a head gesture to come closer. Which he did, the item the human was inspecting, looked much like the usual starfleet delta, created with a more onyx metal, inlaid with gold trimmings and interestingly a scarlet red ‘A’ tucked into the center.

“Gentlemen…” A familiar female voice came from one of the shadowed corners, light footsteps echoed on the metal floor as from the shadow emerged a brown haired Trill.

“Neema?” Was the only word expelling from the Human.

She smiled softly at Coby. “I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers initiative.”


Spoiler: Argoverse #100Show

Sometime in late 2417.

Lead investigator: You asked me to meet you here, but why? There are proper channels for this, why the secrecy?

Junior investigator: Ma'am, I've found evidence that can change the course of this unjust war and bring peace. The destruction of DS13 was an accident! The Confederacy didn't attack first, we did.

LI: What are you talking about? The investigation is over and the council has already made their declaration of war. What proof do you have?

JI: I found some old records of an order given five years ago to replace a holographic fireplace with a real one, this order was carried out by then then engineering staff. I then requested permission to view some of the recovered debris and in order to find this fireplace. And I did! It was a mangled mess and took me weeks to reconstruct it but in doing so, I found there was a flaw in some of the materials used. This in turn caused the initial explosion on the starbase.

LI: Let me see your report. I see...who else knows about this?

JI: You're the first. I know this kind of information would set off a huge debate in the council and bring shame to those who advocated for this war. It was all just a misunderstanding! We have to declare peace.

LI: Not today...*shoots and kills the other investigator*
*Taps a wrist communicator* It's done, I have the information, our master's the Sphere Builders will be pleased of my success...it was too easy. One to beam up.
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Stardate 94179.5

Rear Admiral Steven DePoe looked up from his PADD to the chono on the wall of his quarters and scowled. The briefing was in 5 minutes, he better get to his command room and set up the transmission.

A lot had changed since war had been declared with the Azedi. The 38th had been disbanded, and DePoe's old friend Fleet Admiral Jeremy Daniels had ensured DePoe had been promptly transferred back to Daniel's command in the MACO 12th fleet. And as was expected with JD, straight to the front lines. DePoe was fine with that, but as he had lamented to his old friend, he didn't appreciate the Admiral's pips that had come with it. JD had just smirked and teased him chidingly about it, before in a more serious tone telling him he needed commanders her could trust out there, and DePoe was one of the few. So the pips stayed. At least JD had let him keep the Leyte Gulf as his flagship. The slightly older man spent much of his time on his own Defiant, the USS Thomas Taylor, so it might of have been hypocritical for him to forbid DePoe from keeping the ship he'd call home for the past 6 years as his flagship. Something to be said for small mercies.

As DePoe wandered the halls toward his destination, various members of the crew- most of whom had willingly served on the ship since the days of the Klingon War greeted him as he passed. This had been the ritual as captain, and even though he had "more" pips now, the ritual hadn't changed at all, giving him one of the few senses of normalcy in this topsy turvy world. Finally DePoe reached the command room, the compromise he had to deal with in order to keep the Leyte as his flag ship, aside from having to assign her a new captain of course.

The command room was where cargo bay 3 on Deck 2 used to be. The whole bay and been stripped out and replaced with a small war room, complete with holographic projector in the middle, tactical display board along one wall, and 2 banks of manned comm stations that sent and received messages from the dozen or so ships assigned to DePoe's authority in his squadron. The obligatory door to the outside common to cargo bays was gone, hull paneling and bulkheads hastily welded in its place. The job was so rushed they hadn't even had time to put ablative armor over the section of the outer hull yet. DePoe secretly hoped he wouldn't miss its presence.

DePoe entered the room and stepped up to the holocommunicator, placed next to, but very much separate from the center placed holoprojector and studied his PADD one more time and scowled, this time for another reason. The war wasn't going well so far. Starfleet either in retreat, or barely holding the line in several sectors. DePoe's briefing was to be for a new offensive that was supposed to stem the tide a little. Hopefully draw off some Azedi ships from the beleaguered troops in the Tau Zeta theater and allow them to retake the planet.

Wordlessly, DePoe keyed the holocomm to hail all the ships in his squadron, and within a minute the comm's status glowed green, indicating that all ships were standing by for his transmission. Sighing and straightening his Admiral's coat, DePoe took on an authoritative posture and hit the "Begin Live Feed" button. A moment later, his briefing began.
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A normal day on star fleet academy. As Cadet Everett had finished some last minute exams for his honor roll, he was outside on academy grounds laying against a tree looking towards the sky. Footsteps of a female cadet and someone Joshua was romantically involved with during his entire time at SFA was heard coming towards him, she soon stood in front of Joshua as he looked towards his girlfriend with a smile on his face. She asked. "Josh, there room for two?" Joshua couldn't resist saying no so he'll make room for the female cadet while she sat next to him. Everett glanced over at his girlfriend and says. "Done with your exams, Felicity?" Felicity nodded her head as Josh placed his arm around the shoulders of his lover. who rested her head against Everett's shoulder. "Yeah, I am. I'm hoping when it comes time for graduation, we'll be assigned to the same starship." This made Everett grin as he hoped for the same thing. This was the only time he had to relax with Felicity, the two enjoying the summer weather as this year's class is nearing graduation.

(This'll be short stories of a detailed backstory for my character Joshua Everett.)
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Captain Quint, currently just 'Emery Quint' was staying on Earth at his family's ranch. He had been put on forced leave for his own mental well being. Katriel had made sure herself that he got off the transport at the ranch. Even going to far as to insist someone screen his calls so that work couldn't slip its way to Earth. Taurus Squadron had been used non stop to fill in the needs of the Fleet. All the trying to keep up had clearly taken its toll, the smile he wore seemed gone forever. He had been overheard having a fairly heated argument with the Vice Admiral at one point before she retired. He had even had a few off duty altercations, or so someone had said, there were no charges filed.

He spent his days working with the horses, doing chores and just generally being a regular person. On this particular day however, things changed. He heard the shuttle craft fly over the barn. Even heard the dogs barking and could faintly hear what almost sounded like an argument soon after the craft had landed. Handing Patches a snack, he stepped out of the stall and walked towards the barn door to see what was happening. His answer had came to him, the side door sliding open and Perim stepping in.

She was in uniform, and wearing her typical pleasant smile, "Hi" she said quietly.

Quint looked at her with a small amount of surprise, it faded quickly enough at seeing her still in uniform, "So much for retiring." he commented.

"Seems there are larger needs. I've been given Command of the Task Force that will be spearheading the war effort against the Confederacy of Azed." her explanation came with a slight shrug of the shoulders and a moments frown. Still she turned a smile on Quint again. "That's also why I'm here."

"No." was his reply, and he turned on his boot heel and went back towards the stall.

Perim stood there blinking a moment, "Did you just tell me 'No?' her tone gave away her surprise. She stepped after him, "Emery I need you on this."

"Funny....I recall needing someone at one point too." he replied shaking his head, still not looking back at her.

Her expression cycled through various different states before she muttered a response "That's not fair."

**Six months later**

"Sir, three more Azedi Dreadnaughts on approach!" The ensign called from his station, the bridge was a beehive of activity, but it was orderly.

Quint leaned forward in his chair, rubbing his chin. A smirk appeared for just a tiny moment. "Well. Seems the traps sprung then isn't it? All ships, Code word Epsilon."
Argoverse #100
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Several months into the Federation-Azed war, the war has gone poorly for the Federation. Few expected the technological nightmares the Confederacy posses and as such, has kept Starfleet on the defensive for the majority of the conflict. Yet, there are those who watch from the shadows, like wolves stalking a wounded animal, waiting to see the resolution to this conflict.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, we're about to begin. I would like to welcome all of you to our quaint little conference, I hope you were all able to find it's location *chuckles as a loud rumor can be heard all around the room* For the benefit of all, names are prohibited, suffice to say that in our line of work, we probably already know who's who here but let me begin with a brief introduction.

To my left, the representative of the once glorious Tal'Shiar, next to her, the Obsidian Order, next to him the representative from The Ear. To my right, the esteemed representative of Klingon Intelligence...

A gruff Cardasian stands up and speaks, what is he doing here? Everyone knows the that the Klingons are the lapdogs of the Federation, how can we trust him? *The room grumbles*
The Klingon stands and shouts, the Empire is no one's lapdog, Cardassian. I'm here because the Empire is wise beyond your mere understanding. We are not blind to the Confederacy's successes against the Federation and have been studying their technology at every opportunity. While we would assist the Federation in their struggle if asked...we also know that if a Targ is left to bleed long enough, it will eventually fall and the Empire will protect itself first before being dragged down by an ally. *The room stirs once again*

Gentlemen, if you could please take your seats again? Next to the Klingons we have the representative of the Breen Intelligence Directorate. And all around us are guests and colleagues with a vested interest the outcome of this conflict. Now if we can put this bickering aside...let us begin....

Wait...we all know of each other but what of you? Who are you, who are you with and why did you invite all of us her? Says the female Romulan.

Me? I'm but a friend, a person who's organization has a vested interest, as all of you do, in the outcome of this conflict. Believe me, you'll want to know what I have to say...
Argoverse #027
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The words still rang in Elizabeth's ears. It had been so long since they had meant something truly horrifying, perhaps even before she had been born. But now they hit her like a punch in the gut, even after they had adapted to the Borg's latest trick.

"Metaphasic shields are holding, Captain," called Ensign Aenki Yog'Sholegh from the engineering station. Captain. That was something else that meant more now to Elizabeth than it had before. It still struck her as odd every time someone called for Captain Kermit... but what else should she be called now? She bit back the thought and focused on the present.

"Did we lose anyone before the shields came up?"

"No," Dr. Ketra called from the medical station, a familiar voice from her time aboard the D'Ishae. One of far too few voices left from that warbird. "However the Asimov is reporting ten missing, eight from the Scharnhorst, and October estimates at least a dozen from the verteron trace readings on their ship."

Liz cursed. "Scan for any more Borg wormhole activity, and keep up the shield rotations." Her eyes settled on the viewscreen as the activity of the bridge settled into a background static, half heard as she pondered the enemy before them. The Borg cube looked almost swollen, its flat sides fitted with strange trapezoidal protrusions, their faces sleek and smooth, and at the center of each a small aperture. The Borg had been awful enough before they could open wormholes inside starships and take a vessels crew one by one.

A voice broke her from her contemplation, though Elizabeth had not made out the words. She brushed her fingers through her hair and turned to the red skinned engineer. "Hm?"

"The Teleraptor countermeasures are ready and standing by, Captain," Aenki repeated, tearing his worried gaze between Elizabeth and the vessel looming on the viewscreen. The shape drawing ever closer. As if on cue the ominous voice called out again across the void.


Captain Kermit sat back in her chair, and took a steadying breath. "Not today. All hands to battle stations, load Silithium torpedoes, and target the magneton pulse arrays to the Borg wormhole weapons. Let's show them what our technological distinctiveness can do."

Argoverse #999

“Open your heart to Kahless, ask him your questions, let him speak to you with your mind unclouded by doubt or hesitation. Only then can you find what you are looking for.”

One of the most enduring stories of the Kahless, and perhaps most disputed, is the legend of the Cheese Sandwich of Kahless. Affectionately known as the “THE MIGHTY KAHLESS TARG CHEESE AND BLOOD-RYE SANDWICH, SLAYER OF HUNGER” by it’s believers. It is a story that has been passed down through the generations and despite some doubting it’s authenticity, it continues to persist.

After the Battle of Three Turn Bridge, Kahless, famished from the days battle, returned to his camp to rest and eat hearty. It is here that Kahless noticed his camp was ransacked, most of his personal effects missing or destroyed, including the food he had prepared himself prior to battle. While investigating the camp site, he noticed large hoof prints, prints so large that they could only belong to one creature, the Six Toed Targ. This beast, now long extinct, was a descendant of the modern day targ but much larger and fiercer than any targ living today.

Exhausted, Kahess decided to follow the tracks of the beast. Three days and three nights, Kahless tracked the beast until it arrived at it’s den. It is there that the beast sensed an intruder and immediately rushed out of it’s den to attack. Kahless, dodged the charging beast and lunged at it with only his bare fists as weapons. The struggle continued for another three days and three nights until both collapsed of exhaustion. It is here at they both gazed into each others eyes, realizing that both were true warriors and befitted respect. The beast allowed Kahless to rest in it’s den whereas, to Kahless’ surprise, the beast was female and it was protecting it’s young. The mighty beast allowed Kahless to collect it’s milk and it is this milk that Kahless took back to his camp and turned into a mighty cheese. With the few supplies he still had, Kahless crafted the Cheese Sandwich of Kahless.

This mighty sandwich not only satisfied Kahless’ hunger but it is said that the mighty cheese forged from the Six Toed Targ, is a cheese so mighty and powerful, it could feed the empty stomachs of a thousand warriors.

Thus, concludes the legend of the Cheese Sandwich of Kahless.