Operation Lightning Squadron Meeting

To: Cpt Pailes;Cpt Thraz;Cpt Depoe; Cpt Vanderhoff;Cpt Buchanan; SCDR t'Veras; Cpt Ross;Cpt Tanis;CMDR Vol'ath;Cpt De Drovanni;CMDR Miki

From: Cpt Quint

Subject: Operational Meeting

All of you receiving this message have in some way offered aid in this operation I have been given the task of planning. I would like to attempt a sit down with as many as possible approximately 2 hours prior to Gamma Shift Station time tomorrow, the 16th. I understand this is short notice but the sheer number of eager personnel will make it hard to get all of us to a sit down at once. At least early on. This meeting is designed to gather the information needed to address each of your ships special needs and to begin phase 1 planning. I would prefer anyone with anything they feel helpful to feel free to speak up during this meeting. If for what ever reason you are unable to attend feel free to contact me and we will arrange a meeting. Thank you for your time and again sorry for the short notice.

Cpt Quint
TO: CPT Quint
FROM: CPT Vanderhoff
SUBJ: Re:Operational Meeting

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption

Captain Quint,
unfortunatly i wont be able to attend the meeting since the firestorms experimental systems are undergoing a system upgrade that requires my presence on bord. Please contact me so we can arrange a later meeting.

CPT Vanderhoff
USS Firestorm