Operation Momentum (MU)

To: 38th.Captains
From: CAPT Varley
Subj: Operation Momentum

Captains of the Empire, our first engagement was a stupendous success! From myself and from Admiral Perim, congratulations. Do not rest. Do not relax. Our next conquest shall be even greater.

This pitiful Azed Confederacy is limited in their forces, we estimate our battle group outnumbers their entire fleet. To extend this advantage, we will strike at their primary shipyard facility in the Kacam system. It will not be so easy as our extermination of the Itrin system, for the aliens have rallied forces to defend this key installation. Our primary goal will be to eliminate all threats in the system. Depending on our success, a secondary objective is the examination of the shipyard after the battle, however, it is more important that we remove it from the Confederacy’s hand. Victory will depend on your ship, your crew, and your ability to do what I say.

Do not underestimate the prowess of these aliens. They will fall, but not without a fight. Our telemammoth beam generators will be instrumental in our victory. Once their primary means of repleneshing their vessels is destroyed, the Confederacy will be living on borrowed time.

Long live the Empire!

Lady Lauren Varley,
Duchess of Montréal,
Captain of the I.S.S. Saratoga, 38th fleet


To: CAPT Varley
CC: 38th.Captains
From: CAPT Barron
Subj: RE: Operation Momentum


Like I’m going to sit back and let you take all the glory for yourself! If we were not limited in our resources, I would sit back and watch you fail! Fortunately for you, my resolve for the Emperor’s Will outweighs my Personal Pride and Gain, the Kubla Khan shall Reign Terror upon these Shipyards along side you!!

Addendum: Furthermore, Steer clear of the Junyad system. I have plans in place there, and I don’t need twitchy trigger fingers meddling.

Captain Jason ‘Bloody’ Barron
I.S.S. Kubla Khan, 38th Battlefleet


To: CAPT Barron
CC: CAPT Varley, 38th.Captains
From: INQ Callahan
Subj: RE: Operation Momentum


I will remind you that we are here under the direct orders of the Emperor himself. Our only concern in this universe is his grand design, and the part we have been selected to play in it. Your pride will be found in your service to your Emperor, and your glory will be found in your success.

Should you require further clarification of your mission and role, know that the Inquisition is willing to remediate.

Glory to the Emperor.

Inquisitor Callahan
Imperial Office of Loyalty
I.S.S. Valkyrie, 38th Fleet