Original Sin

(( Narrator's Note: The story of Sindari is a winding web of plot arcing back from before Legacy or Romulus launched. Over the years, parts have been snipped, retconned, refined, and expanded on as I've grown as a RPer. All of her plot, from her little stories, to her major events are all recorded in my head. I can draw from them for RP, but actually writing them down like this takes a lot of time and effort. So almost all of her story is unwritten. The following was my attempt at a part one of a huge book-like story that would tell her story from childhood to when she first appeared in RP just after LoR launched. So far, I haven't finished it or expanded on it. I'd like to, but lack of interest in previous groups and lack of motivation in general made me stop. But please, enjoy this little peek into the origin of the mess that is Sin. And let me know what you think! ))

PART 1: An end and a beginning.

The story starts as many do with a girl. But Sindari Lareth wasn’t just any girl. She was a Romulan of the proud and ancient Lareth line. And her genetics showed it. Her hair was the darkest black of space, and her eyes glittered with a proud nobility and intelligence. She was young, only in her forties but already a renowned doctor with a loving husband and two children. Her parents, both well-known and well respected people in Romulan society couldn’t have been prouder. But the story doesn’t start with the happy times. This particular story starts with a knife in the dark.

Not any knife mind you. This knife belonged to her father. It was a classic early Romulan style carving knife with an elaborate bone handle. She remembered it from her childhood around the dinner table in the family mansion. But on that hot summer night, the knife was clutched in her fist hard enough to make her nails bite into her hand where they met her palm. She didn’t seem to notice the warm green blood drip from her hand as she stumbled down a back alley. In fact, she didn’t notice any of the blood that covered her. Her once bright eyes were dulled and staring into space, one bare foot being placed before the other in an unsteady shuffle. There was a noise behind her, then a man’s voice in Romulan.

“By the Elements! What happened?! Are you alright? Wait, aren’t you-”

She spun around, her eyes snapping into focus. Sindari snarled like a wild animal and swung the knife at the man’s face. However, he was fast and brought his arm up in time to block it. But the blade sliced deep across his arm. He cried out and staggered back, clearly surprised by her sudden attack. But she wasn’t done yet. She lunged at the man; knife raised high to stab, howling incoherently. But there was a sudden sharp blow to the back of her head. She heard a ringing noise as the world around her spun, rose up around her, and then engulfed her in a welcoming darkness.

She awoke some time later, gradually as if swimming to the surface from a great depth. She was aware of voices speaking nearby in hushed Romulan. She kept her eyes closed and remained motionless to listen. The older sounding voice was speaking, his tone grim.

“Where did you find her?”

A younger voice replied, “In an alley near the North end of the city. Not far from the main road. She attacked Barath with a knife and cut his arm pretty bad. I had to knock her out just to keep her from killing him. It’s Sindari Lareth, isn’t it? The Admiral’s daughter?”

The older man sighed and said tersely. “Yes it is. And I happen to know he won’t be happy you hit his little girl. He’ll be glad she’s safe though.”

There was an awkward pause then the young man said quietly, “Actually… I don’t think that’ll be an issue. We cleaned her up after we found her. Rerana got her into a change of clothes. When we found her, she was covered in blood and half-mad. But it wasn’t her blood. She only had a few cuts and bruises which we took care of. We… tracked her path back to the Lareth mansion.”

A sharp inhalation of breath was heard. “That’s clear out in the hills! She walked all the way here? What happened!? Did you-“

He trailed off and the young man continued. “Her trail led into the front door which was wide open. Bloody footprints led out. We followed them into the main dining hall. Apparently they had just sat down to a family dinner. The table was set and there was food laid out. We found the Admiral and his wife dead, as well as Sindari’s husband and two children. We also found Terrans sir. From the looks of things, a small strike team well-armed and loaded for stealth.”

The older man swore softly, his voice hushed. “Terrans… on Romulus? That’s not possible. Not this close to the Capitol. We’re supposed to have a truce! Did you handle them?”

“No sir. We didn’t have to. See, they were already dead. We managed to piece together the scene to the point where we’re pretty sure we know what happened. The team came in through a window on the second floor. They shot the Admiral’s son-in-law and wife right away, seemingly as they ran for a security panel on the wall. The Admiral, Miss Sindari, her husband, and the two children were tied up. We think then the Terrans… enjoyed themselves. There’s a lot of evidence of torture on the bodies. They saved Miss Sindari here for last. We think they made her, ah, watch. Somehow she broke free though, grabbed the knife from the table, and caught them by surprise. Enthusiastically…”

A long silence followed in which Sindari processed the information. Had that really happened? There had been bad men, but she made them go away. Her brow furrowed slightly, trying to remember. The older man spoke again. “We need to act now. If the Terrans are here, that means the Emperor let them. Only a short walk from the capitol city? No, they knew the Terrans were here. The Admiral was our last high ranking supporter. He was our best shot at making the people listen. If he’s dead, that means they’re moving against us. The time for politics and talking is over. We need to take it now. Send word, we move tonight. Let’s hope the Admiral’s command codes still work. We need to run.”

“Yes sir. What about her?”

The older man scoffed. “We take her with. She’s dead if she stays here. Her little speech last week at that medical conference assured that. You can’t speak out against the emperor in such a manner and live. Stupid girl. Is she well enough to move her?”

The young man started to reply but Sindari finally spoke, cutting him off. “I am suffering from a mild concussion and what I believe is a psychotic break along with psychogenic amnesia. I am coming with you. There is nothing left for me here.”

She spoke in a quiet monotone, her voice completely devoid of emotion as she slowly sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at them. The two men gawked at her then shared a look. She looked them over as she simply said, “Yes I heard everything. I suggest we move before the shock wears off and I become hysterical.”

This was new to Sindari. She was able to diagnose her symptoms as if from afar. She was someone else looking down at her psychological symptoms from inside her own head. Fascinating, but highly unpleasant. She stood up a bit unsteadily and got a good long look of the men. The younger was around her age of early to mid-forties. He had neatly trimmed dark brown hair in the military fashion and wore simple civilian clothing. The older man was dressed similarly with the same military haircut, but his hair was greying and his features wrinkled. He had a large ugly scar running from his chin up to his ear on the left side and was scowling at her. In fact, his face seemed stuck on that expression as he jerked his head and gestured for her to follow. As she walked through the unfamiliar house and down a flight of stairs, she noted they were both armed with disruptors on their hips. The younger man finally spoke up, breaking the silence. “I’m Chak. The old guy is Taev. We’re rebels who, as of tonight it seems, are running for our lives.”

He offered her a weak smile which she did not return. She merely stared at him blankly. He cleared his throat and walked to the door, leaning over to peer out a small window onto the street beyond. Sindari turned to Taev. “Where are we going?”

His scowl broke briefly, twisting into an ugly expression that might have been a mirthless smile or a sneer. “We, my dear girl, are going to steal a Dreadnought.”