Orion Slaver Raid - Battlegroup 3 Report

SubCommander T'Varros Reporting

Aithaen, faiihr.

Considering I'm in no shape to submit a formal report, I'm just going to dictate the
[CENSORED] that was our portion of the rescue mission.

We entered the system opposite the other two battlegroups, D'Ishae and three ships from the 26th Praetorian. The Orions... Well, I've seen Tal Shiar facilities with less defense. The first wave was tough enough, but there were four, maybe five groups of ships all told. By the end two of the 26th's ships had been disabled, and D'Ishae was down to fourty-six percent structural integrity.

I beamed over with a full security team, as did the 26th's Captain, George... I forget his last name. The Orion's infantry defenses were just as tough as their space forces. My Uhlan went down clearing the first room, all four of them. The Starfleet team fared a little better, but I don't think anyone got out unscathed. Our section of the pirate space station was a trap, plain and simple. As soon as we heard that Areyis was secure and that the Syndicate forces were pulling back I ordered full retreat.

I lost thirty-eight members of my ships crew, and a full team of Uhlan, bringing the confirmed fatalities to fourty-two. One-hundred eighty six of D'Ishae's crew were injured, myself included. Elements help me, if I get my hands on Areyis again... Hang on... There's a transmission coming in from Dawsons' ship. Aithaen, sahhae faiihr.

Addendum: I have since learned that Captain Kalun was found, and is back with the Praetorian. Captain Fulgasu, as far as I know, is now in the detention level here on DS13.