Out of the nest, and no place to hide. | May 16th

The Kassandra's mission to the Yu system has uncovered disturbing plots in motion. Regardless the Protectorate of Cuervo Verde is determined to continue relations with the United Federation of Planets. To this end the Protector Akaar Qwilliam the 23rd has extended an invitation to members of the 38th and the Federation Diplomatic Corps to attend a state dinner in the Protector's Palace.


When: May 16th, @Gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Free-form / Structured

Starting Point: Sector Space for Bridge invites

OOC point of contact: @natthaan

No prior attendance required, below are links to AAR regarding the past events, no restrictions on attending characters, however I do highly recommend ship captains to be in attendance.



This happening in two days and two hours from now!
This is tonight at Gamma.
Trying to make it. Launcher is updating.

EDIT: Ok.. I have like 5GB of patches to update. Probably missing this one or very late. Have fun guys!
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