The 38th Fleet has Search and Rescue Efforts, Awards Ceremonies.

STARBASE K-7, ALDEBARAN SECTOR, Stardate 94897.7 - The stranded and displaced 38th Fleet 'Argo' conducts activities--both unusual and routine--that bring its members some much needed closure. Search and Rescue missions have been conducted at the remains of the Deep Space 13 station, recovering any survivors and remains that could be obtained, as well as stabilizing the wreckage for future repairs. A recent awards ceremony helped bring out new positive forward motion as events from the last six months were acknowledge in both the surviving and the deceased.

Many inhabitants of Deep Space 13's Starfleet population that survived the horrifying destruction of the base now reside on Starbase K-7 while efforts to resolve the situation continue. Civilians from the base are now transferred to other locations as little better than refugees. The future looks bleak for those who mere weeks ago led routine lives on yet another protected Federation starbase.

However, the Command structure of the 38th Fleet is still pushing for moving forward in the wake of terrible destruction. Multiple Search and Rescue missions have been undertaken, some with fortunate results of bringing back live survivors and stabilizing the remains of the demolished station. The later missions were more recovery missions, to retrieve the lost for the comfort of their families and loved ones.

On a more positive note: 'Argo' held an awards ceremony honoring both the living and the dead for their accomplishments in the last six months. It signaled a restoration of normalcy to the lives for the survivors as well as a memorial to those lost. It included awards for the Hur'q campaign as well as missions occurring from the Spring Awards Ceremony.

Casualty lists are still available and Starfleet and general Federation services are available for both refugees and survivors, whenever needed. It is hardly needed to remind that at this time, kindness and compassion is needed for ourselves and others. The administrative situation may have calmed, but it is still a period of grief, even as the 38th Fleet and it's friends, family and survivors rebuild their lives after this unthinkable tragedy.

About the 38th Fleet: 38th Fleet ARGO is dedicated to being at the forefront of Starfleet’s exploration and scientific missions, with the addition of having forces on hand to commit to assuring the security of this part of Federation space. In addition, this fleet represents Starfleet as ambassadors to both new encounters and established interactions with other cultures. Personnel of the 38th Fleet exemplify decisive action, innovative thinking, and a culture of professionalism and integrity.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lieutenant Commander Gira Moen Niya on K-7.