Parallax (April 1 - April 7)

Name: Trellain De Drowvani

Affiliation: Terran Empire

Rank/Position: Captain, Terran Empire.

Additional Info: In the timespan after the failed Terran invasion of the Prime universe, Empress Leeta’s coronation, and the destruction of Battlestation Argo. Captain Drowvani has settled into command of a newly constructed Yorktown class vessel, after losing her previous ship in the Terran invasion. After the debacle of the invasion she spent her time proving her worth to Terran command. Deflecting blame for the loss of her original ship, as well as by suppressing uprisings and checking any Alliance incursions in her sector.
She was not present for the mutiny and destruction of Battlestation Argo, but was quick to take advantage of the chaos. Ingratiating herself with Terran high command by rooting out, and executing any conspirators she could find, or fabricate. Helping with the propaganda campaign to lessen the impact of the Battlestations destruction as well as keeping her area of patrol under a tight rein. All done to finesse her way into a new command, worthy of replacing her lost Yamato class vessel.


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Name: Voh t’Kelani
Affiliation: Pirate
Rank/Position: Captain, S.S. Kihai
Additional Info: Master of the deceptively elderly Vas Hatham class warbird Kihai, Voh is the unusual juxtaposition of Romulan and free agent. Her crew now decorates some of the drinking establishments in the lower decks of the newly built BS13, quietly augmenting the offerings the bartenders make with wares of their own and conscientiously paying their tabs.

Name: Noah Sideris
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: XO, ISS Yamato
Additional Info: After last year’s disastrous events caused his employer, Admiral Mohadeb, to leave him stranded aboard the ISS Yamato, CMDR Sideris accepted Lady Lauren Varley’s offer to join her staff. Since then, he appears to have spent his time working industriously and effectively for the Lady and against any who would oppose her. There are rumors that he’s in hopeless, unrequited love with her Ladyship, or that he’s still working for Mohadeb and this is a ruse to bring her down. Considering the Lady’s reputation for savoring danger, it could be neither, either or both.

Name: Olivia Mercer
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Lieutenant Commander, AWOL
Additional Info: From a large earthborn family with little wealth or significance, Olivia and two of her siblings joined Starfleet upon reaching their majority. Previously an operations officer for Battlestation Argo, she disappeared during its destruction and hasn’t been seen since.


Name: Ansha (Wind-People) McNabb
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Hair Stylist
Additional Info: Grew up in Paris, Texas. Typical Southern, big hair sass

Ansha was originally harvested by science vessel called the ISS Slygo Surveyor. The ship and crew, however, ended up on the bad side of the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance and were killed and destroyed.

Young Ansha was recovered floating in a rescue pod in space by Terran scientists, and consequently experimented on (read: tortured). The Terrans figured out that this species could be trained to be shock troops. This initiative was cancelled after much push-back from Xenophobic commanders who saw the species as useless and glory-hogging.

Her mother, Brenda Gaines, found her in a garbage can having been hastily and carelessly thrown out.

Growing up an alien in Paris in the Free State of Texas was not easy for young Ansha. She made it to adulthood, and after two failed marriages, several flings, and a lot of work, is now the manager of her mom’s beauty salon, “You-niquely You”.

Name: Brother Evoch Khaiell Rhadai
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank/Position: Monk
Additional Info:

A devote to the Elements, Evoch grew up under the watchful, caring eye of Sister Dhisuia s’Droall, a priestess. She was kind and considerate, but that was her undoing. She was executed for healing a wounded Terran. Evoch did not take this well.

Evoch acts now as a spiritual advisor and healer to Sub-Commander Shea.

Name: Lalaa Drush
Affiliation: Traitor - Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Slave → Lieutenant Tactical Officer, ISS Forrestal
Additional Info: Born into slavery within the Syndicates, Lalaa was trained and sold as one of the many sentient commodities of the syndicate to the Terran Empire. There she traded hands for various uses until becoming a possession of Iana Vel of the ISS Forrestal. There she lived as a prized pet for a time, secretly being trained to fulfil tactical positions within the ship. Now that Iana has chosen her path, Lalaa is now free of the ruse, fulfilling roles on the Forrestal to work its designs.


Name: Thyzee
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank/Position: Savant-Adjunct
Additional Info: Has spent the past year subtly re inserting herself into the hierarchy of the 38th battlefleet. She serves the empress in all things… or so she says.