Parallax Rumors

Rumor has it… after taking care of some… personnel issues on the Baton Rouge, Commander Mi’shune sh’Sonora aided Alistair Nimitz on his search for his missing painting. However, even her formidable tracking skills were not enough to find it. Whoever swapped out the painting had some considerable skills of their own… or a considerable amount of authority and power.

No matter, she got paid for her efforts, and now is busy getting the Baton Rouge ready for Admiral Perim’s mystery plan. Whatever it is, she’s ahead of the pack, being literally a day ahead of everyone else by sheer accident! Looks like she got the pick of BuPer’s available personnel before they were slammed with demands from virtually every other vessel in the fleet!

Rumor has it… there’s a Vulcan locked in The Basement. By The Basement, if rumors are correct, meaning one of the last places any dissident wants to be locked up in this station.

And that’s my MU for the year! What’ll happen to V’lol and Mi’shune? How will their fortunes change in a year’s time? We’ll have to wait and see!

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Parallax 2023

… Praetor Nimitz has reportedly been replaced by a Synth to explain his sudden neutrality in the civil wars…

Of course there is no evidence… Although coincidentally several known vocal people behind this theory have tragically been killed in freak accidents.

Rumour has it that Rachel has… links with either SFI or S31… Neither connection has been confirmed, but it would explain her manipulative and shadowy tendencies in combat.

I.S.S. Baskin, Deck 7 Lounge

“I hear he still has Maxwell confined in his quarters.”
“What? That’s ridiculous, he killed Maxwell.”
I’m being ridiculous? He weighs twelve pounds, how could he kill a fully grown Terran, much less the Captain?”
“I don’t know. I don’t want to find out. Once this conversation is done I’m going to stop thinking about it.”
“So you’re comfortable serving under this… animal?”
“You call everyone that isn’t a human an animal.”
“Okay, but this time he is literally an animal!”
“I know, but when you use it so much it kind of takes the sting out of it. Like, the Vulcan in astrometrics? Animal. That Bajoran cook? Animal. The Admiral, twenty minutes ago, animal.”
“Right, I get that, but he’s a cat!”
“Again, you call Cait-”
Yes I know I call Caitians cats but he is a literal actual housecat!”
“But you see what I mean about-”
Fine, fine, fine! Sheesh. Every morning, you always find something to scream about. Just one quiet breakfast and an English muffin, is that so much to ask…”


Rumor has it that almost a quarter of Battle Station Argo’s slave population has accepted Perim’s offer of amnesty/freedom for service, with more signing up every hour.

The whole process has been remarkably peaceful and orderly, with each now-former slave being assigned the rank of Crewman and issued a uniform, a combadge, and a phaser. They’re being assigned crew quarters in a designated section, and given training/assignments from officers loyal to the Admiral.

A few slaves who had previously been Terran Officers have been restored to their previous ranks, though the exact criteria for this privilege has not been publicized.

Though no notable incidents have been reported yet, It is easy to speculate that things may quickly break down once these uniformed, armed former-slaves begin walking freely about the station.


Rumor has it that Battle Station security has began to aggressively interrogate the labor forces. Those that are found to have skill beyond general labor have been conscripted to Admiral Perim’s war force. This has led to minor scraps with station security.


Parallax 2024

Rumor has it that the ISS Forrestal has refused to respond to any status inquiries, and soon after an audio message was heard from Captain Vel


Rumor has it that for whatever reason, the ISS Midway seems to lack a definitive crew manifest outside of the presence of its captain. In fact, no one has ever seen any crew come or go from the vessel aside from Captain Flynn since he took command though it has been speculated that extensive modifications have been made to the Midway’s systems. It has also been said that when sensors scan the ship, they can only detect a single lifeform aboard, despite operating at maximum efficiency. Even its fighter complement seems to be a mystery…


Speculation about what antique weapon the Kihai is selling has been running rampant. The vessel’s XO, an old Romulan answering to the name “Jalme”, has been a fixture at the bar since the auction was announced, but thus far has politely refused to clarify the matter. Possibilities circulating among the curious and bored include a kleegat, a decommissioned tricobalt satellite, an ushaan-tor, a handheld thalaron generator, an ahn-woon, and even an old Dopterian interceptor. Perhaps relatedly, the station’s money-lenders have had to get choosy about how much credit they are willing to extend, and to whom.


Rumor has it, that Vulcan wretch from that backwater M’Talas is some sort of spy or informant for Varley. Either that or some new toy she’ll shunt out an airlock within the week.


Apparently a full week was an optimistic guess. The hot gossip around the Duchess of Montreal would have you believe that her latest xeno informant-slash-pet has deeply offended her in the middle of a rather compromising intimate moment. There are as many different versions of the story as there are mouths to tell it, but one thing seems certain: the offending party is fleeing for his life.


Reports have been coming in that Valkyrie fighters with strange markings have been seen raiding Terran Empire supply ships en route to Battle Station 13. There has still yet to be a confirmed sighting of the I.S.S. Forrestal but it is a safe bet she’s somewhere in the sector!


Observers on both sides of the war have noticed that Alliance propagandist KLIN_ZHA_MASTER missed a daily dispatch deadline today. It’s unusual enough that some are speculating as to what might have befallen the prolific author.


Early impressions from the rescue crews working on the I.S.S. Regular Ship wreckage indicate that the ship will be ruled a total loss. The spaceframe and all major systems appear compromised beyond repair.

Meanwhile, Capt. Mohadeb is rumored to have been seen alive on Battle Station 13 at or about the time the ship was destroyed. However, these rumors remain unsubstantiated as he has not reported in since the incident.


Among well traveled merchants within the Terran Empire, a rumor has been circulating about a power struggle in the mysterious Romulan Star Empire. A ruling Consul was assassinated and unknown parties attempted to seize control of the Star Empire. Said attempt appears to have failed. No weapons fire has been reported within Romulan territory.

Coincidently, as well, a Terran battlegroup went missing while patrolling near the Romulan border. The only clue is the report of a civilian vessel, which indicates they heard horrific screaming following by silence on the comms. No traces of the Terran battlegroup have been uncovered despite extensive investigation.


Rumor has it… Captain Dmitri Konieczko, the one time Commanding Officer of BS Argo has been spotted in the Sol Sector. Rumor has him politicking Terran Command in an effort to reclaim the rechristened Battle Station 13.


Rumor has it that the ongoing rescue and salvage efforts for the I.S.S. Regular Ship have determined that one of its shuttle craft remains unaccounted for.


Rumor has it that after a 20 minute hearing by a military tribunal, the Alliance propagandist KLIN_ZHA_MASTER was summarily executed for crimes against the Terran Empire.