Personal Log: Commander Faerith

\\o// Personal Log, Stardate 89522.8. \\o//

I ordered the Autumn of Dawn to Outpost Argo this morning, a short break from our patrols of sorts. As I entered the station proper, I overheard a most curious thing… A Starfleet officer reviewing audio documentaries about Shinzon’s uprising and plan of destroying the Federation with his Gen-1 Scimitar. The odd part was the second recording, from a U.S.S. Vanguard. The second documentary went into detail about how Shinzon wasn’t stopped by Picard and his Enterprise, that the Enterprise was completely destroyed, and that Shinzon went on to destroy Earth, Luna, and various other prime Federation worlds, but was finally stopped when the Vanguard led around ninety other Starfleet warships to intercept the usurper.

When I asked about the issue, the Starfleet officer regarded me with severe suspicion, which has always been expected, but this was different… It’s as if he regarded me as an enemy. Further inquiries revealed that this officer was from an alternate universe where my kind had waged an early war with them, causing many different outcomes throughout his history. One such alternate outcome was the fact that ‘his’ Shinzon wasn’t an usurper, but was officially elected by the people of the Star Empire. That very thought disturbs me a great deal.

If this Starfleet officer and his warship could so easily transfer to our reality, as well as other various Terran Federation forces in other sectors… what’s to stop them all from invading? I am making this log, the first of many I hope, to keep this threat fresh in my mind. The Klingons, Borg, Tal Shiar, and True Way may be the least of our worries, as much as I fear to say. In the near future, I plan on submitting an idea, possibly a request for a formation of a strike team to brainstorm this idea. Should an invasion by an alternate reality occur, we must all be ready, regardless of being Romulan or Federation.

End of Report.