Personal Log: Commander Joshua Everett

Commander Everett's personal log: It's a tense time at the moment for the 38th, last night. Vice Admiral perim had announced she's retiring following hearings regarding the destruction of deep space 13, although I'm personally shocked in regards to this news. And disgusted. I can't blame the Vice Admiral, I pray that in the coming stardates the fleet will be able to bounce back from this major loss of leadership.
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Commander Everett's personal log: Another routine shift on DS13 as usual. Been working around the clock on getting the station ready for all the crew to return, With Captain Caspius assuming command of DS13. Engineering's been working double shifts, hoping after everything's done I can request shore leave and see about T'pemi coming with me.
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Commander Everett's Personal log: Safe to say I've made a good choice in transferring to the 38th fleet. My fellow officers are friendly and welcoming. Something that is needed from the daily seriousness I've seen while serving on the December-white as the Chief Engineer, although recent events had me question the leadership of the 38th. However, putting that aside, I can this my new home.