Personal Log: I'shari S'rrel, Morale Officer

"This one was assigned preparation for the inspector that comes tomorrow to confirm that appropriate humanitarian standards and procedures are being upheld in Deep Space 13's small detention facilities. This is normally an annual examination, but given recent reports of misconduct during questioning, we are required to undergo this inspection bi-quarterly.

On this one's pre-inspection, it met with Jake, the Counselor Sedai, and Dahvin, who were en route for discussion with detainee Mister Esahr. While not breaking any standards, the Mister Esahr's clothing was in state of great disrepair. With the Counselor Sedai's permission, this one took measurements to replicate a fresh set, in blue as per its preference, while Mister Esahr and Jake discussed matters of Mister Esahr's past.

This one may file request tomorrow with the inspector to add obligatory non-mutilated clothing to the list of required basic needs.

Seeing the Mister Esahr in the blue jacket was warming- as if it could promise that one could shed its old life with its old clothes and start just as fresh as the new. Not to say that it should have consequences waived on behalf of a new mindset, owh, no, no, but merely that it deserves the right to wear a freshly replicated jacket with the rest of us.

Jake and the Counselor Sedai were very kind, but this one was surprised, very surprised by Dahvin's diplomatically irresponsible remarks. This one may file a request for him to undergo extended awareness sessions."
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