Personal Log - Malivich Kovarik

Day 1 Under Captain Charis Morgan

This is going to take some getting use to, I have not really had a commanding officer in quite some time. I am not entirely sure of anything on this ship, and I had to switch uniforms as well. This will take some getting use to, however, I must say... Working on a star-ship is very different from working on Facility 4028.

Computer, end recording.
Day 2 Under Captain Charis Morgan

Despite my distrust of the crew, and my all around anti-social behavior; I seem to be doing well... at least I think I am. Captain Morgan assigned me to security operations today. That I can do, this I know; just throw me a Runabout, and a prisoner or two to escort... then, I would be in heaven.

Captain Morgan also stated that we would arrive at Task Force Argo's star base tomorrow, she said that I should put my best foot forward, for I would be meeting the Commodore. I looked at her with curiosity after she said commodore, for I have not heard of the title of Commodore in a very, very long time.

Overall the Captain of the USS Helen stays to herself, says very little, rarely inspects her crew, and allows her crew to do their jobs. I must say that is quite fine by me, I never liked being watched like a hawk anyway. For me, that sort of leader would make it hard for me to work, almost counter-productive. Let me do my job, and stay out of my face... that is the type of leader I like.

Computer, end recording.
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Personal Log: Malivich Kovarik

Captain DeSoto informed me of some troubling news that occurred on Deep Space Nine. After the trouble that went into setting up the meeting between the 1279th and Argo, no one showed up from the 1279th, and it seemed Argo was more into the 26th, versus meeting with Vice Admiral DeSoto. I am not sure that was the best choice made by Argo; after spending a week on the USS Malffurion I believe they would be a solid ally. I do not know much about this 26th fleet... so they may be just as important of an ally as the 1279th; however, I am no where near a senior officer at this point. Suffice it to say, I truly have no room to talk, for I am a new officer to Task Force Argo.

Though, I do feel my knowledge in security should be worth something. I do know, simply stated, I will continue to stay in contact with the Vice Admiral, for one may never know when assistance from such an individual could come in handy.

Now, back aboard the USS Helen I am getting settled in nicely as ship's security chief. No real problems that I have found currently, and my predecessor was quite organized, all security files on the ship, since it left dock are nicely organized and very easy to find. I am definitely happier then I originally thought I would be. The only thing I truly have to worry about at this point... well is Task Force Argo. I am curious to see how this Razor character reacts to what occurred on DS9. ((Before he knew the latest news))

Computer, end recording.
Personal Log - Malivich Kovarik
All this up distrust, all this... this... F* (computer strike the last) all this distortion in the Task Force... I tried to talk to the Trill, the captain in prison is the best I can say. I was trying to help her, but the she thought I was trying to get her deeper in the mix apparently. I see no need for rank, you have people that can lead, and those that cannot. People will follow those who lead no matter the rank. Though, that is a little off subject computer. I must say there is no one I can trust that is part of Argo, save Bizc maybe... Hell, even her I am not sure about.

I do think a television show from the late 20th century had it correct... "Trust no one," and I cannot. (computer, start playback of 20th century television show, X-files, season two, episode 5, under sub-file "stuff from history" main file "Parental entertainment 2) it is amazing what 20th century earth knew without knowing, isn't it computer *Beep-Beep as the computer says "Invalid input, restate question.* Never-mind computer... *beep-beep "invalid input"* shut the frack up computer *beep-beep "unable to process information.* ... Bother, what I am saying computer, you are unable to understand human "isms" we must work on that. *Beep "Not in data banks"*

Computer, return to recording

Anyway, as I was saying... there seems to be no one I can trust in Argo, and I am lucky to trust the crew of the Helen, perhaps I should investigate a permanent transfer to the USS Malffurion... Or perhaps I should give it a little longer. There is no one giving orders at the moment... save this character that calls herself Sophie, though, she will not let me call her that. * a chuckle is heard in the recording* she is a trip, she is also to intent on duty, what she considers duty has no honor, nor does it have respect, how she got on the good side of the joined Trill I have no idea.

Computer, end recording.