Personal log, Nareen Vausse

Nareen Vausse, personal log. Stardate 490760.4.

My MACO contingent and myself have finally arrived on the Hurricane. This will hopefully be a nice change of pace for my team, after the frenetic war with the Iconians.

The senior staff was in a meeting and I joined in.

Captain Caine is pretty much like how I expected her. Although, after a comment she made about the liveliness and colourfulness of the MACO, I get the idea she did get to run around the block a few times. We all do.

The First Officer. Well, if she is half human she certainly doesn't show it. Poor Robin, I don't think he quite expected the reference to the ship's schematics when making a joke about the location of the bridge. It will certainly be a rewarding experience to talk to the Commander and have a chat about logic and Surak's teachings in front of a cup of tea. I bet she won't expect that.

As to Robin, the Second Officer, his main point of concern seemed to be decorating the ship. And MACOs aren't decorators. I understand that he tries to amalgamate the crew, and I'm all for cohesion, but that is hardly the first assignment I want for my team.

Enkal is... He seemed very happy to do the Betazoid thing and address me telepathically. I wasn't so happy. Maybe I should tell him at some point. My thoughts are my own and while my sister Luthien might find it hard to stay within her "telepathic boundaries" now that she is no longer part of the collective, I've had enough sharing. I'll see how this goes, but I might just tell him. In combat situations telepathy certainly has an advantage, other than that it embraces a concept of sharing and togetherness I'm not sure I enjoy any longer. Not after the collective.

My decisions, just like my thoughts, are my own.

I suppose being a new crew and all, people are eager to get to know each other. I, on the other hand, I just want to get the job done. I'm really not one for fraternising too much. As long as my team knows my style of command and my plans, as long as we all know how to act and when, that's good enough for me.