Personal Log - Ranis Xel


I've arrived on Deep Space 13. There is to be a briefing on a mission into unknown space. I have to admit, this isn't what I was expecting before even being assigned crew quarters on the station. If I were my old self, I doubt I would mind but I feel strange. They said it was to be expected but perhaps returning to active duty so soon after the joining was a mistake.


Our mission to investigate a space station of unknown origin nearly lead to disaster when we initiated "jump-start" of the station with a charged weapons' burst. Still, I find myself somewhat relieved. In the moment, I felt my old self coming back. This anxiety and social awkwardness took a back seat when I was put in command of the away team to investigate the structure. I simply have to remind myself of who I was.


I have finally checked in on the Deep Space 13 computer. I found myself wandering the promenade in the early morning hours while working on my exodermal regeneration study. A Vulcan woman named V'lol took it upon herself to welcome me to the station. I'm not ignorant to the impression I must have made. The stuttering and anxiety is difficult to control. I never thought I would have such a hard time with something as simple as speaking to someone. I must admit that this makes me hesitant to meet with the command staff of the station for assignment, if only for the first impression they might get of me.