Personal Log, Vax Noor

"Computer, begin recording"

"Hello, my name is Vax Noor, and the following will contain everything you may or may not want to know about my life. Please sit back, relax and I hope, at the end of this, you have a better understanding of me."

"I am a Kreetassan. My people originated on the planet Kreetassa in the Beta Quadrant. Although this is where I was born, I don't remember it at all due to my parents moving off planet shortly after I turned two years old. The planet I know as "my planet" is Cilini Prime. At this point you may be asking yourself, "Why so far away from your home planet?". Well, you may or may not know that Cilini Prime is a Romulan Colony world. And the fact that my mother was an ambassador, she thought it best to live near the people she spent almost all her time around, and that her family needed to be with her."

"Another thing you may or may not know, about Kreetassans, is that, as a whole, my people are a little hard to get along with. We believe in courtesy, but mostly as it applies to our laws and the way we live. This leads to our second "character flaw", we tend to get easily offended at outsiders who don't show us courtesy in this aspect. I personally don't agree with this. I believe in the courtesy, but I think it needs to be courtesy shown to others. Sometimes heritage is a hard thing to overcome though, and even I have my "offended" moments. I continue to work to be as polite as I can to people however."

"My years growing up on Cilini Prime weren't "bad" years. But as I look back at them, I realize that if I took one lesson away from that world, it's that Romulans in general are egotistical warlords that believe if you aren't "with" them, you're "against" them. I supposed you could put me in the latter category. I cannot count the number of times I tried to be courteous to the other neighborhood children and their parents, but time and time again I, and anyone in the colony that wasn't Romulan, was shunned as an outsider. I guess one could say I did the best I could. As of my 19th year after birth, however, I could not wait to book passage off that miserable planet. A few weeks before this occurred, I met a human that became a good friend to me and to my parents. It was through him that I found the next world I would call home. I moved from Cilini Prime to a Federation world, Reytan, on which I currently own land and a home of my own."

"The difference in the two places are like night and day. I am happier here than I ever could be under the Romulans. It is people that I have met there that have helped me towards my goal of being more polite to people and curbing my tendency to become offended. Some people have even picked up on my politeness and have encouraged me to study in the medical field. My studies this far have given me the skills to be a good nurse, but I have a way to go to become a doctor."

"Through a neighbor of mine I have been introduced to a Starbase which is apparently the 13th of all Starbases. It is here that I have come to meet new people and help them with any of their medical needs."

"Computer, end recording and save."