Personal Log: Vincere of Borg/Ashleigh Delanno

*There is a beep then a faint click as the recording begins. The speaker is female and has a slightly electronic quality to her voice. She speaks in monotone*

Log Number #00001

We have been advised to keep a record of our assimilation into the Federation.

We do not understand this process or why it is useful but the doctor insisted. We will comply.

70% of our Borg Implants have been removed. We do not yet have access to our memory engrams.

'That will come in time,' the doctors tell us. We do not understand who this Ashleigh Delanno is or why she is significant. One individual is irrelevant in comparison to the collective.

We waited 'till the doctors were distracted then we left sickbay. It was too quiet. We sought collective.

We approached a social gathering point that Federations call 'a bar.' It was mostly empty. Second of Ten was there and a Romulan female.

They were... afraid of us. We did not anticipate this reaction. We do not understand why any individual would fear becoming part of the collective. We miss the collective. We wish to go back.

We reminded Second of Ten of some of the drones he once helped join the collective. He did not seem to appreciate that we are doing well in the collective. We did not wish to cause fear or upset.

We left the social gathering place and returned to sickbay to regenerate. We remembered the drones lost to Second of Ten and his team. We will mourn their loss even if they don't. They will forever live on in us, as part of the collective.

We will adapt. We are Borg.
Log Number #00002

We have engaged in several exercises in relation social events.

We escaped sickbay and made our way to the promenade.

We had to be escorted back as a Starfleet Captain suggested that Borg could not handle ethanol. We attempted to prove this individual wrong.

We are Borg.

We are superior.
Log Number #00003

We have continued our exercises in social graces. We have still not been released for duty or been released from the sickbay.

We will not comply. We will continue our escape and at the earliest convenience will attempt to escape and return to the collective.

The doctors here both believe our presence a threat and treat us with kindness.

Their kindness will be their undoing.
Log Number #00004

We incapacitated an orderly and attempted to make our way to the shuttle bay.

We were intercepted by station security and returned to sickbay.

We are being transferred to a secure facility on Earth. We have been told it is where many Borg go to undergo liberation.

We will not comply. We will form our own collective and assimilate all species within the Alpha Quadrant.

Resistance is futile. We intend to prove it.
*Several weeks have gone by without a log entry. Data shows that computer functions and access have been locked out for this user.*

This is my first log as a free woman. I have began using personal pronouns and my doctors tell me I am in the process of recovery.

They say my situation is complicated.

I will try to record here what I understand of my condition.

On assimilation I was not assigned a standard Borg designation. They instead, saw fit to garnish me with a new identity within the collective. Vincere of Borg. Vincere allegedly comes from the latin 'to conquer.' It appears that I was intended as a vanguard of sorts to secure the surrender and assimilation of humanity.

Because the identity was not simply suppressed but, supplanted - It is I, Vincere of Borg who have been liberated. Ashleigh Delanno is dead. I am... concerned that she had to die for me to live. I have her memories and her memory will live on in the collective.

My psychologists say I will need to come to terms with the death of Delanno and my supplantation of her body. I am wracked with... guilt yet I do not know how to express it. It is far off, like a cry in the distance.

I shall observe this emotion from a far for a time. I am not comfortable with getting closer.

Computer. End log.
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*Several more weeks go by without a log entry.*

Computer. Begin log. Stardate. 92654

I have been having dreams.

Memories. Nightmares.

They are from Ashleigh's past.

Last night I was on a ruined bridge as consoles exploded around me and people burned to death. It was highly disturbing.

Two nights ago I watched an entire village of Deferrans be assimilated by the Borg. I watched a little boy, no older than 6, run straight into clutches of a tactical drone. It reached down, picked him up and used it's armature to slice off his arm. The boy screamed, then assimilation tubules were inserted into his wound and he stopped screaming.

I have been having dreams like this for over a week. My doctors tell me that nothing can change. I will have to learn to live with these dreams. They tell me they will fade.

There is something more though, In my dreams I am not me... I am Delanno. It is her thoughts, her memory, her consciousness. I am merely an observer. A disembodied watcher. I suspected that it may yet be Delanno's consciousness. The doctors tell me this is impossible, that she is dead.

I am not so sure.

I have my physical evaluation tomorrow for return to duty. They no longer know what to do with me. I am physically Ashleigh Delanno. I hold her rank and commendations. I am in possession of her experience and her memories. They push me towards this, I am not so sure I want it.

Computer End log.
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Computer begin log.

Stardate 92659.5.

I passed my physical. I did not find it challenging. Borg physiology is superior. It is little wonder Starfleet find themselves so easily overcome by enemies. Their training programs are weak and their expectations extremely low.

I am having trouble with the dreams again. I have told the doctors they have stopped but they are continuing. Every night I cease to be Vincere of Borg and revert to Ashleigh Delanno. While the images are horrific, I am no longer troubled by them. My guilt is gone, she yet lives, I have not killed her.

I have the initial return to duty psychological exam tomorrow. I intend to be as conservative as possible with my answers. I have to get off Earth.

I have to do something. I cannot remain here much longer. Without direction, without purpose my life is meaningless.

I will become Ashleigh Delanno. I will take her command, I will usurp her relationships. Outwardly I will be her. Inwardly I will be me.

Time will tell how good an actor this drone is. The Borg assimilated artists and performers. I will run a search through my cortical databanks for instruction.

Computer End Log.
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Stardate 92659 - Supplemental

I managed to talk the councillor round. I have been returned to active duty. I am to take a shuttle to DS13 at 1500 tomorrow. I am to rendezvous with the Erinyes there. I have been informed that the crew has been liberated successfully (had had been returned to post 3 weeks ago) and the lost crew have been replaced. I have also been informed that the ship has been repaired and restored.
> Accessing: Video Sensor Logs
>> Stardate: 92666.2
>>> Earth Time Index: 0354
>>>> Location: Holodeck 2 U.S.S. Erinyes
>>>>> Program: Collective Alpha-37

The holodeck is configured into a large cave system. Ashleigh Delanno stands in the centre of a small cavern. She wears a black crop-top and leggings. There are rips in her clothing and her face is smeared with blood and dirt. The blood is green.

She stands motionless for a couple of seconds before re-commencing the program. Several heavily armoured and well armed Klingons and Cardassians appear around her. Two Klingons step forward Bat'leths raised. They attack. Seemingly effortlessly, Delanno palm strikes the right-most one, breaking his nose. Blood gushes from his nostrils. She strikes again, driving his nasal bones into the brain. He collapses dead. As this first movement comes to a conclusion, she fluidly kicks out into the stomach of the other Klingon. Doubled over, she brings her arms down and strikes him on the back of the neck, pushing him to the floor. She then bends down, reaches around his head, takes a firm grip of his chin and pulls his head sharply to the left. An audible crack is head and he lays down motionless.

There are 3 Cardassians and 2 Klingons left.

Captain Delanno orders the computer to freeze the program. The program goes into standby.

She orders that holodeck safeties be turned off. The computer issues a standard warning of injury. Captain Delanno overrides the system and disables the safeties. She orders the cessation of all sensor logging in Holodeck 2 on her mark.

End of sensor data.