Personal Log: "Zack" Kelda

the cute, young man's narrow face comes into view as the camera activates. he beams brightly


So new assignment, new log. Let's do it!

he leans back on what appears to be a standard Starfleet bed. a white leather jacket with gold and purple trim is open, showing a black turtleneck underneath

It's been really like, weird to come from ESD to here? It's a lot smaller in terms of I guess...scope, but it's really fun.

I haven't made a whole lot of 'friends' yet, but that's not new. It was super hard in the Academy, and it was hard on ESD, so I guess it will be, like, hard here too. he seems disappointed People look at me and they thing, 'Oh it's a Romulan' or a 'Vulcan' and stuff. A lot of people don't really like uh... well I'd call it 'exuberance' but they call it 'emotionally overbearing demeanor'.

the small man shrugs his shoulders and looks off to the side, a little melancholy

But I'm trying and I'm enjoying myself, and I guess maybe they'll understand me. If not that's cool too. Don't have to be, like, everyone's friend or anything. I've made one! Her name is Elena Zecou and she is a Va...Vehranaka? I can't remember how they pronounce it right now but she's tiny, and blue, and really nice. We've spent a lot of nights together talking and stuff and she's really just into being nice and physical contact and stuff. It kind of makes me feel a little better about being outside as an Eledri. Don't feel outside with Zecou.

It's not like we've done anything either. I mean pfff he laughs I don't know if I'd be sad it that happened or anything, she's great, but we, 'cuddle'. Sleep and cuddle and then go about the day. It sounds weird but it made this transition so much better!

Oh. Maybe I have two? Mathilda was super cool and she's Eledri. She gets it.

Wish I'd seen her more the past few days, but, I have lots of time.

I work under this Vulcan, he seems kind of dour but I bet we'll get on swell. End log!