Class M Planet
Beta Quadrent

Earth Similarity Index (ESI)0.92
Revolution4 Earth days
Rotation (1 day)8 Earth days
AtmosphereNitrogen, Oxygen (Earthlike)
Avg Surface Temperature26° C
System NameAumba'dae

  • Aumbos is a planet co-inhabited by native species and alien colonies. One colony of note is a settlement of Terran humans.
  • Natives of Aumbos evolved from a plant like species. Their biological makeup comparable to the local flora, more then the local fauna.
  • Planet is covered mostly in jungle foliage with a high density of water in the atmosphere. Perfect for cultivating of flora.
  • The formal name of the native species is Aumbah-nahri.

AUDIO LOG: [Dawsons McCarthy]
<Start Audio Recording>
"My home planet is one big jungle paradise, to put it in short. The natives, Aumbosians, co-exisist with all inhabitants of the planet be them alien or native in nature. They have mastered the art of warp capability through use of a natural occurring element they use for power. - I've uploaded schematics of one of their trade ships. The species is floral based, lacking any ability to gather energy as we know through normal means.

They grow up in, like, pods and are born as some sort of genderless seedlings that later decide what reproductive system they wish to take on later during, like, their sexual maturity. It's pretty strange.

They enter some state close to dreaming by making these nutrient baths. Essentially it's gathered rainwater and dirt in a tub. They submerge themselves for about four to eight hours, before exiting and going about their normal day.

Aumbos is a planet dedicated to culture and philosophy, often questioning different aspects of life and the universe itself. This has also lead to many questions that were later answered through uses of science and technology. Some of which they share with other cultures, but some also kept for themselves like the creation of their war engines, and other devices.

--Can I go now? I'm getting paid for all that info, right?"
<End Audio Recording>
VIDEO LOG: [Christina McCarthy] - Aumbos, The General Planet Overview
The pointed silver-haired woman stared at the screen, "Greetings, I am Christina McCarthy, current representative of the Terran-esque species of Aumbos, and one of the ambassadors of Aumbos to the Federation." She stated, the woman wearing a tight high collar shirt, her skin showing some signs of age with marks around her eyes, but she seemed very stern still. "In order to improve relations between Aumbos and The Federation, I have volunteered to help better support and fill in the gaps that the Federation may have on the planet for purely scientific assistance in helping understand the Aumbos culture. - I will be breaking up these small logs into subjects to better help keep information from colliding together or becoming misconstrued."

The woman waited a moment more, taking a deep breath as she placed on her glasses and looked directly at the screen.

"Aumbos, The planet."

She starts, by looking down to a PADD.

"Aumbos is a unterraformed planet that resides in the Aumba'dae system, home to a number of alien colonized planets, and residence to the native species Aumbosian. The binomial nomenclature being ambulans herba, simply enough being, walking plants. The planet itself is similar to earth in many ways, including size, gravity, and seismic activity. - The planet itself is covered mainly in jungle, dense near the equator of the planet, however there are gaps in the forest among some island territories. The most of the non-jungle areas of the planet are preserved, and used for scientific research by the Aumbosian Sciences Bureau, for the study of plant life, and growth on the planet. These areas incude the Ha'kami Mountains of the North, which is the Northern polar ice cap of the planet, and the Khiv'kahn Creator, which is a geological phenominom on the south polar cap of the planet. It is a large geological bowl that spans many khilometers across, and is similar to the size of a continent.

The populated areas of the planet are namely close to the equator and forested zones, as the species is favored to humid and hot climets for comfort perposes. I'll adress Aumbosian physiology later, as to why I say comfort and not survival. - It's atmosphere is rich in oxygen, however, due to a few still active volcanos on the planets surface, the other elements in the air are sulfer and nitrogen, which has been greated by the number of creatures on Aumbos, namely the Fahl-ki, a large preadator that uses a large amount of oxygen to survive and creators a large amount of nitrogen."
VIDEO LOG: [Christina McCarthy, Praetorian H'val, and Chancellor Rillai] - Aumbosians: An Introduction

The Woman picks up a cup of coffee, taking a sip, before pushing a silvery strand of hair out of the way and over her ear. Her glasses sitting on top of her head as she looks over to the two new accompanying diplomats, H'val and Rillai, Aumbosians. "Uli'monah, Chancellor." She says, before looking to H'val and nodding, "Praetorian."

"Uli'monah, Doctor." Said both in reply to Christina, as she turned back to the recording display. "I have asked both representatives, who have joined me here on Earth, to take part in today's recording, as I've found it appropriate to discuss the species of Aumbos." She nodded, before looking to Rillai.

Rillai joined the center, next to Christina McCarthy as they folded their hands across the desk. The Aumbosian indeed looked more plant then anything. What they did not posses was 'skin' really, but looked much like the underside of a leaf, veins pale white as contrast to the pale green of the skin. Their fingers seemed fairly humanoid, though, ended in a point that was made of some kind of solid material. Going up the arm, following the long vein or 'stem', it would proceed under the Chancellor's clothes. The Chancellor wearing what seemed like a simple robe, similar to Bajoran clothing, except for the greater use of inlaid gold in the cloth, and the pin of the Aumbosian Science Bureau to hold the sash that they wore in place.

"Uli'monah, viewer, or roughly translated for your convenience, May you be strong." Chancellor Rillai spoke, their lipless mouth opening, jaw roughly hinged exposing a strange set of teeth as they spoke similar to that of a sharks. Their reflective blue eyes blinking once, and forming a similar look of a smile, as the obvious defined line of lower jaw and upper jaw pulled upwards at the corner of the mouth. "I am Chancellor Rillai, volunteered representative of Aumbos and seat holder of the Grand Science Bureau of the Aumba'dae system." Finally, they ran finger through their 'hair' which looked more like moss to most others, the pale grey color pulled back into slightly raised ponytail, the look was similar to 'dreadlocks' once it reached the back, trailing downwards behind them.

"In interest of improving relations between us and the Federation, I will be glad to inform you, with help of Representative McCarthy what the primary species of our system is, and how we have formed a... symbiosis with the other species that have joined us, as well as some insight to our culture." Rillai seemed to sit still for a moment, before continuing. "I am of the species Aumbah-nahri, but we often refer to ourselves as Aumbosians, or Citizens of Aumbos. As you can, I am of the Aumbosian species, my body is made up mostly of plant material, hardened cells, and a few other components. Our species normally requires one nutrient bath for at least four of your standard federation hours, which keeps all of our functions going, as we do not require thing that most of your species needs. This example can extend to the need for blinking, nostril or mouth based breathing, or eating. Our eyes are made up of a reflective material, formed during our gestation period, it helps us see both in daylight and in the dark, our retinas protected from most elements, which voids any need of blinking." Rillai says, proving the fact by not blinking as they spoke to the recording the whole time.

"We do not breath just through our nose and mouth, but as well as our skin, as we have porous cells that allow us to take in any breathable atmosphere, and finally, the need for eating is covered normally by our nutrient baths, though we can go up to a month without them as long as we regularly sustain our systems with nutrients from other sources, like food, or water. Signs of nutrient deprivation normally do not show in most of us for at least two weeks, but dependent on energy exerted, it can be up to a few days. -- This information, while it may seem trivial, has often been an effect to how we interact with some species, because it is how we survive and these things have shaped our culture." Rillai took another pause, before moving on to the next subject, they relaxed their shoulders some and took a moment again gather their thoughts.

"While we are a very scientific people, we are also spiritual, as other species seem to think. We believe that the universe is connected in some way, and that life is a cycle that must be preserved. This has brought up many teachings of life choices in our culture, the one I agree with, being The Way of Sun. Each life style choice of our culture has a symbiotic relation with the others, and often do not find ourselves having disagreements, even when our views do not align, as we all agree on one aspect, that life is all connected, and as such, so are we." Rillai states, before Christina clears her throat once, causing Rillai to look to her. The silver haired woman giving the Chancellor a look, before Rillai nodded.

"Pardon my slight tangent there." Rillai would add, "It is... complicated to sum up a culture in words without experiencing it." The Chancellor would add, before looking back to Christina a moment, then to the recording for the woman to chime in. "Thank you, Chancellor. - As we try our best to sum up everything in words, some raw data is going to be the only way to get across a lot of this, and so I should be attaching a metadata link for biological statistics to help Starfleet and Federation medical fields better understand the Aumbosians from a biological standpoint."