Polan Derak


Polan Derak


Species: Cardassian,
Born: 2356, Cardassia Prime
Died: NA
Affiliations: Moset's Shroud
Federation Citizen Number: NA
Spouses: Unknown
Children: Unknown

General Polan Derak - Cardassian dissident who's mother and father were killed in 2365 by Bajoran freedom fighters when he was a boy living on Bajor. He was raised by an uncle on Cardassian Prime and joined the Cardassian military when he came of age, working in the Cardassian Medical Corps. Multiple times he applied to join the Obsidian Order but records indicate he never passed initial exams.

He served for several years with his attitude for Bajoran's never far from the surface. During that time he amassed followers who shared his hatred for Bajorans. He left the Cardassian military in 2403 and disappeared for several years. In 2408 he reappeared and staged a defection of hundreds of Cardassian military personnel, taking with them multiple Galor class ships.

Shortly after he declared himself the General of a new militaristic terrorist group, "Moset's Shroud". The name a reference to the Cardassian doctor who performed illegal and immoral medical experiments on Bajorans during the occupation.

Moset's Shroud is a terrorist group receiving aid from Cardassian citizens sympathetic to their cause, with the removal of Bajorans for the Federation and their subjugation again under Cardassian rule as their ultimate goal.

The group operates mostly in the Beta Ursae sectors. Their presence dependent on the support they have in any region. Sometimes they conduct secret mission, other times their actions are more overt. They may often hide their name or use alias for key personnel. For example over the years reports and eye witness accounts have also referred to them as "The Shroud", "Moset's Crew" or the "M's Shroud".

It is currently suspected that General Derak remains in hiding in the sector, growing his power base, resources and conducting small-scale attacks on Bajoran interests. However, until recently, attacks from his organization have been too low key to be noticed by the Federation and Cardassian governments.