PRIORITY MEMORANDUM: Iconian Intelligence Report


Stardate 91078.2

To: Lieutenant Commander T'Press, All Relevant Command Personel

Subject: Iconian Intelligence Report #104A

The threat presented by the Iconians has become too big to ignore. Starfleet Command believes armed conflict with the resurgent Iconian Empire is inevitable, if not imminent. As such, the following information has been declassified and consolidated for reference in order that we might prepare for the oncoming storm. Relevant assignments will be distributed shortly. Use this information wisely.

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The Iconians are among the most ancient civilizations of which we know. More than 200,000 years ago, their empire covered vast areas of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. While their homeworld of Iconia, in what is now Romulan space was the heart of this empire, there were dozens of colony worlds, and Iconian technology has been found in both the Gamma and Delta quadrants.

From what we know, the Iconians were despots. Known as "Demons of Air and Darkness," the Iconians ruled by the force of their technology, which was far beyond anything seen before, including a network of gateways that allowed them to transport vast distances in an instant.

There have been some recent scholars who have disputed this. They say history is written by the victors, and it is true that 200,000 years ago the races enslaved by the Iconians rose up against their masters and destroyed the Iconian civilization in a cataclysm of fire.

We now know that not all the Iconians were killed. Some escaped to the Dewan system for a time. Even today on what is now called New Romulus, we can still see their 6-eyed fauna still dominates much of the landscape. The Dewans worshiped the Iconians as gods, at least until they abandoned the Dewans to retreat further into space. The Dewans tried to follow, but their lack of knowledge of Iconian gateway technology proved fatal. Their experiments nearly tore the planet apart, and led to an environmental disaster that caused the extinction of the Dewans. Now the Romulan Republic lays claim to Dewa III as their new homeworld. Recovered recordings from New Romulus show us Iconians escaping through the gateway there. We know from data from the Solanae and Jenolan spheres that the Iconians who survived the attack escaped to these spheres before departing.

We know the Iconians prefer to act through servitor races. Some, like the Undine, have been manipulated into doing the Iconians' bidding. Others, like the Solanae, the Elachi and the Vaadwaur, have willingly surrendered. The Iconians control these races, their servitors, through a variety of means, including the biological weapons known as neural parasites.

Conversation with the entity known as 'The Guardian of Forever' revealed two things. First of all, the Iconians were 'first of the children'. It is unclear what this means. Second of all, that the Iconians are incapable of time travel. This presents a potential advantage. Similarly, the beings that inhabit the Bajoran Wormhole refer to the Iconians as 'the first of many', and that they were 'saved by the other'. Again, it is unclear what this means.

Research has already begun on how to turn the Iconians' gateway network against them. Data recovered by Ambassador Worf from one of their subspace bases last year has given us several promising options, and already we are outfitting experimental ships with technology that can control a gateway for a short time. Our most experienced commanders are forming strike teams and developing plans of attack.

Another potential weakness has been revealed to us; The Iconians are incapable of time travel. Iconian brains are linked to quantum states. If an Iconian is displaced in time, these quantum states are severed, leaving the Iconian incapacitated if not outright inert.
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In the Kardashev scale, Iconians are a type-two civilization, capable of harnessing the full power of a star. They are responsible for the creation of the Dyson Spheres. We have found two of these massive structures so far. Perhaps there are more. We know the Dyson Spheres use Omega Particles to “jump” to potentially anywhere in the universe. Their power seems limitless.

They are responsible for the creation of the Iconian Gateways; from these, they can appear anywhere in the galaxy (perhaps beyond) in moments. They are remembered as Demons of Air and Shadow. Portions of the Iconian gateway network exist in the Andromeda Galaxy, suggesting that the Iconians have managed to escape the galactic barrier. Contact with the galactic barrier has granted humanoid life-forms god-like power- the power wielded by a race that can cross the barrier at will is unimaginable. A singular Iconian managed to vaporize the Klingon High Council with a wave of her hand. Whether this was achieved through psionic or technological means, it demonstrates that even a single Iconian is an tremendous threat.

The Iconians have developed some sort of means of indoctrinating followers. Servitor races aside, the Tal Shiar don't simply work for the Iconians- they serve them; they worship them. A number of ranking Tal Shiar officers refer to the Iconians as their 'dread masters' and are unquestionably loyal. It is unlikely that the Tal Shiar pledged themselves into servitude willingly, and seeing as the Tal Shiar have made of of similar technology in the recent past, the Iconians are likely the source.

Only one Iconian ship has ever been encountered- the so-called 'Obex'. Despite its apparent visual frailness, this single vessel managed to decimate a Borg Fleet. Despite our advances in anti-Borg weaponry, this is still light years ahead of us. This does not bode well.
Spoiler: Confirmed GatewaysShow
  • Andromeda Galaxy
  • Jenolan Dyson Sphere
  • Jouret System
  • Nopada Prime
  • Solanae Dyson Sphere (at least two)
  • Storage Facility Z98
  • Brea III (two on the surface, one in orbit)
  • Hobus System
  • Iconia
  • I.R.W. Khnial
  • I.R.W. Leahval (abducted by Iconians)
  • New Romulus

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The Elachi are a mysterious race who operate out of bases hidden in subspace. They serve the Iconians as a warrior caste and are very rarely seen, preferring to use automated probes and drones against their enemies rather than send in living Elachi.

This species' origins are largely unknown. They were first encountered by the Earth starship Enterprise in September 2151, when an Elachi ship hounded them for several days before being driven off.

Amongst the Romulans, there were stories of miners that operated past the Eridan Belt who discovered alien beacons of unknown origins. Furthermore, they encountered alien beings that moved past their outposts magnetic barriers and scan the miners before disappearing. However, little was known of these mysterious aliens except that the beacons left behind referred to them as the Elachi. Despite a Romulan presence on such worlds, the creators of the beacons never appeared and the encounters with the creatures were dismissed as paranoia.

Colonel Hakeev of the Tal Shiar forged an alliance with the Elachi to further his plans following the destruction of Romulus in 2387.
Spoiler: TechnologyShow
The Elachi make use of fungal bio-technology with trace amount of spores present from their presence. They are capable of using powerful passive scanning technology that can disrupt enemy starship operations, and of hiding entire starships from detection through the use of spatial anomalies.

One distinctive piece of technology commonly used by the Elachi are insect-like automated drones. These come in a variety of types depending on their function: some are built for planetary combat, while others can grab humanoids during battle and carry them to an Elachi mothership hovering overhead. During surface attacks they often deploy massive walkers to destroy enemy defenses.
Their starships' shields have a distinctive green hue.

The Elachi seem to share some tactics and abilities with the Solanae, such as the way they transport people from normal space into subspace and the experiments they conduct on people. This is due to both races being servitor races of the Iconians.

Like the Borg or Kobali, Elachi can biologically modify members of other races into their own species. The process effectively kills the previous owner of the body and creates a new mind completely loyal to the species.

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The Solanae are a mysterious race of humanoids whose molecular structure is based on solanogen, a substance that is only stable in subspace. They reside in a tertiary subspace manifold, and cannot survive unassisted in normal space.

The Solanae serve the Iconians as a scientist caste, and will often abduct and study other lifeforms for an unknown purpose, sometimes conducting lethal experiments on those they capture.

The Solanae are vaguely humanoid, characterized by bulbous eyes, beaks, and clawed, three-fingered hands. Most of their bodies are hidden by hooded metallic robes. Their language consists of a series of rapid clicks.

In 2369, the Solanae discover the U.S.S. Enterprise-D when new sensor modifications allow the Enterprise-D to scan deeper into subspace. Drawn by the sensor signals, the Solanae began to secretly abduct numerous crew members from the Enterprise-D and perform experiments on them. They attempt to create a pocket of their native domain aboard the Enterprise-D by causing an expanding spatial rupture that threatened the ship. The rupture is eventually sealed with a graviton pulse but not before the Solanae can send a burst of energy through into normal space.
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The Solanae use similar technology and tactics to the Elachi, such as the way they transport people from normal space into subspace and the experiments they conduct on people. This is due to both races being servitor races for the Iconians.

The Solanae are a technologically advanced race that uses automated drones, has the ability to manipulate tetryon particles, uses invasive medical technology and has the ability to transport individuals from normal space into their subspace domain for study. They also constructed the Solanae Dyson Sphere which is capable of traveling vast distances across the galaxy through subspace, this "jump" ability fueled by Omega molecules generated by the Sphere. It is possible that the Solanae also constructed the Jenolan Dyson Sphere as the internal architecture is the same as that seen in the Solanae Sphere.

They have a close relationship with the Iconians, acting as scientists for the Iconians and bio-engineering the Neural Parasites for the Iconians to use as a means of controlling other races. Storage Facility Z98 has the ability to reset the entire Iconian gateway network, implying the Solanae also understand the technology behind the gateways.

Spoiler: Chronological examination of all known encounters with Iconians, Iconian Servitors, or Iconian TechnologyShow
September 2151 - An Elachi vessel pursued the crew of the Enterprise who attempted to hail the unknown starship but did not receive any response from their hails. Each encounter with the alien vessel led to significant damage to the Earth Starfleet ship. One attack led to the race activating a dampening field on the Enterprise allowing for two of their kind to board the ship to begin invasive scans of the Starfleet crew. Captain Jonathan Archer encountered the two intruders and fired a phase pistol at them but this had no effect on the aliens who departed back for their ship. The aliens would later install a device to overload the power grid of the NX-class Human ship though its crew would later use this to their advantage in penetrating their pursuers' vessel. The damaged alien ship would flee after a torpedo barrage damaged it thus ending its pursuit of the Enterprise.

2364 - Several members of Starfleet became increasingly suspicious of Starfleet Command, having noted unusual orders and uncharacteristic behavior from other members of Starfleet. These suspicions culminated with the USS Enterprise-D returning to Earth. There, the crew of the Enterprise discovered that a parasitic alien race had gained control of much of Starfleet HQ. Having uncovered the conspiracy, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his First Officer Will Riker confronted several parasite-infected Starfleet personnel, and located the spawnmother. Together they killed the Parasite spawnmother, ending the coup.

2365 - Federation starship Captain Donald Varley of the USS Yamato discovered clues as to the location of the lost Iconian homeworld. After the destruction of the Yamato, the search was taken up by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D, who discovered the homeworld located deep within the Romulan Neutral Zone and discovered a functioning gateway on the planet's surface. Unfortunately, Picard was forced to destroy the gateway in order to keep the technology out of the Romulan Star Empire hands.

2368 - Romulan forces discovered another gateway in a desert on Rete Mire. However, the gateway is heavily damaged, and locked to a single location- a planet home to insectoid creatures of hostile intent. The officer in charge, Commander Tomalak, seeing a possible danger to the empire, decides to kidnap the USS Enterprise's second officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, in order to help them close the gateway. The Gateway was closed successfully.

2369- The Solanae discover the U.S.S. Enterprise-D when new sensor modifications allow the Enterprise-D to scan deeper into subspace. Drawn by the sensor signals, the Solanae began to secretly abduct numerous crew members from the Enterprise-D and perform experiments on them. They attempt to create a pocket of their native domain aboard the Enterprise-D by causing an expanding spatial rupture that threatened the ship. The rupture is eventually sealed with a graviton pulse but not before the Solanae can send a burst of energy through into normal space.

2372 - The Dominion discover a Vandros-Iconia type gateway inside a stone ziggurat on the planet Vandros IV in the Gamma Quadrant. A group of renegade Jem'Hadar seized the gateway for themselves and re-activated it using equipment stolen from Deep Space 9. It was believed that they intended to use the gateway to foment an insurrection and mount a takeover of the Dominion. If they succeeded, the rogue Jem'Hadar would then gain the ability to move a force of any size onto any planet in the Federation or Dominion alike. Therefore, a joint Starfleet-Jem'Hadar team, led by Benjamin Sisko and Omet'iklan, successfully retook and destroyed the gateway. This second gateway generated some type of interference that prevented the functioning of energy weapons in its vicinity.

2409 - The Elachi launch an invasion of Virinat, assisted by Tal Shiar forces led by Colonel Hakeev aboard the I.R.W. Khnial.

2409 - The Elachi launch an invasion of Crateris, assisted by Tal Shiar forces led by Colonel Hakeev aboard the I.R.W. Khnial.

2410 - Officers of the Romulan Republic encounter Elachi in an underground Tal Shiar base on Nimbus III, where they seem to be experimenting on captives.

2410 - After Romulan Republic operatives infiltrate an Elachi Subspace station, the Elachi launch a massive fleet against New Romulus. A combined fleet made up of ships from all three factions manages to repel these invaders.

2410 - On Iconia, Starfleet and Republic officers discover Taris' plan to travel through an Iconian gateway and meet with the Iconians directly, hoping they will turn back time and prevent the Hobus supernova from destroying Romulus and Remus. Her plan fails when she is betrayed by her Reman guards. Although Guard Commander Arranhu is killed, the surviving Remans use the gateway themselves, apparently escaping to some unspecified Romulan base. Taris is taken into custody. She maintains that Hakeev is truly responsible for the destruction of the Romulus System as he betrayed her, and that her captors are now culpable by preventing her from contacting the Iconians to restore Romulus by reverting history. After a brief intervention by Sela, Taris is transferred to the U.S.S. Belfast.

2411 - After finding an Iconian gateway on Nopada Prime, It is discovered that Hakeev and the Tal Shiar are working for the Iconians, who have put Hakeev in charge of an arena on Nopada Prime in order to test the weaknesses of Alpha Quadrant species ("Project Decimation").

March 2411 - Following Hakeev's death, two Iconian Gateways are discovered and destroyed on Brea III. During a battle in orbit, Empress Sela's I.R.W. Leahval is rescued (or perhaps captured) by an Iconian Dreadnought through a third Gateway built into an asteroid. This Gateway is also destroyed.

March 2411 - Task Force Argo joins forces with Strike Force Kargas to end the threat to the galaxy posed by the renegade Commandant Riles. Through their combined strength they are able to destroy his weaponized space station and the Iconian Gateway with which he planned to stage his personal war against the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

October 2412 - After having discovered an Dewa-Brea type Gateway in a cave on New Romulus, the Romulan Republic invites representatives of the Klingon Empire and the Federation to witness its re-activation. An incident traps Ambassador Worf and others in subspace on the far site of the gateway, where they encounter Solanae experimenting on captives. In order to return, the group has to re-activate all Iconian gateways in the Milky Way galaxy, including one in the Jouret System which was previously hidden in subspace. Although an Elachi armada initially tries to defend it, it is later discovered that this gateway leads to the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

April 2413 - Following the Undine invasion, an Iconian appears in the Great Hall on Qo'noS and warns the the factions of the galaxy against "attracting their attention", attacking members of the High Council when they voice defiance. It displays the ability to vaporize an enemy with a wave of its hand; it is unknown whether this ability is technological or psionic in nature.

April 2414 - Analyzing a strange device found on Vaadwaur Prime after the defeat of Gaul, Alliance officers discover that the Vaadwaur communicated with the Iconians via an Elachi station in subspace accessed from the Nal Shadaan System in the Delta Quadrant. On the station, Alliance Operatives discover Sela, who had been imprisoned by the Iconians for the past months. She refers to the Solanae and the Elachi as the Iconian's scientists and warriors, respectively. She also points out that any point in the galaxy, and maybe the entire universe, is but a single step away for the Iconians, but also that their hubris is their biggest weakness. It is also revealed that Iconians directed the Solanae to bio-engineer neural parasites in order to control the Vaadwaur who they also outfitted with superior technology.

May 2414 - The rumors are true. The Starfleet team persuing the fugitive former-empress Sela discovered a sizeable Iconian fleet within the sphere and were forced to retreat from an engagement with a creature that's been termed a 'Herald,' a formidable and previously unknown servitor race.

The subsequent relocation of the sphere to the Iconia System can only be interpreted as a prelude to invasion.

[additionally, this file contains detailed scans taken of a variety of iconian, solanae, and elachi technologies, a number of proposed strategies to be used against the iconian gateway network, and in-depth biological scans taken of deceased 'bluegill' parasites, solanae, and elachi.]