Procedures, Clones, and Wormholes

The Vorta opened her eyes to the comfortably dark room. She rubbed the back of her neck, feeling the small dent left over from the incision. Why did I ever decide to do this? The question was partly rhetorical, though it had also been partly been genuine wondering. The procedure had caused some unexpected effects on the implants the Dominion used to record memories. Luckily Keth already finished meeting with the representative from Starfleet Medical and discussed the morality of cloning.

The meeting was two hours of the representative trying to explain to Keth the concept of morality, and Keth trying to explain that cloning was the Vorta way. In the end of the representative declared that Keth would not get the ability to clone herself, but in the event of her death from anything other than old age her case will be reviewed again and they may attempt to clone her. This didn't make Keth feel any less mortal. How would they know the way to access my memories? How would they know the Dominion method of cloning? Those were yesterday's worries, before the procedure had been done.

She sat up in her bed and reached for the sunglasses next to them. Why must my eyes be violet? Just less than a day. Less than a day left to keep hiding my species. She put the sunglasses on and walked out of her guest quarters, walking through the habitat ring and to the airlock. She stumbled a bit. Looks like my movement's even being affected by the Syne- Synes-. Oh, doesn't matter what it's called. That odd technology that allowed one to have additional visual and auditory interfaces. Her Trill friend, whom's name was still obscured behind a fog of forgetfulness, had it and recommended the technology.

When she finally reached the airlock she took one last look out of a nearby window at the wormhole. To the Bajorans it was a holy place, but to Keth it was a nightmare. The link between the Dominion and the Alpha Quadrant. It stood before her as a terrible reminder of the closeness that was her gods, cruel as they may be. And thus with glee she stepped through the airlock and on to the transport that would be taking her back to DS13. And thus with confusion she tried to adjust to processing two different visual inputs.

Currently Keth's 'second sight' as it had been called was just a clock. She wanted to start simple. What happens if I try to move it? The clock shifted a tiny bit, causing a frown to appear on Keth's face. The passenger next to her raised a quizzical brow, not knowing what caused the unpleasant reaction from the person beside him. Keth saw, but didn't care. She was enthralled, confused, and frustrated with the new addition to her brain all at once. She decided to try and take her mind off of it, and thus for the entire way back to Deep Space 13 the Vorta stared out the window at the stars which she could barely see.