Project Trident

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO Pegasus/Department Heads, 38th/Command
CC DS13/Command
SUBJ Project Trident

Project Trident, originally designed by the Pegasus Chief Tactical Officer, Commander Atovas th'Vharhis. The intent of the project is to deliver a greater amount of damage to a target as quickly as possible. Project Trident is made up of three main phases.

Phase one, is the deployment of tactical torpedo pods. This can be achieved in a number of ways using cargo bays or hangar bays. The Pods are assisted into potion with the help of tractor beams. Upon deployment, the tactical station will then aim the pod towards their target and launch all the torpedoes in the pod. For the prototype phase, we will attempt to launch eight torpedoes at once.

Phase two is the initial launch of the torpedoes themselves. Tactical stations will use the pods to lock onto their target and fire, the torpedoes can be programmed to fire individually or all at once. The torpedoes will then proceed to their assigned targets and begin phase three.

Phase three of Project Trident involves the torpedoes multiplying. After the torpedoes reach x-distance from the pods, they will arm their warheads, and the torpedo casing will split off into six more warheads in the prototype, this means that from one torpedo fired increases to the firepower of seven.

To put into example, the USS Pegasus can theoretically deploy up to six of these tactical pods, with eight torpedoes a pod. That means in a single wave of deployment the Pegasus can fire forty eight torpedoes at once, when those torpedoes activate phase three, those forty eight torpedoes become three hundred and thirty-six torpedoes bearing down on a single target.

This project is intended to help combat the Azedi, however, I also personally feel that project Trident could help smaller science vessels that happen to come under attack by pirates or other unknown dangers. With the deployment of the tactical pod, the Trident presents an alternative target for raiders to fire on first.

Within eleven days the Pegasus tactical department and engineering department will begin to construct a prototype device, in the meantime they are working based off simulation data.

Captain Alistair Nimitz
Commanding Officer/USS Pegasus
Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO <Pegasus/Command>; <DS13/Command>
CC <38th/Command>
FROM LT Valore, S.
SUBJ Re: Project Trident


Fleet Command is interested in seeing the results of Project Trident. As such, collaborative efforts between the Pegasus and Deep Space Thirteen's departments are encouraged. Good luck.

Lieutenant S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of Rear Admiral Konieczko
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To: CAPT Nimitz, A.
CC: @38th.Command
From: LT Valore, S.
Subj: Project TRIDENT

Captain Nimitz,

The Fleet Command Office requests an update on Project TRIDENT along with any field data you may have extracted. What is the state of the project and how is it?

LT S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Fleet Command Office

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To: LT Valore
CC: @38th.Command
From: CAPT A.H. Nimirz
Subj: Project TRIDENT

Lieutenant, Project TRIDENT has remained in theoretical development, As Commander O’Dara has taken the project in a different direction then I had originally intended. We are still in the progress of running simulations before deciding upon a finial design to build a working prototype. However we believe that things are progressing within my originally planned timetable.

Should the need arise to push this project into field testing, I will be sure to upgrade the priority of the project.

Captain Alistair H. Nimitz
Commanding Officer
USS Pegasus (NCC-93462)