QUAC is accpeting bids for medical on my ship The Latinum Wake

Hello friends, DaiMon Qul here. The current contract with Mochu Medical Corp is ending soon so I will be opening bids for the Medical Dept on my ship. Starfleet has the second best reputation in the quadrant. Qul's Unique Acquisitions Company is willing to hear your proposal to take over medical operations on my ship. Please send me your offer and what insurance you take. Please note that due to contractual obligations my crew only has Sulivarr Inc. A subsidiary of the Bank of Bolia. If by chance you do not accept this insurance it is of no matter. Send me your offer.

DaiMon Qul CEO of QUAC
Bidding is closed. Typical Starfleet. Never. Even. Bid. Mochu Medical is once again the default Medical services for the Latinum Wake. They don't even take my insurance anymore. Keep in mind that if I have to rescue any of you the cost per Diem is on you.

Thank you for your consideration,

DaiMon Qul