Question about the uniform

Hello there,

I am trying to get have recreate the fleet dress uniform but I am failing to find the "Odyssey dress" and "Odyssey belt."

I have the "Odyssey long jacket" and just the "Odyssey belt". Usually if it's something you have not purchased, PW makes sure you KNOW you haven't purchased it and shows it in your list. I can't even see it as a possible option to be purchased.

The long jacket option doesn't have those lines that run vertically along the uniform which make it look really smart. Any ideas?
Hey Kero. The Odyssey Dress uniform is available to purchase from the fleet starbase tailor. You'll need 4k fleet credits and 8k dilithium to pick it up. Because it's not a zen purchase, it doesn't show up as a "you could buy this!" in the tailor.

Step by step instructions --

Obtaining the Odyssey Dress Uniform:
Obtain 4,000 Fleet Credits and 8,000 Dilithium.
Speak to the Tailor on the Fleet Starbase.
Select 'Store' from the dialogue menu.
Select 'Odyssey Dress Jacket' from the store interface, then press 'Buy.'
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Thanks :)