Quint's Treasure hunting log

Entry 1: Silly as it is I think I'll keep a rolling account of this, that way years later I can look back and see just how foolish I can get. Or maybe how fun the adventure can be, I don't know as of yet. Honestly I'm probably just doing it as a way to not be around certain social gatherings. Cheap way out I know but anyway here we go.

I found a map in a bottle on the beach. No reference points to speak of, it doesn't even show north. Just a map of some islands and an 'X' So, this should be a fun challenge. I've got a few things going for me though, first, Risa is a highly terraformed and optimised world, to make the perfect resort. Second thing is due to this there are records of every land mass that is or has been designed. Third is that even if I can only get partial information on the landmasses, they have orbital jumping here. I can pretty well get a satellite eye's view and a good thrill at the same time! Yes Katriel will be calling me many names when she catches wind of it, I'm sure.

Step one will be to figure out how old the map is. Easy process really, just a scanner and a PADD. Once that is done I'll know when to request records from. Here is hoping that in all the constant rebuilding this place gets that the location is still there.

Step two is almost as simple, I compare the map in various orientations, to a created database of landmasses. I figure, that since it's hand drawn, there is a slight margin for error so to begin with I'll set the threshold low for accuracy, maybe in the forty percent area.

I'll scout a few of the likely candidates and see how the feel is. I might get lucky and whomever did this might actually have been very meticulous and the maps spot on. I doubt it but hey, why not try?
Entry 2: So I got one set of records back from the Risan board of beautification, and they promise me I'll have the second set of records in a day or so. The last seventy two years have seen two terraformings and I'll soon have records of what was around before and after.

I have started with what I've got and managed to sort it down to about three dozen islands that could be possible They match the general lay out in one fashion or another so now I'll start checking some of them out. Most are plenty close so I am planning on only being busy the first half of the morning. With luck I'll have the second set to review by lunch.

I'll say this, its certainly a thrilling little distraction, and an informative one. I've mapped several places that honestly would be fun to see anyway. Perhaps that was the point of the person who left the map? Time will tell.
Entry 3: So been a long time since I logged my progress on this. I suppose I got to excited, and then busy. Oh well. So to recap, after checking about twenty more islands, I found a match! A quick hike and I found a cliff face. About halfway up it I could see something glimmering, naturally I went to investigate. I found a stone....Nest? Ya nest would be the correct word. In that nest I found four crystal eggs, each had a thin band in the middle of them, blue, red, silver, and gold. I noticed light refracted inside them, and a tricorder scan revealed that inside there are formulas etched in the crystal on a microscopic level.

All this is pretty interesting but, on the cliff behind the nest was a metallic plaque with the phrase "Just a bit further?'

So, here is the mystery of the eggs to solve. I did some research and discovered that, about a hundred or so years ago, a science team discovered a large crystal cylinder on a planet in the Celes Sector. It had a similar material construction and also had microscopic formulas etched on the inside. Unfortunately there are zero records of the research past that. Seems the lead scientist never turned over his logs. Instead, according to the other accounts, he spent weeks pouring over it and then packed up and left. He turned back up a few years later, and refused to answer questions about where he'd gone. Simply stating that, it was worth the trip.

So, is this his way of passing the baton? Someone left him a fun project, or exploration and so he did the same? I guess I'll just have to find out, one bit at a time.