RE: A Friendly (war)game

To: CAPT Meadows (@FruitOfTheLum)
CC: 38th Fleet Argo
From: CAPT Barron
Subj: Re: Wargames


Welcome aboard, and into the Frey! You have the right idea to get some practice rounds in, because there is plenty of real combat to be had out here. If at any time you are free, the USS Alexander would be more than willing to spar with you. I think for the purposes of this, it might be more prudent to use the Holodeck to simulate our stations, rather that shut down weapons and prep simulated systems. (Gods forbid we get in the middle of a practice bout and the real thing drop in on us).

Myself, and many other captains will be more than happy to share our feedback on Terran tactics that we have encounterd thus far.

Captain Maikull Barron
Commanding Officer,
USS Alexander - Aries Squadron


To: CAPT Barron
From: CAPT Meadows
Subj: RE: Re: Wargames

Captain Barron,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the briefing yesterday.

It would be an honour to test USS Vincennes and her crew with USS Alexander and hers. Your ship and crew have earnt a name for themselves in these difficult times.

A holodeck simulation would be fine. I’m familiar with the… let’s call it the Ferengi Incident, for the dignity of those involved, so I appreciate your concerns, although I do feel that a real-time test devoid of external factors would be superior, when conducted in a reasonably safe space, of course.

Vincennes will be making multiple stops at Fleet facilities over the next few days for the purposes of delivering refugees and collecting supplies, so please let me know when would be convenient for you, and I’ll prepare my crew!

Captain Rebecca Anne Meadows,
Commanding Officer,
USS Vincennes